Terms and Conditions

Before using Our Service, please take the time to thoroughly read these terms and conditions.

Terms and Explanation

The following circumstances establish the meaning of words whose first letter is capitalized. The solitary and plural forms of the following definitions have the same meaning.


  • Affiliates are companies that control, are controlled by, or share a common controlling interest with one or more parties. To be in control, a company must possess at least 50% of the shares, equity interests, or other securities with voting rights for directors or other management positions.
  • Country includes: Washington, United States Company, also known in this Agreement as “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our,” refers to Shoes Tester.
  • Device refers to any anything that may access the Service, such a computer, a phone, or a tablet computer.
  • Website is referred to as a service.
  • Terms and Conditions refer to these terms and conditions that constitute the whole agreement between You and the Company with regard to the use of the Service (sometimes referred to as “Terms”).
  • Any services or material (including data, information, goods, or services) offered by a third party and displayed, included, or made accessible by the Service is referred to as a third-party social media service.
  • Website is Shoes Inquiry, which is reachable at https://shoesinquiry.com/ 
  • You refer to the person who accesses or uses the service, or, if applicable, the business or other legal organization that the person is accessing or using on their behalf.


These are the rules that apply to using this service as well as the contract between You and the company. All users’ rights and responsibilities with relation to using the Service are outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Your acceptance of and adherence to these Terms and Conditions will govern your access to and use of the Service. All users, visitors, and other individuals who use or use the Service are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

You consent to being bound by these Terms and Conditions by accessing or using the Service. You are not permitted to access the Service if You Disagree With Any Portion Of These Terms And Conditions.

You certify that you are older than 18 years old. Under-18s are not allowed to utilize the Service, according to the Company.