15+ Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2023. Performance-based


Basketball is a sport that many of us first experienced in the outdoors. For friendly games with family and friends, outdoor basketball has been our starting point.

But only a few exceptional players get to play on shiny hardwood floors full-time. This is why every basketball player needs the right gear, including the best outdoor basketball shoes.

So, which are good basketball shoes for outdoor?

Don’t worry. I’ve gathered a list of basketball shoes for playing outdoors in this article.

Also, I have provided their details, such as weight, comfort, traction, and performance so that you can choose the best for you.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

I have gathered a list of the best outdoor basketball shoes. Among them are Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. Besides covering the shoe’s key features, performance, and pros and cons, I’ve also explained its key disadvantages. So, choose your outdoor playing shoes from them.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #4

My first experience with the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #4 was memorable. This shoe is my top pick for you. This pair of shoes is designed for players who move at high speeds. The ultra-lightweight Lightstrike midsole gives you the cushioning you need without weighing you down. The LIGHTLOCK upper provides a secure fit, while the textile lining adds breathable comfort. Plus, with the low-top performance design, your mobility on the court is enhanced.

Key Features

Weight: The D.O.N. Issue #4 shoes are impressively light, thanks to their ultralight Lightstrike midsole. They’re touted as the lightest yet in Donovan Mitchell’s signature line, making them ideal for players who move at top speed.

Size: These shoes cater to a wide range of sizes, so whether you have smaller or larger feet, a pair will likely fit you comfortably.

Materials: Lightweight LIGHTLOCK upper

Color Availability: The D.O.N. Issue #4 has various color schemes, including Red/Maroon, Scarlet/White, Blue, and Green/Red/White. With these options, you can find a pair that matches your style.

Cost: Depending on the color and retailer, the price of these shoes can vary. They range from $51.99 to $119.99.


  • The lightweight design allows for quick responses and swift movements.
  • A wide range of sizes accommodates various foot dimensions.
  • Multiple color options provide personalization.
  • The LIGHTLOCK upper offers a snug, secure fit.


  • Some users, including myself, have reported the foam bottoming out.
  • The price point may be steep, depending on the color and retailer.

Overall, the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #4 is a strong contender in good outdoor basketball shoes. Its lightweight design, diverse color options, and advanced material usage make it a great consideration for any basketball enthusiast.

New Balance Two WXY v3

Balance Two WXY v3

The New Balance Two WXY v3 Basketball Shoes for Outdoor are designed with the dynamic nature of basketball in mind. These designs are based on brain synapses. It allows quick reactions, sudden accelerations, stops, and pivots. I could feel the difference when I put these shoes on. The shoes seemed to wrap my feet comfortably without getting in the way, providing a snug fit without compromising comfort.

It has Fit Weave Lite material for targeted stretch and support, and the lightweight material doesn’t compromise durability. It’s particularly durable around the big toe area. It was noticeable when I played a few games – the shoes felt sturdy and reliable, even during intense moments.

New Balance Two WXY v3 has a unique tacky traction pattern. The grip on indoor and outdoor courts is incredible, making it one of the best outdoor basketball shoes I’ve tried. The cushioning technology provides a combination of energy return and cushioning that makes you feel like you’re walking on air.

The shoes also have a fun aesthetic touch, with a “Play Longer” graphic at the toe and a smiley face graphic adding a playful element. The variety of colors available, from ‘Pink’ to ‘Festival’ to ‘Abstract,’ ensures a style that suits everyone’s taste.

Key Features of New Balance Two WXY v3 Basketball Shoes For Outdoor:

  • Weight: Lightweight, enhancing agility and speed on the court.
  • Size: Available in a broad range of sizes to accommodate all foot types.
  • Materials: Made with Fit Weave Lite material for targeted stretch and support.
  • Color Available: Offers a variety of colors, including ‘Pink’, ‘Festival’, and ‘Abstract’.
  • Cost: Pricing may vary based on color and size but is generally within an affordable range.


  • Indoor and outdoor courts have excellent traction.
  • Superior comfort and fit thanks to the Fit Weave Lite material.
  • Lightweight, promoting agility and speed.
  • Durable, especially in the big toe area.
  • Variety of colors available.


  • While comfortable and supportive, they may not take the #1 spot in every category.
  • Cost can be higher depending on the color and size chosen.

Nike Precision 6

Nike Precision 6

My experience with the Nike Precision 6 was impressive. Straight out of the box, the shoes felt comfortable with a snug fit. The Nike Precision 6 is a budget-friendly outdoor basketball shoe that delivers comfort, performance, and style. This shoe is made from durable materials designed for outdoor play. It features a low-collar design for freedom of movement and a snug fit for security during intense gameplay. 

The first thing I noticed when hitting the court was how light these shoes felt. They didn’t weigh me down during quick transitions or high jumps. 

I felt very confident making quick, decisive movements because the soles stuck to the court well, reducing slippage.

With a range of colorways, players can also showcase their style. Despite its affordable price, the Nike Precision 6 doesn’t compromise quality.

Key Features

  • Weight: The Nike Precision 6 is a lightweight shoe that allows quick and agile movements on the court.
  • Size: These shoes are available in various sizes, from 7 UK (7.5 US) to larger sizes, catering to diverse foot dimensions.
  • Materials: Padded tongues and webbing midfoot panels for enhanced comfort.
  • Color Availability: The Nike Precision 6 is available in different colorways, including Black/University Red/Gym Red/White, offering ample choice for personal style preference.
  • Cost: Retailing at a budget-friendly price of approximately $75, these shoes represent excellent value for money.


  • The lightweight design supports agility and speed.
  • A wide range of sizes caters to diverse foot dimensions.
  • Quality materials used ensure durability and comfort.
  • Multiple colorways allow for personal style expression.
  • Budget-friendly price point offers excellent value for money.


  • Some players might prefer high-top designs for additional ankle support.
  • The grip, while good, might not perform as well on wet or extremely dusty surfaces.

Nike Lebron Witness 7

Nike Lebron Witness 7

Lebron Witness 7 is one of the best Nike basketball outdoor shoes. Their thoughtful design and excellent performance features make them one of the best options for any outdoor basketball player.  

I immediately noticed the lightweight feel when I put it on for the first time. The shoe didn’t weigh me down or hinder my movements on the court. The robust build, despite its lightweight, was a pleasant surprise.

The full-length Max Air cushioning provided comfort that made me feel confident during take-offs and landings. It absorbed impact well and offered remarkable support throughout the game. The breathable mesh upper conformed to my foot, providing a snug fit that didn’t compromise on comfort. The mesh material kept my feet cool and prevented discomfort even after hours of play.

The webbing in the shoe’s design played a significant role in securing my foot. It offered excellent containment, keeping my foot stable during fast-paced movements. Furthermore, the external molded pieces further stabilized and supported my heel.

Nike Lebron Witness 7: Key Features

  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Size: Sizes range from small to extra-large
  • Material: Breathable mesh upper, Max Air cushioning
  • Colors: Multiple colorways are available
  • Cost: Varies by retailer


  • Lightweight design allows for agile movements
  • Full-length Max Air cushioning provides excellent comfort and support
  • The breathable mesh upper offers a conforming and cooling fit
  • Webbing and external molded pieces ensure foot and heel are securely locked in
  • Variety of stylish colorways to choose from


  • It may not provide enough ankle support for players with previous injuries
  • The fit might not be ideal for players with wider feet
  • While the price point is reasonable for the features offered, it may still be high for budget-conscious buyers

Adidas BYW

Adidas BYW 

The Adidas BYW outdoor basketball shoes are an excellent choice for women seeking comfort, performance, and style on the court. Despite their minor drawbacks, these shoes are a worthy investment for any basketball enthusiast.

I could feel an immediate difference as soon as I slipped my feet into these shoes. The textile upper and lining hugged my feet snugly, providing a secure fit without feeling restrictive.

The Lightstrike cushioning is one of the shoes’ main features. This lightweight cushioning system ensures comfort without adding extra weight to the shoes. This feature was particularly noticeable during intense gameplay, where the shoes allowed for quick and agile movements.

A secure fit is important when making lateral movements on the court, and the Adidas BYW provided that. You can also add some personal style to your game by choosing from multiple colorways.

Adidas BYW Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Key Features

  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Size: Available in multiple sizes
  • Materials: Textile upper and lining
  • Color: Available in several colorways
  • Cost: Around $100


  • Lightweight design allows for agile movements
  • Lightstrike cushioning and BOOST technology ensure comfort and energy return
  • Secure fit due to lace closure
  • Available in various stylish colorways
  • Affordable price for high-quality features


  • The textile material may not be as durable as leather or synthetic options
  • You may need to break it in for optimal comfort
  • Limited availability of some colorways and sizes

Nike Giannis Immortality 2: Best Unisex Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Nike Giannis Immortality 2

Nike Giannis Immortality 2 is a top choice for unisex outdoor basketball shoes. Its lightweight design, excellent cushioning, breathability, and stability make it a versatile option for both men and women. If you want to buy Nike basketball outdoor shoes, Immortality is a great choice.

They feature a plush foam package and a more focused fit in the midfoot, providing superior support and cushioning. This upper is made of lightweight engineered mesh, making it both lightweight and breathable. It ensures maximum comfort during intense play. 

It has an internal strap that adds stability and enhances fit. It has a curved bottom from heel to toe, providing a smooth transition during movement. Colors and sizes are available to suit different tastes.

Key Features:

  • Weight: Lightweight design
  • Size: Available in various sizes
  • Materials: Engineered mesh upper, internal midfoot strap, foam cushioning
  • Color: Available in multiple colors
  • Cost: Varies from around $55 to $140 depending on the retailer


  • Lightweight design enhances speed and agility on the court.
  • Plush foam package offers excellent cushioning and comfort.
  • Engineered mesh upper provides breathability.
  • Internal strap adds stability and ensures a secure fit.
  • Curved bottom allows for smooth transitions during movement.


  • Some users have reported that the shoe tears easily, particularly outdoors.
  • Shoes may not suit players with wider feet.
  • Traction is described as ‘okay,’ suggesting it may not perform as well on all surfaces.

Jordan Max Aura 4

Jordan Max Aura 4

The Jordan Max Aura 4 is a basketball shoe inspired by its predecessors. It features lightweight cushioning that offers the most comfortable ride, perfect for both intense games and casual wear. 

The shoe’s design reflects the padded upper from the Air Jordan 13, adding a touch of heritage to its aesthetics.

An important feature of this shoe is the embroidered graphics on the tongue, which add style and brand representation. 

Moreover, classic details on the molded branding on the sole bring in heritage flair, enhancing the shoe’s overall look. 

The sleek color combination and responsive cushioning blend performance and comfort, making it a solid choice for any occasion.

Key Features of Jordan Max Aura 4:

  • Weight: Lightweight for comfortable Basketball Shoes
  • Size: Available in various sizes to cater to different customers
  • Materials: Made from genuine leather, synthetic leather, and polyester
  • Colors: Available in multiple color combinations for style preference
  • Cost: Price varies based on retailer and location

Pros of Jordan Max Aura 4:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear
  • Unique design with embroidered graphics and molded branding
  • Offers responsive cushioning for better performance
  • Available in various sizes and color combinations

Cons of Jordan Max Aura 4:

  • The price might be high for some consumers
  • Not all color options may be available in all sizes

Adidas Dame Certified

The Adidas Dame Certified is a basketball shoe that builds on the legacy of Damian Lillard (Dame D.O.L.L.A.), a point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers. 

These shoes are designed for performance on the court and reflect Dame’s commitment to honing his craft in the music studio.

The shoes feature a lightweight Bounce midsole which is known for providing elevated cushioning and enhanced comfort during high-intensity games. This makes it easier for players to move swiftly across the court, make quick turns, and easily jump.

Dame Certified has several color options, which allow players to choose one that best suits their style. If you prefer the energy of red, the cool calm of green, or the classic appeal of black and white, there’s an option for you.

Key Features of Adidas Dame Certified:

  • Weight: Lightweight design for flexibility and movement
  • Size: Available in a variety of sizes to suit different foot dimensions
  • Materials: Made with a Bounce midsole for enhanced cushioning and comfort
  • Color: Available in multiple color options, including green, red, and the classic black and white
  • Cost: Retailer prices vary, but they’re generally competitively priced


  • Lightweight design aids in agility and speed on the court
  • Bounce midsole provides excellent cushioning, enhancing comfort
  • Available in a variety of colors, suiting different personal styles
  • Decently priced, considering the quality and performance


  • Some users might find the Bounce cushioning just adequate, not exceptional
  • The material setup, while generally appreciated, might not cater to everyone’s liking

Way of Wade Fission 8

Way of Wade Fission 8

The Way of Wade Fission 8 is unique and one of the best basketball shoes for outdoor. This shoe is a product of the collaboration between sports brands Li Ning and Dwyane Wade.

It is proof of thoughtful design and superior functionality, which make it among the best outdoor basketball shoes.

These shoes are tailored for outdoor play because of their aerodynamic shape. The full-length outsole made of TUFF OS rubber offers great traction, which is outstanding for outdoor play.

A friend of mine who wears these shoes said they provide responsive cushioning and lockdown support that enhance his performance on the court. Moreover, he appreciates the shoe’s stylish design, particularly the white one-line portrait on the upper in the “Moment” edition.

Key features:

  • Weight: Lightweight for optimal comfort and performance.
  • Size: Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different foot shapes.
  • Material: Made with high-quality TUFF OS rubber, known for its durability and excellent grip.
  • Colors: Comes in a range of colors, including the “Wing Vein” and “Miami” editions, as well as a special edition “Moment” design in collaboration with Salventius.
  • Cost: Prices vary but are generally around $119 USD.


  • Great traction, suitable for outdoor play.
  • Excellent cushioning for comfort and responsiveness.
  • Lockdown support for enhanced performance.
  • Stylish designs that stand out on the court.


  • Some might find the price point slightly high.
  • High demand can limit availability.
  • Not all colorways might appeal to everyone’s taste.

Puma Stewie 2

The Puma Stewie 2 is the second signature shoe for Breanna Stewart, a renowned basketball player known for her court dominance. Like its predecessor, this shoe is designed to excel on the court, capturing the spirit of Stewie’s game.

The Puma Stewie 2 is lightweight. It allows swift motion and quick response during high-intensity games. My friend particularly appreciates this attribute. This semi-professional basketball player has been using these shoes for several months. She reports feeling more agile and quick with the Puma Stewie 2.

The shoe’s material construction is durable and comfortable. It provides users with a smooth cushioning ride. The variety of color options allows players to choose a pair that performs well and complements their personal style.

Puma Stewie 2’s price is reasonable considering its performance features and quality materials. This makes it attractive for those seeking high-performing basketball shoes without breaking the bank.

Key Features of Puma Stewie 2:

  • Weight: Designed with a light structure to ensure agility and speed
  • Size: Comes in an extensive range of sizes tailored to women’s foot dimensions
  • Materials: Constructed with high-quality, durable materials for longevity
  • Color: Available in multiple color variants to match personal style
  • Cost: This product varies according to the retailer, but generally falls within a mid-range price point


  • Lightweight design promotes agility and quick movements on the court
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and comfort
  • A wide range of colors caters to different tastes
  • Reasonably priced, offering good value for money


  • Some may find the cushioning adequate rather than exceptional
  • The design, while generally liked, might not appeal to everyone

Nike KD 15

The Nike KD 15 is a basketball shoe known for its performance on the court. From my experience, I can attest that they are comfortable and provide a secure fit, which is essential during high-intensity games.

Traction is one of the KD 15’s best features. The responsive cushioning also adds to the performance of these shoes by providing a springy feel that can make you more agile on the court.

Another unique feature of the KD 15 is the perforated outsole. This adds compression to the rubber, giving the shoes an extra edge in performance. The upper part of the shoes is made of multilayered mesh, which ensures breathability and comfort during long games.

The KD 15 is good. It comes in several colorways, including the distinctive mix-and-match patterns seen in the “What The” edition. These shoes are functional and make a style statement on the court.

Key Features of Nike KD 15:

  • Weight: Lightweight design for agility and speed
  • Size: Available in a range of sizes to cater to all foot types
  • Materials: Made with multilayered mesh for breathability and comfort
  • Color: Available in several colorways, including mix-and-match patterns in the “What The” edition
  • Cost: Prices vary but are generally around $112 USD


  • Great traction that performs well on various surfaces
  • Responsive cushioning for enhanced agility
  • The perforated outsole provides an added performance boost
  • The multilayered mesh upper ensures breathability and comfort


  • Some might find the design too stripped down
  • The colorways might not appeal to everyone’s taste

Puma Court Rider 2

Puma Court Rider 2

The Puma Court Rider 2 is a highly-rated basketball shoe that combines performance and style. It’s designed for players who value quick movements and fast runs on the court.

This shoe’s compact and lightweight design brings agility to your game.

Comfort is one of the most notable features of the Puma Court Rider 2. The shoe is designed to hug your feet, making it ideal for both casual hooping and training. I’ve used these shoes for several pickup games and can vouch for their comfort and support. The low-profile design also adds to the appeal, making them not just functional but stylish as well.

There are many color options available on the Puma Court Rider 2. One of the more unique designs is the Batman-inspired black edition, which will turn heads on the court.

Key Features of Puma Court Rider 2:

  • Weight: Lightweight for ease of movement and speed
  • Size: Suitable for both men and women
  • Materials: Built with top-tier materials for durability and comfort
  • Color: Comes in various color schemes, including a special Batman-inspired design
  • Cost: Typically priced around $100 – $110


  • Lightweight and compact design enhances speed and agility
  • Comfortable fit that hugs your feet
  • Stylish low-profile design
  • Reasonably priced for its features and quality


  • Some may prefer a more cushioned feel
  • The design, while generally liked, may not cater to everyone’s taste

Air Jordan 36

The Air Jordan 36 represents a significant evolution in basketball shoe technology It combines performance-enhancing features with stylish design elements and one of the good basketball shoes for outdoor.

Air Jordan 36 is the latest addition to the iconic line. This shoe is lightweight and durable with a state-of-the-art jacquard leno-weave upper. 

The leno-weave upper enhances the shoe’s aesthetic appeal and provides superior breathability, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable during gameplay.

Air Jordan 36’s full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit offers excellent energy return and shock absorption, making it ideal for players relying on speed and agility. 

Besides the Strobel unit, the shoe also features an internal heel counter and a midfoot shank plate, ensuring adequate support.

It’s available in several colorways, allowing you to express your style on and off the court. 

A unique design element is an emblem on the shoe’s heel, displaying six rings chained together as an homage to Jordan’s monumental championships.

Key Features of Air Jordan 36:

  • Weight: Light, exact weight varies by size
  • Size: Fits different foot sizes
  • Materials: Features a Jacquard Leno-Weave upper for durability and a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit for comfort
  • Color: Available in various colorways
  • Cost: Approximately $160

Pros of Air Jordan 36:

  • Excellent traction and support
  • Comfortable cushioning with the Zoom Air Strobel unit
  • Durable and breathable with the Jacquard Leno-Weave upper
  • Available in various attractive colorways
  • Provides good value for the price

Cons of Air Jordan 36:

  • Some users may find the fit slightly tight initially
  • The design might not appeal to everyone
  • The price may be on the higher side for some consumers

Nike Zoom GT Cut 2

The Nike Zoom GT Cut 2 is a great investment for any serious basketball player and good outdoor basketball shoes.

Its innovative design and performance-enhancing features make it a must-have for those looking to improve their gaming performance. 

The Nike Zoom GT Cut 2 is a game-changer in basketball shoes. The shoes are specifically designed for cutting, running, and jumping athletes. 

Its low-to-the-ground design helps minimize court contact while switching directions. It allows players to swiftly stop on a dime and accelerate back into the open lane.

Nike Zoom GT Cut 2 has a lightweight upper design that offers visible breathability, ensuring a comfortable fit. This design element was inspired by a butterfly, featuring an inner cage built into the shoe lining.

Personal experiences with these shoes have further highlighted their exceptional performance. 

Key Features

  • Weight: Lightweight design
  • Size: Available in multiple sizes
  • Materials: Breathable upper material inspired by a butterfly with an inner cage built into the lining
  • Colors: Available in various colors, including the simple Black/White palette and Bright Crimson
  • Cost: Retails for $150


  • Lightweight design ensures easy mobility
  • Breathable upper material keeps the feet comfortable
  • Low-to-the-ground design aids in swift direction changes
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit individual preferences
  • Reasonably priced, considering the features offered


  • Some may find the design too minimalistic
  • Color options could be more varied
  • The price point might be high for some budgets

Adidas Dame 8

The Adidas Dame 8 is the latest addition to Damian Lillard’s signature shoe line. It has been designed with the needs of aggressive, fast-paced players. 

The shoe’s lightweight construction allows for quick, sharp movements on the court without any unnecessary burden.

Its textile upper ensures the shoe is highly breathable to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the game. The upper also contributes to the shoe’s overall durability, capable of withstanding rigorous wear and tear.

Another significant feature is the lightweight cushioning. This technology provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on your feet during intense play. It also enhances the shoe’s overall comfort, making it suitable for prolonged use.

You can express your style both on and off the court with its striking colorways. The design is sleek and modern, with the Adidas logo prominently displayed for a touch of brand recognition.

Key Features of Adidas Dame 8:

  • Weight: Lightweight design for optimal performance
  • Size: Various sizes available
  • Materials: Features a textile upper and Lightstrike cushioning
  • Color: Comes in several colorways to suit different styles
  • Cost: Approximately $120, depending on the retailer

Pros of Adidas Dame 8

  • Lightweight and breathable design
  • Durable construction with a textile upper
  • Excellent cushioning with Lightstrike technology
  • Available in various colors to suit personal preferences
  • Provides good value for the price

Cons of Adidas Dame 8

  • Some users may find the fit slightly narrow
  • The design might not appeal to everyone
  • Lightstrike cushioning might not be enough for some players who prefer more bounce

Nike Cosmic Unity 2

Thanks to the Nike Cosmic Unity 2’s durability and flexibility, it’s so easy to use outdoors. That’s not all. Moreover, it enhances the court feel, allowing us to play with speed and athleticism. The Nike Cosmic Unity 2 is a basketball shoe that combines performance and sustainability.

 According to Nike’s official website, this shoe contains at least 20% recycled content by weight. Other sources like Footlocker mention that the shoe is constructed with at least 25% recycled content.

The shoe design includes a new material in the upper part that balances stability and containment. The shoe also features tongue and heel loops with a lace-up design for easy on and off.

For in-shoe comfort, the Cosmic Unity 2 offers pillowy underfoot cushioning. Zoom Strobels are used in full-length mode. This cushioning technology blends cushioning and responsiveness well.

Cosmic Unity 2 builds on the inaugural silhouette’s innovations with Zoom Air Strobel cushioning injected into the midsole for comfort and a decoupled design. Some users found the rubber shanks to be decently sturdy and didn’t notice a significant difference between the Move insole and the original.

Key Features of Nike Cosmic Unity 2:

  • Weight: Lightweight. The exact weight varies by size
  • Size: Large selection of sizes is available
  • Materials: Made from at least 20% recycled materials by weight
  • Color: Various color options are available
  • Cost: Approximately $15

Pros of Nike Cosmic Unity 2

  • Environmentally friendly, made with at least 20% recycled materials
  • Excellent cushioning with the Zoom Air Strobel unit
  • Durable and breathable design
  • A variety of colorways are available
  • Good value for money

Cons of Nike Cosmic Unity 2

  • Some users may find the fit slightly narrow
  • The design might not appeal to everyone
  • Requires a break-in period for optimal comfort


As you saw above, several brands and models stand out for their performance, comfort, and durability. The Adidas D.O.N. is recognized as the best overall outdoor basketball shoe due to its versatile features and high-performance ratings. The New Balance Two WXY v3 has also gained popularity for being the most comfortable outdoor basketball shoe.

Always remember that the “best” shoe can vary depending on individual needs and preferences, so it’s beneficial to try on different models and brands to find the perfect fit for your outdoor basketball activities.


What shoes to wear when playing basketball outside?

Based on multiple sources, some of the best shoes for playing basketball outdoors are Adidas D.O.N., New Balance Two WXY v3, Li-Ning Wade Fission 8, Nike Precision 6, Adidas Harden Vol. 6, and Nike Lebron Witness 7.

Are basketball shoes good for outdoor basketball?

Yes, but it is important to choose basketball shoes specifically designed for outdoor use as they have heavier and harder outsoles that can withstand the rougher surfaces outdoors.

Can Kyrie 7 be used outdoors?

Yes, you can use Kyrie 7 for outdoor play due to its excellent traction pattern and breathable material. It’s also important to note that some users have reported the outsole may not be as durable for extended outdoor use.

Are Kyrie 6 good for outdoor?

Yes. Nike Kyrie 6 shoes appear to be well-suited for outdoor use.

What is the best Kyrie shoes?

One of the best Kyrie shoes is the “Nike Kyrie 5”. Its exceptional traction, comfortable cushioning, and unique lockdown system via the Flytrap mechanism make it a favorite for on-court performance. Another top choice is the “Nike Kyrie 6” which offers great ankle support, an improved traction pattern for better grip, and a plush feel due to the Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot. Lastly, the “Nike Kyrie Low 3” stands out, offering excellent breathability, a lightweight feel, and outstanding mobility. It is a perfect choice for players who value speed and agility.

Can Kyrie 5 play outdoor?

As with the other Kyrie models, the Kyrie 5 should also be suitable for outdoor play. However, always check the shoe’s specifications or consult a footwear specialist.

Can you wear Jordan 6 in the rain?

It’s not recommended to wear basketball shoes like the Jordan 6 in the rain as they are not designed to be waterproof and wet conditions could damage the shoe and reduce traction.

Is Nike LeBron 19 good for outdoor?

Yes, the Nike LeBron 19 is good for outdoor use. The upper performance is excellent and requires minimal break-in time. It offers extra cushion and impact protection, making it suitable for heavier or more explosive players.

Is Kobe 11 good for outdoors?

No. Nike Kobe 11 may not be the best choice for outdoor use.

Is it OK to wear kyries outside?

Yes, it’s generally okay to wear Kyrie basketball shoes outside. They are designed to be versatile, but always check the shoe specifications to ensure they meet your specific outdoor playing conditions.

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