How To Clean Hoka Shoes?


Hoka shoes are known for being some of the most comfortable on the market. Have you ever wondered how to clean Hoka shoes? They are a unique type of shoe, and they need special care. If you need help figuring out where to start, don’t worry!


We’re here to help. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of cleaning your Hokas and keeping them in great condition for many miles (or kilometres) to come. Read on “How To clean Hoka shoes” for tips and tricks to make your shoes look and feel new again! To assist you in getting started, I have compiled a few suggestions 🙂

Why Do Hoka Running Shoes Get Dirty Easily

The main reason that Hoka shoes get dirty so quickly is due to their unique construction. Unlike traditional running shoes with minimal stack heights, the Hoka shoe features a thick midsole molded directly onto the outsole. This design creates air pockets between the midsole and the outsole, which trap dirt and debris. To clean this type of shoe, you must take extra care when washing or brushing it. With proper care and maintenance, your Hoka running shoes will look clean and new for many miles to come! Here are some popular ways to clean Hoka shoes easily are given below.

How To Clean Hoka Shoes?

When it comes to cleaning Hoka Shoes and maintaining them, there are a few easy steps that should follow. Start by brushing off dirt with a soft brush, then carefully spot-clean the surface of your Hoka Shoes with a damp cloth or sponge. After that, you can apply a special lubricant to keep dirt from clinging while preserving all the comfortable moving parts of your shoe design, helping ensure long life. Finally, make sure to stuff your shoes when storing them with newspaper or a unique absorbent paper product. It prevents excess moisture and potential mold buildup. Follow these easy steps for How To Clean Hoka Shoes, and you’ll enjoy your comfy kicks for many more miles ahead!

The materials used to make HOKA running shoes vary from model to model. That’s why we will take you through an in-depth cleaning process for different materials. Even though the above “how to” work well with nearly all shoe materials, it may be necessary to make some modifications depending on the material of your HOKA shoes. Ensure that you keep the following in mind:

Cleaning tips for different shoe materials


The materials used to make HOKA running shoes vary from model to model. In spite of the fact that the above “how to” work well with nearly all shoe materials, it may be necessary to make some modifications depending on the material of your HOKA shoes. Ensure that you keep the following in mind:

How to Clean Mesh Of Hoka Running Shoes

There are many methods for cleaning the mesh of running shoes, depending on the type of material and the type of stain. For tough stains or heavily soiled areas, a specialized mesh cleaner can be used to gently remove any dirt buildup and restore the sheen of the material. Simply soaking your shoes in warm water with a mild detergent can do the trick for minor or general stains. You should promptly remove excess moisture from your shoes before storing them or leaving them to dry out, as leaving them damp for too long can lead to mildew or other microbial growth.

How To Clean Suede Or Nubuck?

Cleaning suede or nubuck can be tricky, as these types of leather are especially vulnerable to moisture. To begin, it is essential to aggressively blot the area with a dry towel or rag while the shoe is still wet. After letting the shoe fully dry, you can use a dry brush to remove any remaining dirt and debris. Next, apply a direct stain treatment to the affected area for optimal results. Finally, it would be best to blot the cleaned area once again to ensure that all residues have been removed.

Additionally, it is often helpful to use specialized cleaning solutions or waterproofing agents explicitly designed for suede or nubuck shoes. If you want to keep your suede or nubuck shoes looking their best for years to come, it’s essential to follow these steps!

How to Clean Leather Hoka Shoes?

To clean your leather Hoka shoes:

  1. Start by brushing the surface of the shoes to remove any loose dirt or debris.
  2. Wipe the shoe down with a damp cloth, including the soles. You can also use a gentle leather cleaner or cream to remove any stains or marks from your shoes.
  3. After washing and rinsing the leather, use a clean towel to dry it completely.

Some people recommend using a liquid leather conditioner. Some people also prefer natural oils, such as coconut or olive oil. Before using any cleaning products, please test them on an inconspicuous area of your shoes to ensure they will not damage them. Last but not least, let your shoe air dry away from direct sunlight or heat, which can damage the leather over time. Take these simple steps to maintain the appearance and comfort of your leather Hoka shoes for many years. 

How to Clean canvas and natural fabric?

If you have areas on your shoes that are made with natural fabrics, scrub them clean using a soft bristle brush dipped in warm water and a baking soda mixture (1:1 will do). It’s important because it removes dirt and helps keep those nice new sneakers looking good!

How To Clean GORE-TEX® PRODUCT Technology

When cleaning your favorite shoes or boots made with Gore-Tex, lukewarm rather than cold water is essential. Along with a mild detergent that is suitable for the fabric of your shoes or boots. Whether trying to clean the outer or inner, you should submerge your shoes or boots in a large bowl or basin filled with enough water to cover them completely.

After washing, allow your shoes or boots to air dry upside down, with the tongue out over an absorbent cloth. If the surfaces are completely dry, you can test their waterproofing by applying a few drops of water and observing if it beads up and runs off as expected. If not, reapply a waterproofing coating like DWR. With proper care and maintenance, your Gore-Tex shoes or boots will continue to perform well for years to come!

How to dry Hoka shoes?

When drying your Hoka shoes, the key is to do it carefully so as not to damage them. First, remove any visible dirt and scrub the remaining dirt with a soft brush. Once they’re clean, turn them outside out and use a towel or cloth to absorb any excess moisture from the insides of the shoes. To ensure they’re completely dry before using them again, stuff them with newspaper for up to 24 hours.

Finally, place them in a warm area away from direct sunlight; this will keep the material from becoming damaged and help dry the inside of your Hoka shoes evenly. With these steps in mind, you can be sure that your Hoka shoes are dried quickly and effectively without compromising their quality!

Wash Your Laces First

Washing your laces is one of the essential steps in maintaining your running shoes. To ensure that your shoes perform well and last as long as possible, they must be kept clean and free of dirt, grime, and debris. There are a few different techniques you can use depending on the type of laces you have, but all of them will help remove stains and restore your laces to their original condition.

To start, if you have plain cotton or polyester laces, you can clean them with some warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Soak your laces in the mixture for a few minutes, then gently wipe away any dirt or stuck-on stains with a soft cloth or sponge. Be sure to rinse the laces thoroughly afterwards before setting them aside to dry completely.

You’ll need a slightly different approach if you have textured shoelace material like ribbons, braided leather, or suede cord. To remove tough stains on these laces, use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the stain with rubbing alcohol. It will help lift out any dirt without damaging the delicate material of your shoelaces. Once your laces are clean and dry, apply a protective shoe polish over the areas where they are most likely to become dirty again in the future. This simple step can help extend the life of your laces while keeping them looking great!  

Remove dirt and excess mud from the shoe outsoles.

For the best results, clean your shoes with a dry paper towel. If they are dirty or mud-covered, let them sit before removing all of that caked-on residue because dried-up bits will come off easier than fresh spills!

Scrub lean With a Non-Abrasive Solution

To keep your shoes looking new, mix a small amount of soap into cool water and scrub the dirty areas with an old toothbrush until there’s enough lather. Then use clean towels or rags to remove all that excess moisture from each shoe before hanging them up. So you not only have cleaner footwear but also avoid any stinky situations!

Waterproofing Spray Solutions


When it comes to running in wet or muddy conditions, your shoes are the essential gear you can have. To keep them weatherproofed and mud free, you should begin by allowing your shoes to dry thoroughly after each run. Once they are dehydrated, you can apply a trusted waterproofing spray on the fabric and interior lining. This spray will need to dry before your shoes are water-resistant.

However, water and mud should be much easier to clean off your shoes once it has dried. Consider rotating two pairs of running shoes that you can use for running and cleaning as needed. With this simple routine, you can easily tackle rainy runs and muddy trails without damaging your favorite running shoes.

Odor Prevention

The mold and mildew that can develop on your shoes due to walking through puddles or being in contact with mud are unsightly and dangerous. Try an occasional light dusting (or spraying) of baking soda even if you aren’t experiencing any problems. Even you can use perfume to prevent the smell from developing into something more unpleasant such as foot sweat odor!

Storage Considerations

Running shoes should be treated like gold because they do more than just protect your feet. They are an investment in yourself, so keeping them looking good matters! After each run, you’ll be able to reduce stress on joints where different materials meet (like leather versus rubber) and feel relieved. By avoiding contact between surfaces, you’ll be ensuring their longevity, which can lead to nasty things happening more quickly.

Don’t Start Wet

If you’re a runner, then it’s likely that your shoes get dirtier than anything else. With proper care, rotating multiple pairs of running shoes can extend their use-by dates. Also, avoid putting unnecessary strain on them when they are already at their limit!

How To Clean Hoka Shoes Insoles

You can wash Hoka shoe insoles simply by following these steps, and you will clean your shoes perfectly.

  • Step One: To begin cleaning your Hoka shoes, remove the insole from the shoe. It can be done by simply pulling it out of the shoe, though you may need to cut any excess material if it is stuck.
  • Step Two: Once you have removed the insole from your shoe, use a soft brush or cloth and gently scrub the surface to remove any dirt or debris from the fabric. Be sure to check underneath any folds and crevices where dust can linger.
  • Step Three: Wipe each side of the insole with a damp sponge or clean cloth dampened with warm water. Again, be aware of any areas that might have collected dust or debris over time. Note that hot water may damage some materials, so avoid using this method if possible.
  • Step Four: Once your Hoka shoes are clean and dry, replace them with the shoe and enjoy! Depending on how often you wear your Hoka shoes, it may be necessary to repeat this process regularly. With proper care and cleaning, your Hoka shoes will last for years!

How to wash Hoka shoes in the washing machine?


You can wash Hoka Shoes in the washing machine by following these steps:  

  • To wash Hoka shoes in a washing machine, fill a clean sink or bathtub with warm water. 
  • Once the water has been mixed thoroughly, add a small amount of mild detergent or laundry soap. After 10 minutes, place your shoes into the soapy water and let them soak. 
  • While you wait, start your washer and put it on the spin. After 10 minutes, remove the shoes from the water and check if they are dirty or stained in any area. If they are, use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to rub away any dirt or impurities gently.
  • After you have cleaned your shoes, put them into your washing machine along with a few towels. 
  • Set the machine to the rinse cycle and allow it to complete one entire spin cycle before removing your shoes. 
  • Lastly, hang your shoes over a drying rack or lay them flat on a clean surface to air dry. 

Maintaining your Hoka shoes will keep them looking brand new for many years.

How do you clean white HOKA sneakers?

Apply the paste of baking soda and water to the sneakers, scrub them with a brush, and let them dry. Baking soda is a gentle but effective cleaner used on many different surfaces. Use a brush to scrub your sneakers after mixing the powder with water. Let them dry completely before wearing them again. You can check out How To Remove Yellow Stains From White Shoes?

How To Clean Hoka Shoes By Hand?


The best way to clean Hoka shoes by hand can enhance your shoes’ performance and keep them in good condition. Various methods are available to effectively clean your Hoka shoes, from primary household cleaning products to specialized shoe cleaners and even natural solutions. One of the easiest ways to clean your Hoka shoes is by hand. Here is a simple step on how to clean Hoka Shoes by hand very easily:

Remove Debris

First and foremost, you will need to remove any dirt or debris from your Hoka shoes. It may take some effort and patience, depending on the condition of your shoes. To ensure that your shoes look their best, take the time to clean them thoroughly. Once your shoes have been thoroughly cleaned, you can move on to the next step: washing Hoka shoes with soap and water.

Use Detergent And Warm Water

To clean your Hoka shoes using soap and water, fill a bowl or bucket with warm water and dissolve a small amount of mild detergent. 

Clean The Body Carefully

Dip a soft cloth or sponge into this mixture, ensuring that the cloth is fully saturated, and then use gentle pressure to scrub away any stubborn stains or buildup on the shoe material.

Use Blow Dryer 

After rinsing the soapy solution with fresh water, let your shoes dry before putting them back on. To speed up drying your process, use a blow dryer on a low setting.

How To Dry Hoka Shoes Easily


When you have Hoka shoes, finding the right way to dry them out can take time and effort. You already know how to clean Hoka shoes, but you can dry them quickly after washing them in different ways.

  • One simple step is to blow dry the shoes on a low setting, avoiding damaging any materials or fabrics used in the shoe construction.
  • You can also leave the shoes in direct sunlight for a few hours; this will help speed up drying time without worrying about possible heat exposure damage.
  •  Alternatively, you can fill a bowl with warm water and place your shoes inside for around ten minutes. It will allow moisture trapped inside the shoe to escape, leaving it clean and dry. 

With these tips, your Hoka shoes will be clean, fresh-smelling, and ready to wear!

How To Reduce Shoe Odor


Reducing shoe odor can be tricky, especially for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. It is important first to understand the root cause of odors for effective solutions to the problem. This typically comes down to two main factors – sweaty feet and microbes. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to keep both of these in check. 

  • One key strategy for controlling yeast growth on your feet is to keep them dry and clean at all times. It involves regularly washing your feet with antibacterial soap and changing your socks throughout the day if needed. Additionally, apply an antibiotic or medicated foot spray after washing. It will help kill off microbes before they can grow and cause trouble within your shoes.
  • It’s important to clean your Hoka shoes regularly. This method will help remove bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause smells. 
  • In addition, airing out your shoes between uses. Leaving them in a well-ventilated area will allow airflow to circulate around the shoes’ interior, preventing excess moisture from building up inside.
  • A fourth strategy is to consider using shoe deodorizers on their own or in conjunction with regular cleaning and airing out.

These simple steps can help you keep your Hoka shoes fresh and smell-free for longer!

How To Take Care Of Hoka Shoes

Besides considering how to wash Hoka shoes, you should know how to take care of them to maintain them. Here are some tips given below: 


  • The first step to caring for your Hoka shoes is to clean and condition them at least once a week. It can be done by using a soft brush or cloth to clear away dirt, dust, and other debris from your shoes’ heels, toes, and upper body.
  • After this, you can apply a quality shoe conditioner on a clean cloth to help maintain the material and keep your Hoka shoes looking new for longer. 
  • As an extra step, consider applying a protective coating if you want to keep your shoes in good shape for longer.
  • It would be best if you always allowed your shoes ample time to dry completely after each wear. By doing this, you will prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside your footwear.

Following these simple tips, you can wash your Hokas and keep them looking fresh and new for many years!

Final Verdict

So there you have it! How to clean Hoka shoes. There isn’t as much to it as it may seem, and with a little effort, your Hokas will look and smell like new in no time. Thank you for reading How To Clean Hoka Shoes, and we hope you have a great running experience with your freshly cleaned shoes.


Can you get HOKA shoes wet?

Hoka shoes are designed to be waterproof, so you can get them wet without having to worry about damaging them. Just dry them off thoroughly afterwards, so they don’t become too heavy and clunky.

How long should HOKA last?

Hoka shoes should last about 350-400 miles. The outsoles are made of durable rubber, but the cushioning will likely compress with use and affect the shoes’ performance and lifespan.

Why does everyone have Hoka shoes?

Not everyone has Hoka shoes, but they are definitely popular. Some people swear by them for running, and others just like the comfortable feel. They make a lot of different styles now, so it’s easy to find something that fits your needs.

Can HOKA be everyday shoes?

Yes, Hoka shoes can be everyday shoes. They are designed to provide a cushioned ride and are perfect for people looking for comfortable shoes. Hoka shoes come in various styles, so you can find the perfect pair of shoes to wear daily.

Can you get HOKA shoes wet?

Yes, you can get HOKA shoes wet. However, you should avoid getting the insoles wet, as this may cause them to deteriorate over time. Additionally, it’s important to air dry your shoes after they’ve been wet, as this will help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

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