How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? Best Tips 2023


If you want to make your basketball shoes more grippy, clean them, use a sole protector, and choose shoes designed to be extra grippy.

If you’re a committed basketball player who wants to enhance his skills on the court, you may be searching for How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? For players to perform at their best, basketball shoes must provide good traction and grip. Every second matters when you’re playing inside or outside, and with great grip, you won’t fall while making rapid movements or standing up for a shot.

How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

A discussion about the types of basketball shoes and the materials that make them grippy will be presented in this post.

We will also discuss different lacing techniques and tips for improving grip. Our discussion will also include choosing the right shoes for your game and replacing them. Our final discussion will focus on how to prevent slippage in basketball shoes due to factors affecting shoe grip.

So, read on to discover why basketball shoes can become slippery and how to make them sticky again.

Importance Of Grippy Basketball Shoes


Grippiness is an important factor when it comes to playing basketball. Your performance on the court can be greatly improved if your basketball shoes are more grippy. You can benefit from improved grippe in your basketball shoes in the following ways:

  1. Improved Stability: When you run, jump, or pivot, you will have better stability with improved grippe in your basketball shoes. When making quick moves or changing directions, you can maintain control and balance by doing this.
  2. Reduced Risk of Injury: If your shoes have a better grip, it is less likely that you will slip or lose your footing, which can lead to ankle sprains and other injuries.
  3. Better Traction: Better shoe traction will help you play the game more effectively. Your footing will remain secure, and you can move confidently and quickly without slipping.
  4. Improved Performance: A more secure grip will give you the confidence and efficiency to move around the court more efficiently and effectively. You can achieve your goals and improve your performance this way.

Your game can be greatly improved by having a better grip on your basketball shoes. Staying safe, improving your performance, and reaching your goals can be made easier by investing in shoes with improved grip.

The Reason Why Basketball Shoes Become Slippery

The Reason Why Basketball Shoes Become Slippery

Basketball shoes are designed to be lightweight, enabling the players to move quickly and have better control when making sudden stops or quick turns. 

However, because of their lightweight construction and slick design, the soles of basketball shoes can become slippery even when they are brand new. This can be explained in a few facts-

  • Firstly, many basketball shoes are made with a rubber or synthetic material on the soles, which can become slick when exposed to moisture. While players cannot avoid this issue entirely, they can reduce it by ensuring their feet remain as dry as possible during play.
  • In addition, certain basketball shoes have soles with shallow ridges and grooves, which need to provide more grip. This is particularly problematic when playing on a waxed court surface, as the shoes can become slippery. To prevent this, players should opt for basketball shoes with deeper grooves and more textured soles to increase traction and minimize the risk of slipping.

Finally, dust and dirt buildup on the bottom of the shoes can also reduce traction and cause them to become slippery. After each use, players should be sure to wipe the soles of their basketball shoes with a moist cloth to eliminate any possible dirt or debris.

Overall, several factors can contribute to a basketball shoe becoming slippery. By keeping their feet dry and purchasing shoes with deeper grooves for better traction, as well as regularly cleaning the soles of their shoes, players can reduce the chances of slippage while playing. Doing so will ensure they remain safe on the court and perform at their peak.

How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

Making basketball shoes more grippy can be accomplished through a few simple techniques. 

How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

Keep Your Basketball Shoes Always Clean For Better Grip

Keeping your basketball shoe soles clean is essential for a better grip on the court. Regularly wiping the shoe’s sole with a damp cloth can help remove dirt, debris, and accumulated grime. Use a brush or toothbrush to get into the sole’s treads, crevices, and grooves for an even deeper clean. 

Rub Vaseline to Keep your sole moisture.

Every day, our feet go through a lot of strain, which can result in dry, cracked soles. Vaseline is useful in this situation. Before going to bed, apply a tiny quantity of Vaseline to the soles of your feet to help lock in moisture and leave them feeling smooth and silky. It can help soften any hard spots or calluses as well as avoid dryness. The best thing, though?

Rubber Soles

Basketball shoes with rubber soles are more grippy due to their rubber soles. A rubber court surface offers athletes a non-slip surface and improved grip, essential for quick and safe movement. Rubber soles also provide greater cushioning and protection against injury when the player’s foot strikes the ground. 

Rubber soles made specifically for basketball shoes must be made of a high-quality material to maximize grip and cushioning.

Textured Outsoles

A textured outsole is a great way to make basketball shoes more grippy. There is a textured surface on these outsoles, which helps increase traction and grip. In addition, they can help to reduce slippage so that players can move around confidently and quickly. 

Textured outsoles can provide extra cushioning and shock absorption for players seeking greater comfort. An outsole with textured surfaces can provide excellent grip and cushioning when its materials and design are combined effectively.

Traction Patterns

The traction patterns of basketball shoes play a crucial role in how grippy they will be. Outsoles with traction patterns provide grip on different surfaces due to their unique design. There are usually multi-directional lugs on the outsole of basketball shoes to provide maximum traction for the wearer. 

Due to their flexibility, the lugs provide a better grip and more responsive motion. The herringbone pattern is another technology many brands use to provide even more grip. This pattern is a series of small lines that create a honeycomb-like texture.

The traction pattern is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your basketball shoes, as this will determine their grip. Considering the rubber lugs and outsole design will help you make a wise choice. You can achieve your goals with maximum grip if you wear good basketball shoes.

It’s a simple fix you can carry out at home in your own home. So go ahead and get that reliable container of Vaseline and give your feet the attention they deserve!

How To Clean Basketball Shoes For Better Grip


Regarding the question of How to make Basketball shoes more grippy? Using a straightforward wet towel is one of the best ways to clean basketball shoe soles. 

Wiping down the sole and upper of the shoe regularly can help remove dirt, debris, and any accumulated grime. 

It’s important to take care when wiping down the sole, as vigorous rubbing may damage it. Use a damp cloth but do not soak to ensure the best cleaning results.

If the sole of your basketball shoes is particularly dirty or grimy, go beyond wiping it down with a cloth. Using a brush or toothbrush can get into all the sole grooves, crevices, and treads. Be sure to use a soft brush to avoid damaging the sole.

Finally, always ensure your basketball shoes are completely dry before storing them away for later use. After wiping down the soles with a cloth or brush, allow the shoes to air dry in a well-ventilated area. 

Use Grip Spray On Your Sole For Better Grip

Grip spray is a great way to make basketball shoes more grippy, providing players with improved traction while on the court. This product is designed to provide a thin, protective coating that helps reduce slippage and increase grip in any environment.

When applying grip spray to basketball shoes, it’s essential to use a light, even coating. Applying too much can cause a buildup of product and reduce the effectiveness of the grip spray. 

Once laid, let the shoes sit for 10-15 minutes before playing in them to allow the product to absorb the material thoroughly.

Apply a Grip Gel or Lotion On Your Soles

Using a grip gel or lotion can effectively improve the grip of your basketball shoes and reduce slipping on the court. Applying the gel or lotion directly to the bottom of your shoe quickly dries and creates a thin protective layer that enhances traction during gameplay.

It should be understood, nevertheless, that this method only lasts a short while. The effectiveness of the gel or lotion may be diminished as it dries since it will collect up any debris or dust on the floor. Players should use the gel/lotion before each practice and game to keep their shoes sticky throughout the court session.

Maintain The Court Regularly To Minimize Dust

Maintaining a clean court is essential for reducing slippage and improving grip on basketball shoes. Regularly mopping the court can help remove dust, dirt, debris, and other materials that accumulate over time and make playing surfaces slippery. Doing it will also help ensure a better performance from players, as they won’t have to worry about slipping or sliding while they’re on the court.

Get a Slipp-Nott Traction Mat For Instantly Clean Shoe Soles

The purpose of Slipp-Nott traction matting is to aid in lessening slipping and increasing grip on the court. Simply walking on the mat will rapidly remove dirt and dust from the soles of basketball shoes because it is composed of a specific material that helps clean them. This keeps your basketball sneakers clean and preserves their traction.

These easy methods will help you maintain your basketball sneakers in top condition while enhancing traction on the court. Get a Slipp-Nott traction mat, just like the pros do, for the greatest way to quickly remove dirt from shoe soles and to provide players with better traction.

Replace The Shoes When Needed

Finally, replacing basketball shoes when needed is the most effective way to ensure that players always have a good grip on the court. If you’re wondering how long basketball shoes last, you can check here.

Wearing old or worn-out shoes can reduce traction and cause slippage while playing, so keeping an eye on their condition and replacing them when needed is important.

How To Restore Grip On Basketball Shoes
How To Restore Grip On Basketball Shoes

First and foremost, you should inspect the soles of your shoes to identify any areas where the grip has become worn out or compromised. If you ever wondered How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy? Then you should consider replacing the soles of your shoes to restore the grip.

Next, use a clean cloth and a mild detergent or cleaning product specifically designed for basketball shoes to wipe down the entire surface of the shoe. It will remove dirt, dust, and other debris that may be stuck on the surface and prevent your feet from getting a proper grip on the court.

Finally, you should consider investing in shoe grippers or rubber “bumper” stickers for the sole of your shoes. These products are specifically designed to improve traction on basketball courts. They can dramatically increase your performance when playing the game.

How To Take Care Of Your Basketball Shoes?

How To Take Care Of Your Basketball Shoes

  • Clean your shoes after every use – Wipe off dirt and grime with a damp cloth to keep the soles of your shoes free from debris that can make them slippery.
  • Dry them thoroughly – Be sure to dry your shoes completely before storing or wearing them again, as moisture on the surface will cause them to become slick and slippery when you play basketball.
  • Apply WD-40 or similar lubricant – Applying a light coat of oil or fat on the shoe’s sole helps protect against slippage caused by dust settling between the grooves in the sole material over time.
  • Rotate shoe pairs – Switching out different basketball shoes each game day. You can prolong their life span due to less wear and tear on any pair at a given time.
  • Store properly – When you don’t need to wear your shoes, simply store these basketball sneakers correctly so they remain dry and don’t succumb to moist conditions that may promote slipping while playing.
  • Choose the right pair – When playing basketball, shoes with shallow grooves on the sole are crucial for grip and traction. Getting shoes that fit comfortably and have adequate support around your ankles because doing so will assist you in avoiding slipping while you run up and down the court.
  • Use grip sprays – Grip sprays are specially made to provide extra traction when your shoes become slick. Spray onto the soles of your shoes before every game, and you will find a considerable increase in grip.
  • Invest in quality – Make sure to select basketball sneakers, as higher quality shoes will provide extra grip and traction and better overall support and cushioning for your feet during play. Quality shoes also tend to last longer, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, basketball shoes can be made more grippy by using rubber soles, textured outsoles, traction patterns, and lacing techniques.

In addition to maintaining and repairing the shoes, adding non-slip insoles and replacing the soles as needed is important.
The factors that affect grip should be considered when choosing the correct basketball shoes, and steps should be taken to prevent slippage.

If you work on following these steps, you’ll prevent slipping and focus on playing your best game!

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