Nike Cosmic Unity Review – A Shoe for Every Athlete


Nike is a popular and well-known brand for sneakers and other sportswear. The company’s new Nike Cosmic Unity sneaker has been getting a lot of attention. So, I decided to check it out. Cosmic Unity Reviews online are mixed. Some people love the design, and some people want better design and performance.

So, I wanted to share my thoughts after trying them on myself. Are they worth the price? Keep reading the Nike Cosmic Unity Review to find out the pros, cons, and other details!


Nike Cosmic Unity Design

The harmony of the cosmos inspired Nike’s new Cosmic Unity basketball design. Nike designers were influenced by the patterns and colors of space when designing the Nike Cosmic Unity. The eye-catching and innovative design turns heads on the court. The React foam sole helps to increase the performance of Nike Cosmic Unity.

Nike also added a unique traction pattern to the outsole to provide excellent grip on any surface. Whether you’re hitting the hardwood or the blacktop, the design of Nike Cosmic Unity will bring some vibe.

Nike Cosmic Review: Build Quality


The Cosmic Unity shoes are basketball shoe that was released in 2020. These shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and support during intense gameplay. They are made of high-quality materials, and the construction is top-notch.

Cosmic Unity shoes provide responsive cushioning because of the full-length Zoom Air technology. It also features a rubber outsole that provides excellent traction. This shoe has a mesh upper that is breathable and has a lacing system for a custom fit. The shoes are made with at least 25% recycled material, including recycled polyester and rubber.

The recycled materials are combined with new materials to create a durable, comfortable shoe that is still stylish and high-performance. Overall, the Nike Cosmic shoes are well-built and offer outstanding performance on the court.

Cosmic Unity Traction And Support


Nike Cosmic Unity shoes are designed to provide excellent traction on the court. The herringbone pattern on the outsole provides a superior grip. At the same time, the midsole is made of foam for cushioning and comfort.

The shoes also have a TPU shank to provide extra support and stability. The lacing system ensures a secure fit so that the shoes can support you well. Basketball players looking for a shoe with good traction and support should consider these shoes.

Nike Cosmic Unity Performance Review

I will give you an honest Nike Cosmic Unity basketball shoes review. The Nike Cosmic Unity basketball shoe provides a versatile and responsive feel on the court. The shoe features a Lunarlon foam sole for cushioning and a Nike React midsole for energy return. This shoe is one of the best basketball shoes in terms of performance.

Mesh uppers provide support and lockdown. They are lightweight, breathable, and durable. The outsole is made of rubber for better durability and traction. Performance-wise, it is super top-notch.

Cosmic Unity is available in both low-top and high-top varieties. It comes in various colorways to suit any style. The Cosmic Unity is an excellent option for a shoe to help you perform on the court or a stylish sneaker to rock off the court.

Nike Cosmic Unity Review – Responsiveness

Nike Cosmic Unity basketball shoes are praised for their excellent responsiveness and impact protection. I already talked about the comfort and supportive experience it provides before. But the react foam midsole also gives you a springy feel. It makes you more swift and helps you change directions easily.

In the game, you need a quick and powerful upward force when jumping. This shoe will provide you with that extra force. You will be able to go for rebound or make sharp cuts more smoothly.

So, to summarize, it gives you a better chance at grabbing the ball over opponents and helps to evade defenders.

Is Nike Cosmic Unity good for running?

Cosmic Unity is a new line of Nike shoes that are specifically designed for running. It has several features that make it ideal for running, including a lightweight design, cushioned soles, and special support for the foot arch.

These shoes also focus on breathability, thanks to mesh panels that allow air to circulate around your foot. In addition, the shoes are designed to be highly comfortable, with a fit that is snug but not constricting. Nike has also added a number of safety features to the shoes, including reflective panels that make it easier for drivers to see runners in low-light conditions.

Overall, Nike Cosmic Unity is an excellent choice for runners looking for a shoe that will provide them with comfort, support, and safety while on the road.

Nike Cosmic Unity Review – Pros & Cons

In this section of the review, I will talk about the pros and cons of Cosmic Unity. We know that it has a comfortable fit, better design, colorways, good traction, etc. But it also has some negative sides, such as inconsistent traction on dusty surfaces and high prices. Cosmic Unity shoes are breathable, but they are not satisfactory.

Let’s take a look below to know them in detail.


Cosmic Unity is a versatile sneaker that can be worn for various activities. Here are the advantages of this sneaker:

  • The Cosmic Unity has a comfortable fit that supports various activities, from running to basketball to weightlifting.
  • The sneaker’s design makes it easy to transition from one activity to another. For example, the sneaker’s herringbone pattern provides excellent traction on the court. At the same time, the low-profile design makes it easy to wear for casual activities.
  • Cosmic Unity is available in many colors and styles, making it easy to find a pair that fits your personal taste.


Basketball fans have much anticipated Nike’s new Cosmic Unity shoes. However, the shoes have received some mixed reviews. 

  • One common complaint is that the shoes provide inconsistent traction on dusty surfaces. This can be a problem for players who are constantly changing direction or making quick stops. 
  • Another downside of the shoes is that they are not very breathable. It can lead to feet feeling hot and sweaty after extended wear. 
  • The shoes are pricey, retailing for over $200 in most cases.

Overall, the shoes are a solid choice for many players. Still, they do have some drawbacks that should be considered before purchase.

Nike Cosmic Unity 1 Review

Cosmic Unity 1 is a great basketball shoe. It focuses on performance and sustainability. Nike’s Zoom Air Strobel cushioning unit provides a responsive and comfortable feel on the court. It offers impact protection and energy return for explosive movements.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The shoe provides excellent traction and support. Cosmic Unity 1 generally fits true to size.

Nike Cosmic Unity 3 Review

Nike made an improvement to their Cosmic Unity shoes and came up with Cosmic Unity 3. It features a full-length Zoom Strobel cushioning unit for responsive and comfortable cushioning. It also has a durable outsole with multidirectional traction for excellent grip on various court surfaces.

It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor games. Unity 3 provides better grip and agility. The Nike Cosmic Unity 3 features a lightweight and breathable upper. The upper is made from a combination of materials such as synthetic leather, mesh, and textiles. It’s breathability is better than Nike Cosmic Unity 1.

Is Nike Cosmic Unity Suitable For Basketball?

It is no secret that Nike makes some of the best basketball shoes on the market. Their shoes are known for being comfortable and stylish. However, some believe that Nike’s Cosmic Unity shoes are suitable for basketball.

The theory goes that Nike provides a universal style that anyone can wear regardless of their individual preferences. This theory has some merit, as Nike offers a wide range of styles suitable for many people. In 2021, Nike Cosmic Unity received a lot of appreciation as basketball shoes for providing the best ankle support.

However, it is important to remember that Nike is one of many brands that offer basketball shoes. Many other companies also provide high-quality and stylish products. So, while Nike may be an excellent option for some people, there are other choices.

Who should buy it?

Nike Cosmic Unity is a unisex sneaker designed for everyday wear. It’s comfortable, stylish, and versatile, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a versatile sneaker they can wear on any occasion.

Cosmic Unity is also environmentally friendly, as it’s made with recycled materials. These shoes are available in several different colourways, so there’s sure to be a style that suits everyone’s taste.

Is Nike Cosmic Unity good for the outdoors?

Nevertheless, there might be better outdoor choices. The rubber might not be incredibly flexible, but groves are shallow, and not just that; the trees are also relatively thin. It was really fun, and I enjoyed it very much overall.

Is Cosmic Unity true to size?

Nike Cosmos Unity fits perfectly, although the crater is tight and snug. The Nike KD13 is less of a large size versus this pair, so if you are a wide foot, it’s best to personally try a pair to make it easier.


The Nike Cosmic Unity is a great all-around sneaker. It has a comfortable fit and good support and is versatile enough to wear for a variety of activities. The only big downside is the price, which is fairly high for a sneaker. Overall, this is a great choice for those looking for an all-purpose sneaker that will not break the bank.

Thank you for staying with me. Goodbye for today. See you in another review.

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