Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Who Wins?


Basketball is really fun game to watch and play. The two most iconic shoes to play basketball is Nike dunks low and Jordan 1 low. I am writing this article on Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low, highlighting their key differences.

Let’s have a sneaker war between the two shoes for fun. In this comparison, we’ll explore the design, comfort, performance, and cultural impact of Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low.

From their origins to the latest releases, we’ll reveal the stories behind these legendary sneakers and discover why they’ve captured the hearts of sneaker lovers worldwide.  This article will help you to appreciate each sneaker’s unique charm.


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History of Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low

Nike Dunks Low was introduced in 1985 as a basketball shoe. It gained popularity in the skateboarding community during the ’90s. These shoes is renowned for its simple yet versatile design. It became a canvas for various colorways and collaborations with artists and brands.

Over time, the Dunks Low transitioned from performance footwear to a streetwear icon, with its impact reaching across music, art, and fashion.

Jordan 1 Low debuted in 1985 as part of the iconic Air Jordan line. It is a low-top version of the original Air Jordan 1 High. The shoe is designed for basketball legend Michael Jordan. This shoe revolutionized the sneaker industry with its bold color schemes and distinctive “Wings” logo.

It soon transcended the courts, symbolizing urban culture and style. It continues to maintain its legendary status as one of the most sought-after and beloved sneakers worldwide.

Signature Status

At its inception, the Dunk was designed for collegiate players. The Dunk featured prominently in the Be True To Your School campaign in colors that matched the uniforms of college teams. The BTTYS pack has been reissued over the years, and 2020 has brought back some recognizable two-toned colorways. 

The Greatest of All Time, Michael Jordan, wore the Air Jordan 1. And while some might argue there are simply too many out there, the AJ1’s popularity spans decades, from the Bones Brigade to Travis Scott.

Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Design and Aesthetics


The Dunk Lows are known for their boxier toe box, which is both taller and wider, and a thicker heel, lending a more substantial look overall. On the other hand, Jordan 1 Lows showcases a smoother, seamless outline and features more panels and stitching on the shoe’s upper part, creating a more intricate aesthetic.

Nike Dunks Low is appealing to skateboarding and streetwear communities with its clean, versatile design and vibrant colorways. Alternatively, the Jordan 1 Low is a sporty yet fashion-forward shoe that seamlessly blends on-court performance with style off-court.

We’ll discuss the design and aesthetics of both Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low separately. Then, I made a comparison of them.

Nike Dunks Low: Design and Aesthetics

The Nike Dunk Low seamlessly merges basketball innovation with streetwear culture, with its design rooted in basketball innovation. This iconic sneaker features a boxier silhouette and two-tone color blocking.

With a low-top design that provides versatility, the Nike Dunks Low offers a clean, timeless look. Its simple design allows for creative possibilities. Color combinations on Nike Dunks Low are known for their vivid accents and bold contrasts.

There is a Dunk Low for every taste and preference, from classic two-tone styles to bold graphic patterns. Its design often inclufde premium materials, such as leather, suede, and canvas.

Jordan 1 Low: Design and Aesthetics


The Air Jordan 1 Low is a cool sneaker that mixes basketball and everyday style. It’s made with leather and canvas, has a comfy Air-Sole cushion, and comes in different colors. People really like it in the world of sneakers.

The Jordan 1 Low looks a lot like the famous high-top Air Jordan 1, but it’s shorter, so it’s great for casual wear. It was made for the basketball star Michael Jordan and changed how sneakers looked with its cool colors.

Just like Dunks Low, the Jordan 1 Low comes in many colors and even works with other brands. It often has the “Wings” logo, and the mix of tough leather and soft suede makes it interesting.

People love the Jordan 1 Low because you can wear it on the basketball court or just walk around town. That’s why sneaker fans and fashion lovers like it so much.


Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low are similar because they come in lots of colors and work with other brands. But they look different because Dunks Low is simple and goes well with everyday clothes, like jeans and t-shirts. Jordan 1 Low has a sporty style that’s also fashionable and reminds us of basketball.

If you’re into bold graphic patterns or classic color combinations then these sneakers has lot of options to offer you.

Jordan 1 Low

Air Jordan incorporates air technology, leather upper, rubber outsole, EVA midsole, etc. These technologies contribute to its performance, comfort, and durability:

  1. Nike Air Technology: One of the defining technologies introduced with the original Air Jordan 1 in 1984 was the Nike Air cushioning system. This technology, which involves pressurized Air inside a tough yet flexible bag, provides lightweight cushioning and improves the shoe’s overall comfort. It’s typically incorporated in the heel of the Jordan 1 Low.
  2. Leather Upper: Using leather in the shoe’s upper part gives the Air Jordan 1 Low a premium look and adds to its durability. Some versions also incorporate synthetic materials for a unique mix in the upper.
  3. Rubber Outsole: The rubber outsole of the Air Jordan 1 Low provides excellent traction and durability, making the shoe suitable for various surface types.
  4. Perforations: The toe box of the Jordan 1 Low typically features perforations, which enhance breathability and keep the foot cool and comfortable.
  5. Padded Collar: The shoe features a padded collar, providing additional comfort and support around the ankle.
  6. EVA Midsole: The EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) midsole provides lightweight cushioning and shock absorption, enhancing the shoe’s comfort.

Nike Dunk Low

The Nike Dunk Low incorporates several technologies and features that have contributed to its popularity and enduring appeal:

  1. Materials: The Dunk Low often features a four-layer toe box with layers of suede or leather, durable rubber or plastic, another layer of suede or leather, and finally, a layer of woven canvas on the inside. This construction contributes to the shoe’s durability and comfort.
  2. Design: Originally introduced as a basketball shoe in 1985, the Dunk Low has evolved and has many variations. It’s known for its clean, simple design and versatile appeal.
  3. Performance Modifications: Some versions of the Dunk Low come with performance modifications that make them suitable for specific activities like skateboarding.
  4. Comfort: Although the Dunk Low doesn’t contain the Air technology found in some other Nike shoes, it’s designed for comfort with a padded ankle collar and a sticky sole.
  5. Authenticity Features: Authentic Nike Dunks curve slightly near the toe box, which is one way to authenticate the sneakers.

Panel Layout

As for the uppers, the Dunk and Air Jordan 1 differ in some key areas. Dunks have a roomier toe box, whereas AJ1s are more tapered. Perforations are almost identical. 

AJ1’s wavy eyestays run up to the ankle on the Dunk. A stitched panel reinforces the front three eyelets of the latter. The Dunk Swoosh intersects the heel counter and upper ankle panels at the back, whereas the AJ1 Swoosh meets them at the sides. On the back of the Dunk, there is no Wings logo. It’s not the AJ1, after all.

Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Materials


Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low combine leather, suede, and synthetic textiles, contributing to their unique designs. While both models share similarities in material choices, their distinct colorways and collaborations add individuality and appeal to each sneaker.

Nike Dunks Low: Materials

Nike Dunks Low features mixed materials in its construction. They offer both style and functionality. The upper of Nike Dunks Low often incorporates a combination of materials, such as leather, suede, canvas, and synthetic textiles.

These materials make the shoes strong and comfortable. They also let the shoes come in different colors and feel different to the touch. Sometimes, special versions of the shoes use extra nice materials or special fabrics, which make them look even better and cooler.

Jordan 1 Low: Materials

Just like Nike Dunks Low, Jordan 1 Low uses different materials in how it’s made. The top part of the shoe usually has leather, suede, and other strong materials. This keeps the shoe looking like the famous Air Jordan 1. The good-quality leather makes the shoe feel fancy and last a long time.

The materials they pick for Jordan 1 Low also help make the shoe in many cool colors and special versions that people really like.


Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low share similarities in their material selection, utilizing combinations of leather, suede, and synthetic textiles to achieve their designs. However, the two models’ specific colorways, collaborations, and unique material applications may vary, giving each its distinct visual appeal.

Whether you prefer the artistic flexibility of Dunks Low materials or the premium leather feel of Jordan 1 Low, both sneakers offer a range of materials that cater to diverse tastes and style preferences.

Clipping the Wings

The Dunk’s upper features ankle lace flaps that can be optionally laced for extra support. In the early 2000s, leaving the flaps loose and a popped tongue was popular. The Air Jordan 1 doesn’t offer that option since the ankle straps are stitched into the upper.

In both the Dunk High and the AJ1, there are nine eyelets. Unlike the latter, the former has its ninth eyelet above the straps. In contrast, the latter’s eighth and ninth eyelets are part of the strap. And, if the AJ1 has eight eyelets, it’s a Mid.

Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Comfort and Performance


The Nike Dunks Low prioritizes comfort for skateboarding and casual wear, offering support and flexibility. In contrast, the Jordan 1 Low delivers comfort for basketball and everyday use, featuring Air cushioning technology and a versatile design.

Let’s have a dedicated discussion on both of them and compare them.

Nike Dunks Low: Comfort and Performance

The Nike Dunks Low prioritizes comfort and adaptability, making it a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts for casual wear and skateboarding. With a cushioned midsole and padded collar, the Dunks Low offers ample support and impact protection during skate sessions and everyday activities.

Its low-top construction allows for unrestricted ankle movement, enhancing agility and board feel for skateboarders. While not originally designed as a performance basketball shoe, the Dunks Low provides adequate comfort for daily use and light athletic activities.

Jordan 1 Low: Comfort and Performance

The Jordan 1 Low ensures a comfortable fit with its well-cushioned midsole, offering excellent support for basketball players and everyday wear. Although it lacks the cutting-edge performance technologies in modern basketball shoes, the Air cushioning technology in the midsole provides decent impact protection.

The low-top design allows for a more natural range of motion, making it suitable for casual wear and lifestyle use.


While the Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low offer reasonable comfort, they serve different performance purposes. The Dunks Low excels in skateboarding and casual wear, providing the necessary support and flexibility for skateboarding maneuvers.

On the other hand, the Jordan 1 Low caters to basketball players and lifestyle enthusiasts, delivering comfort for on-court play and everyday use. Choosing between the two depends on individual preferences, whether you seek comfort for sports activities or a stylish sneaker for daily wear.

Tread Patterns

The Dunk borrows the Air Jordan 1’s outsole pattern with minor changes. Concentric curved sections are used at the forefoot and ball for quick pivots. The heel tread resembles a diagonal grid, which suits the repeated start-stop movements of basketball.

The arch bridge is slightly taller and narrower than the AJ1’s wider design. However, the latter has more detail about individual tread sections than the Dunk. The Dunk’s outsole extends onto the midsole wall at the heel and forefoot, clearly defining these segments. By now, it’s all splitting hairs – but that’s what we’re here to do.

Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Popularity and Cultural Impact


Both sneakers have huge popularity and cultural impact for their features, colorways, and tradition. Get ready to dive into them and have a detailed overview and comparison.

Nike Dunks Low: Popularity and Cultural Impact

The Nike Dunks Low has experienced a remarkable journey in popularity and cultural significance. Originally intended as a basketball shoe, it gained immense popularity within the skateboarding community during the ’90s, propelling it into the streetwear limelight.

The Dunks Low’s simple yet stylish design and numerous collaborations with artists, musicians, and brands cemented its status as a fashion icon. This silhouette’s influence extended beyond the sneaker realm, impacting music, art, and urban culture.

Jordan 1 Low: Popularity and Cultural Impact

The Jordan 1 Low’s popularity can be traced back to its legendary predecessor, the Air Jordan 1 High. As a low-top version, it offered a more casual and accessible option for sneaker enthusiasts.

The Jordan 1 Low’s connection to Michael Jordan’s basketball legacy, bold colorways, and limited releases solidified its iconic status in sports and fashion. This sneaker’s enduring popularity and influence on sneaker culture remain undeniable, making it a coveted piece of history for sneakerheads and basketball fans.


The Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low have achieved remarkable popularity and cultural impact through different avenues. The Dunks Low’s rise to fame came from its evolution as a skateboarding and streetwear favorite, with collaborations propelling it to new heights.

On the other hand, the Jordan 1 Low’s deep-rooted association with basketball legend Michael Jordan and its bold color schemes solidified its legendary status in both sports and fashion worlds. Both sneakers have become symbols of urban culture and self-expression, resonating with diverse communities and leaving an indelible mark on sneaker and streetwear culture globally.

Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Collectibility and Resale Value


Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low have emerged as highly collectible and sought-after sneakers, influenced by limited-edition releases and collaborations with cultural icons. These shoes’ cultural significance and appeal among collectors have propelled their resale value, solidifying their status as prized possessions in the dynamic world of sneaker reselling.

Whether the artistic allure of Dunks Low collaborations or the basketball legacy of Jordan 1 Low, both models possess unique attributes that continue to captivate enthusiasts and contribute to their coveted status in sneaker culture.

Nike Dunks Low: Collectibility and Resale Value

Over the years, Nike Dunks Low has garnered significant collectibility and resale value, driven primarily by its collaborations with artists, brands, and cultural icons. Limited-edition releases and unique colorways have turned the Dunks Low into highly sought-after collectibles, with some pairs fetching premium prices in the resale market.

Collaborations with prominent figures and influential brands have further fueled its desirability, making it a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors.

Jordan 1 Low: Collectibility and Resale Value

The Jordan 1 Low share a similar fate with its high-top counterpart, as it has become a highly collectible and valuable sneaker in the resale market. Limited releases, collaborations with popular brands, and exclusive colorways contributed to the Jordan 1 Low’s premium resale value.

The shoe’s association with Michael Jordan’s basketball legacy and its enduring appeal in sports and streetwear cultures have solidified its status as a sought-after and highly valuable collector’s item.


The Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low have established themselves as highly collectible sneakers with considerable resale value. Their limited-edition releases, collaborations, and cultural significance have contributed to their popularity among collectors and sneaker enthusiasts.

Whether it’s the artistic flair of the Dunks Low collaborations or the basketball heritage of the Jordan 1 Low, both models have proven their worth as valuable assets in the ever-fluctuating world of sneaker reselling. As collectors’ items, owning a pair of sneakers showcases style and represents cultural history in the sneaker realm.

Differences between Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low

It is noticeable that there is a difference in design and performance focus between Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low. I pointed out the differences I found from my experience below.

1. Design and Aesthetics: Nike Dunks Low features a simple and versatile design, often incorporating vibrant colorways and collaborations, appealing to streetwear and skateboarding communities. In contrast, Jordan 1 Low inherits the iconic Air Jordan 1 design, offering a sportier, more basketball-inspired look with various color options.

2. Performance Focus: Both sneakers offer reasonable comfort but serve different performance purposes. Nike Dunks Low prioritizes support and flexibility, making it ideal for skateboarding and casual wear. On the other hand, Jordan 1 Low delivers comfort for basketball and everyday use, featuring Air cushioning technology suitable for on-court play.

3. Cultural Impact: Nike Dunks Low gained popularity in the skateboarding community and evolved into a prominent streetwear icon, impacting various creative realms like music, art, and urban culture.

Jordan 1 Low’s cultural impact stems from its association with Michael Jordan’s basketball legacy, becoming an iconic sneaker in both sports and fashion.

Main differences between Nike Dunks vs. Jordan 1

CharacteristicNike DunkAir Jordan 1
Top eyeletAbove strapIn strap
Ankle strapFree-floatingStitched down

Similarities between Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low


I want to write down their similarities, just like the differences. Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low have high collectibility and resale value, with limited-edition releases and collaborations adding to their appeal.

They are globally popular and have become symbols of urban culture and style. Both sneakers have achieved an iconic status in sneaker culture due to their timeless designs that resonate with diverse communities.

They share a common design language with a similar style and iconic Swoosh. They also use a combination of leather and rubber materials in their construction.

Consider Personal Preferences and use cases

Your personal style preferences, activities, and interests should guide your decision. Whether you lean towards the artistic flair of the Dunks Low or the basketball heritage of the Jordan 1 Low, both sneakers offer a timeless appeal and a piece of cultural history to express your individuality.

When choosing between Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low, personal preferences and use cases are crucial in making the right decision.

Nike Dunks Low: If you prioritize a versatile and stylish sneaker that complements casual and skateboarding wear, the Nike Dunks Low might be the better choice. Its clean design, vibrant colorways, and collaborations offer streetwear enthusiasts various style options.

Additionally, suppose you’re drawn to the influence of music, art, and urban culture. In that case, the Dunks Low’s cultural impact may resonate with your interests.

Jordan 1 Low: On the other hand, if you’re a basketball enthusiast seeking a sneaker that balances on-court performance with off-court style, the Jordan 1 Low could be the ideal fit.

Its association with Michael Jordan’s legacy and bold color schemes symbolizes sports heritage and fashion-forwardness. For those who appreciate the blend of athletic history and street style, the Jordan 1 Low offers a compelling choice.

Nike Dunks Low vs Jordan 1 Low: Pricing

Regarding pricing, the Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low sneaker are similarly matched. Non-SB Dunk Lows are often priced around $180 to $200 on resale sites, while Jordan 1 Lows can be slightly more expensive. However, the actual price can vary based on colorway and availability. 

Nike Dunks Low: Pricing

The pricing of Nike Dunks Low varies depending on several factors, such as the model, colorway, materials used, and collaborations involved. Generally, standard Nike Dunks Low releases have a relatively more affordable price range than other premium sneakers.

However, certain limited-edition colorways or exclusive collaborations can significantly drive up the price in the resale market. On average, you can expect to find Nike Dunks Low in the mid-range price bracket, making them more accessible to a broader audience of sneaker enthusiasts.

Jordan 1 Low: Pricing

Like Nike Dunks Low, the pricing of Jordan 1 Low also fluctuates based on various factors, including the colorway, materials, and collaboration. Standard releases of Jordan 1 Low are typically priced in the mid-range to high-end bracket, reflecting their iconic status and demand.

However, just like their high-top counterparts, certain exclusive editions, special collaborations, or vintage retros can command premium prices in the resale market, appealing to collectors and avid sneaker enthusiasts.


Nike Dunks Low and Jordan 1 Low generally fall within a similar price range, with standard releases being relatively more affordable than premium or limited editions. The significant price variations usually stem from unique collaborations and special editions, which can elevate the resale value of either sneaker.

Ultimately, the pricing between the two models is comparable, allowing sneaker enthusiasts to choose based on their personal preferences and budget considerations.

Which one is better for you?

I would choose the Air Jordan 1 Low because of its rich basketball heritage, iconic design that fits well with streetwear fashion, and the potential for certain colorways to become valuable collectibles over time.

But if you are looking for everyday wear shoes, you can choose Nike Dunks Low. Its versatile style complements various outfits, a comfortable fit, and a strong connection to skateboarding culture.


In the battle of Dunks vs. Jordan, we’ve looked at many things. We’ve seen how they’re different and alike, from where they came from to what they’re made of. These shoes have a big story and people really care about them.

When you choose between them, think about what you like and how you’ll wear them. Nike Dunks Low have a cool look, while Jordan 1 Low has a basketball history. Both give you a chance to show your style and be part of the sneaker world’s history. It’s all about what you love.

What is the difference between Nike Dunk Low and Jordan 1 Low?

The Nike Dunk Low and Jordan 1 Low differ in design, with the Jordan 1 featuring curves and the Dunk having a more straightforward silhouette. Additionally, the outsole shape and colorways vary between the two sneakers.

Is Jordan 1 better than Dunks?

It’s difficult to determine whether the Jordan 1 is better than Dunks or vice versa. Both sneakers are highly regarded and have their unique features.

Why are Nike Low Dunks so popular?

Nike Low Dunks are popular due to their association with skateboarding culture and classic and versatile design, making them a sought-after choice for skaters and sneaker enthusiasts.

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