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As a shoe enthusiast, you know Nike makes some of the best shoes. Those of you who are into weightlifting will love their new Savaleos shoe. This shoe is perfect for men and women and is designed to increase your lifting power. Its lightweight construction features an innovative design that provides stability and support.

It’s made of sturdy synthetic leather and a reinforced heel for added support. The Nike Savaleos also features Nike’s “Flywire” technology, which provides a snug, secure fit. I had reasonable control and excellent stability when I lifted the shoe. With a herringbone pattern, the rubber outsole offers excellent traction. Athletes who are looking for top-quality performance and comfort should consider this shoe. So, check out this Nike Savaleos Review. You won’t be disappointed!

Feature Of Nike Savaleos

The Nike Savaleos weightlifting shoe is one of the newest additions to Nike’s line of shoes. It is a unisex shoe designed to improve your lifting power while being comfortable and supportive. The Savaleos has many features that make it unique among weightlifting shoes. Throughout the Nike Savaleos Review, these features are covered. Read-

  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent stability and support
  • The outsole is made of rubber with a herringbone pattern for superior traction
  • Made of sturdy synthetic leather
  • Reinforced heel for added support
  • Nike’s “Flywire” technology provides a snug, secure fit
  • Innovative design

Nike Salvaleos Shoe’s Construction Details


Weightlifting shoes like the Nike Savaleos provide excellent support and stability. The nylon strap and TPU heel wrap keep your foot secure, while the rubber outsole provides excellent grip. The upper is made of durable polyurethane, which is breathable and comfortable. There is even more ventilation, thanks to the mesh tongue. With all these features, the Nike Savaleos is the perfect shoe for severe weightlifters who want to perform at their best.

Build Quality


These shoes are one of the most popular weightlifting shoes and are known for their durability and comfort. They have a cult following among weightlifters and Crossfitters alike. They’re the best quality lifting shoes on the market right now.

The first thing you’ll notice about Nike Savaleos shoes is their build quality. They’re constructed with a durable leather upper that can withstand the rigours of heavy training. Rubber soles provide excellent traction, and a metatarsal plate reinforces the heel. Moreover, its leather upper mould to your foot over time and the padded tongue and collar make them highly comfortable to wear. 

Weightlifting shoes like Nike Savaleos are durable and comfortable, so they should be your first choice.


In terms of performance, the Nike Savaleos weightlifting shoe is one of the best on the market. They’re designed to increase your lifting power, and they do just that. The Savaleos has a lightweight construction that makes it perfect for athletes looking to feel light on their feet while they train. A herringbone pattern on the outsole provides superior traction, and the innovative design provides stability and support. 

Lifting heavy weights requires a stable, secure base, and the Nike Savaleos provides just that. With its flat, wide base and rigid midsole, it is ideal for explosive sets due to its exceptional stability. The heel lift provides extra support and helps keep your feet in a natural position, ensuring optimum comfort and performance. Overall, this shoe is an excellent choice for athletes who are looking for top-quality performance and comfort. 

Effective Heels Height of Nike Savaleos Shoes

Nike’s new Savaleos shoe promises to be the market’s most comfortable and effective heel height option. Nike has long been a frontrunner in the sneaker industry, so it is no surprise that they would innovate the design of the Nike Savaleos. It has a heel cup lower than other Nike shoes, making it lighter and more comfortable for standing or walking for long periods.

Furthermore, Nike has designed the Savaleos with an extra-padded insole and a thicker outsole to provide more cushioning and support. The shoe’s overall design is also claimed to improve your balance and posture. All of these features sound promising, so as a result, athletes who use the Nike Savaleos can push themselves harder and achieve better results.

Upper Shoe Material


Nike recently released their Savaleos shoe, a weightlifting shoe designed to be more affordable than their Romaleos model. The Savaleos still have a perforated upper material, but Nike chose to eliminate the metatarsal strap and use a cheaper leather material instead. It may seem that the shoes are less premium, but they can be broken, like many leather shoes, within a short period.

Nike’s goal with the Savaleos was to create a more affordable weightlifting shoe without sacrificing too much quality, and they appear to have succeeded. It’s worth considering the Nike Savaleos if you’re looking for a quality weightlifting shoe at an affordable price.

Foot Straps 

Taking inspiration from the Romaleos 3, Nike just released the Nike Savaleos, a new shoe from the company. These shoes have just a one-foot strap located over the tongue of the shoe or midfoot area. Because it’s made from nylon instead of leather, it’s lightweight, but it still adds a layer of comfort and stability that a strapless design would be sorely lacking. 

Only a tiny section of velcro connects the single wide strap to itself, and the buckle is plastic. It isn’t as tight as a shoe with a metal buckle and leather strap, but the weight savings to make a lighter shoe is the reasoning behind this.

Nike has designed these shoes to be durable and comfortable for those worried these may not hold up under a heavy weightlifting session or run. So far, reviewers have been impressed with Nike’s latest offering.

Colour Option and Size

Nike Savaleos are available in three colours: White/Black, Black/White, and Gray Fog/Emerald/Orange. They come in men’s sizes five through fifteen for the White/Black and Black/White colourways and men’s sizes six through 14 for the Gray Fog/Emerald/Orange colourway.

These shoes run true to size if you want a more athletic or snug fit, but we recommend sizing up a half-size from your normal trainers if you want a bit more toe box room. Nike Savaleos are sure to help you perform your best, no matter what colour or size you choose.

Nike Savaleos Pros

Those who want to know the pros should read this Nike Savaleos review. Affordable and dependable, the Nike Savaleos shoes provide an excellent option for budget shoppers or beginners looking for a good all-around sneaker. The outsole construction is solid and will hold up well to regular wear, making these a great choice for everyday use. Any wardrobe would benefit from the Savaleos with their versatile style that can be dressed up or down. 

You can get great quality weightlifting shoes at an affordable price with the Nike Savaleos. With a starting price of just $120, these shoes are affordable and high-quality.

The Savaleos feature a durable outsole with extended medial and lateral forefoot lips for a stable lifting experience. For your next intense workout, their outsole also provides excellent traction.

Plus, the Savaleos are beginner-friendly, perfect for those new to lifting or those transitioning from sneakers to dedicated weightlifting shoes. A quality shoe at an unbeatable price is what the Nike Savaleos Pros are.

Nike Savaleos Cons

The Nike Savaleos is a budget-friendly weightlifting shoe that offers great value for money. However, there are some drawbacks to this model that you should be aware of before purchasing:

  1. The heel height needs to be listed on the product page, so you must guess what height you need.
  2. You may need help getting a secure fit because the strap construction is less durable than other models. The upper shoe material is a little premium.
  3. The construction quality is lower than other shoes in this price range.

Despite these drawbacks, the Nike Savaleos is still a great choice for budget-conscious weightlifters and offers good value for money.


Known for its athletic shoes and apparel, Nike is a leading manufacturer. You can return the shoes for a full refund within 60 days of purchasing them. Nike offers a manufacturer’s warranty against flaws for purchases after 60 days but before two years. There are different return instructions depending on how the purchase was made, so refer to their return site for more information. 

Nike also offers Nike Savaleos Shoe Warranties for those who have purchased Nike shoes within the past two years. Nike Savaleos Shoe Warranties cover defects in material and workmanship for up to two years from the date of purchase. Be sure to read the conditions of the shoe warranty carefully before making a purchase, as this warranty is void if misuse or abuse has been committed.

Who Should Buy Nike Savaleos? 

Athletes that want a weightlifting shoe they can use for their entire workout instead of having to change them midway through. Nike designed these to support all forms of lifting. 

Anyone looking for a solid weightlifting shoe but doesn’t want to break the bank. These are reasonably priced for the versatility you receive. Lifters who want a comfortable shoe that offers some impact support around the heel and tongue area will like the extra cushioning in those areas.  

However, with its combination of style, function, versatility and affordability, the Nike Savaleos is a shoe everyone can use. 

Overall Thought

Nike created the Savaleos intending to be a hybrid performance shoe, and they did not disappoint. They are lightweight while still feeling dense and solid under heavy loads. They also give much platform feedback when replacing your feet in a snatch or jerk, which is incredibly important. Despite the leather not having as premium a feel as the woven fabric of the Romaleos 4, it can still stand up to heavy weights and feels secure. 

Nike’s only improvement could be more velcro on the lockdown strap, but other than that, these are great shoes not only for weightlifting but for working out and cross-training in general. The heel clip on the back is a nice touch that shows Nike’s consideration for the needs of cross-training athletes, which they took into account when designing the Savalas. These are great options for high-quality, versatile shoes.


Choosing the right pair of lifting shoes can be challenging, but Nike has some great options you can choose from. The Savaleos are perfect for people who want a versatile shoe that can be used for multiple types of lifts. And if you’re looking for more stability and support, the Metcons might be a better fit for you.

No matter which type of lifting shoe you decide on, make sure that it’s comfortable and fits well so that you can focus on your workouts instead of your footwear. Thanks for reading our Nike Savaleos Review.

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