Pleashoes Review 2024: Scam or Legit?


Pleashoes is not a well-known brand in the footwear industry. There is very little information available about the brand itself. The reputation of the brand is also bad. So, in this Pleashoes reviews article, we are going to check: Is Pleashoes Legit or Scam?

In this review blog, we will discuss the quality, comfort, craftsmanship, durability, design, value for money, and legitimacy of Pleashoes. We will also summarize our findings and give our overall impression of Pleashoes reviews.

What-Is-Pleashoes-Ru is an online store that sells shoes and clothing. The website offers worldwide shipping, and customers can contact them through WhatsApp or Instagram. 

However, according to a review on Scam Detector, the website has a low rating and is considered unsafe. There is no information available about the history, mission, or core values of

Is Pleashoes Legit or Scam?


Pleashoes is a suspicious website. It has a bad reputation. The brand has both positive and negative sides to talk about. They have a huge collection of products. But most of their products are replicas. Though some customers praised their replicas, there is always a chance of products being of poor quality. 

The shoes they make are of high quality and very comfortable. But there are negative reviews on inconsistent quality. Customers also complained about their shipping. Taking everything into consideration, might be a scam website.

Product Range: Pleashoes Reviews

Pleashoes offers a wide range of shoe styles, including athletic, casual, and formal options. These shoes come in various designs, materials, and colors to suit different preferences and occasions. That’s why I have divided these shoes into sections so that I can give honest Reviews of Pleashoes.

Athletic Shoes

These shoes are designed for physical activities and come in various styles, such as running shoes, minimalist shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes, and trail shoes. They are available in different colors and materials to suit individual preferences and sports requirements.

Casual Shoes

pleashoes-Product-Range-casual-shoes offers a range of casual shoe styles, including sandals, pumps, wedges, heels, boots, and sneakers. These shoes are versatile and can be worn for everyday activities or more relaxed occasions. They come in various designs, materials, and colors to match different outfits and personal styles. You can also check out our Mulat Sneakers reviews.

Formal Shoes

In this Pleashoes reviews I have talked a lot aobut formal shoes. The website also features a selection of formal shoes characterized by their sleek and sophisticated design. These shoes are often made with high-quality materials, such as genuine leather, and offer meticulous craftsmanship for both style and comfort. Classic formal shoes are available in black or brown shades, while modern variations may offer different color options.

Formal Pleashoes Reviews

Formal shoes are characterized by their sleek and sophisticated design. They are often made with high-quality materials and feature meticulous craftsmanship to ensure both style and comfort.

These shoes are typically made of genuine leather, which offers durability, flexibility, and a luxurious appearance. Modern variations may also feature unique materials, such as suede or patent leather.

Classic formal shoes are often available in black or brown shades. However, modern variations may offer a touch of contemporary flair with different color options. Keep reading this Pleashoes review to know about their quality and materials below.

Pleashoes Quality And Materials Reviews


Pleashoes use a combination of materials, including textiles, synthetics, and leather, to provide comfort, fit, and durability. The specific materials used in Pleashoes may vary depending on the style and design. Textiles are lightweight and durable, making them suitable for various parts of the shoe, including the upper and lining. They offer a wide range of weaves, colors, patterns, and special features, allowing for versatile and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon, are often used on the external surface of the shoe, providing flexibility, quick drying, and resistance to shrinking. High-end synthetic leather, made with a water-resistant microfiber PU backing, offers a smooth surface, clean cuts, and the ability to be dyed to match the surface materials.

Leather is a high-quality material that offers exceptional durability and unique properties. While the specific type of leather used in Pleashoes is not mentioned, leather is generally known for its durability and comfort. Rubber, foam, and plastic are commonly used in the outsole and midsole of shoes to provide cushioning, support, and traction.

Pleashoes Review: Style and Fashion


Pleashoes is a brand that focuses on creating stylish and aesthetically appealing footwear. Their products are designed to be both fashionable and functional, offering a balance between style and comfort.

Minimalism: Pleashoes’ designs often incorporate minimalist elements, which have a timeless and sophisticated appeal. Clean lines, simple shapes, and a focus on quality materials and craftsmanship characterize this aesthetic.

Logomania: In some cases, Pleashoes combines minimalism with logomania, creating a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Logomania refers to the trend of prominently displaying brand logos and symbols, which can add a sense of luxury and exclusivity to a product.

Functionality: While Pleashoes prioritizes style, they also understand the importance of functionality. Their products are designed to be comfortable and practical, ensuring that customers can look good while also feeling good.

Performance and Functionality


Pleashoes’ performance in specific activities can vary depending on the type of activity and the specific shoe model. Pleashoes may not be the best choice for intense running activities. You should choose specialized running shoes for optimal performance and comfort during running activities.

Pleashoes can be suitable for walking, especially for casual or everyday walking. Walking is a lower-impact exercise compared to running, and Pleashoes’ focus on style and comfort can make them a good choice for walking activities. 

However, for long-distance walking or power walking, it is still recommended to choose shoes specifically designed for walking, as they provide better support and cushioning for the feet.

Pleashoes can be a good option for formal events, such as office settings, dinners, and weddings, where comfort and style are both important. 

Is Pleashoes legit? Reviews From Customers has received both positive and constructive feedback from customers. But most of them were negative.

Customers love the variety and stylish shoes available on, along with the user-friendly website and smooth ordering process. 

They appreciate the unique and trendy designs, reasonable prices, and responsive customer service. However, there is room for improvement in website design, shipping time, and tracking accuracy, as well as ensuring consistent sizing for a better overall experience.

One customer complained and said to us:

“The shipping time for my order was longer than expected, and the tracking information provided was not always accurate. should work on improving their shipping and tracking processes.”

Another customer said,

“While the shoes I received from were of good quality, the sizing was not consistent. I had to return one pair and exchange it for a different size, which was a bit inconvenient.”

Pleashoes Reps has been mentioned in some search results in the context of replica shoes. has been described as a replica website offering replica shoes that imitate popular brands and designs.

These replicas are often sold at a lower price point compared to the original products. Some customers have provided positive feedback on the quality and accuracy of the replica shoes purchased from They have praised the website for offering high-quality replicas that closely resemble the original products.

In some cases, discount codes are provided for purchasing replica shoes from, further reducing the cost of these products. 

Purchasing replica products, including shoes, is often considered unethical and illegal, as it infringes on the intellectual property rights of the original brands.

Value for Price


Based on the products available on their website, seems to offer shoes at a mid-range price point. offers unique and trendy designs that are hard to find elsewhere. Customers who value individuality and style may be willing to pay a premium for these products. uses high-quality materials in their products, such as leather and suede. These materials can increase the durability and longevity of the shoes, making them a good investment in the long run. is a relatively new brand with a low rating. Customers who prioritize brand reputation may be hesitant to purchase from this website. 

Pleashoes Website Review has a low rating, indicating that the website is very suspicious. The website is also described as a replica website, offering replica shoes that imitate popular brands and designs.

The website is poorly designed and lacks elements in the metadata that could help its online presence. The status of the domain is unverified. It also has a low authority score.

Domain Information


Registered On: 2021-12-15

Expires On: 2023-12-15


Domain Authority: 4

Page Authority: 12


So we have seen in this Pleashoes review that this is most likely a scam site. I suggest you to avoid the site. If you still want to purchase, do your research first. There are several red flags I mentioned in this review. These include low domain and page authority, website experience, domain status, selling replicas, and many more. So, it’s better to avoid suspicious sites like pleashoes. If you like this reviews you can check out Varskar shoes if it is scam or not.

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