Quickshopiie Shoes Reviews 2023 | Quick Shopiie SCAM?


Quickshopiie has a poor reputation in the footwear industry. Let’s see what is the reason behind this from the blog.

We will discuss Quickshopiie Shoes reviews in this article. You will also find answers to questions like Are Quickshopiie Shoes real? And what is their shoes’ quality?

So, do not worry and dive into our Quickshopiie reviews article.


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Quickshopiie Shoes: Brand Overview

Quickshopiie Shoes is an online store that sells a variety of products. It has a good collection of shoes and sports T-shirts. However, many Quickshopiie Shoes reviews indicate that the shoes sold on the website are of poor quality.

It raises suspicion about the authenticity of Quickshopiie. Is Quickshopiie Shoes legit? Well, we will talk about it in the next section of this article.

Quickshopiie Website Major Points

Let’s take a look at some of the necessary information below. I researched Quickshopiie to give you a proper understanding of the brand.

You can find information on email, address, contact number, shipping, and return policy.

Brand: Quickshopiie

Email: support@quickshopiie.com

Physical address: 14 Old Eagle Road, Freehold Township, New Jersey, 07728 United States

Contact number: 1(929) 235-8892

Products Category: Clothing

Type of Product Name: Sports T-shirt

Payment Methods: Visa, Master Card, American Express etc

Shipping Policy: 10-15 business days

Return Policy: has a return policy of 30 days

Is Quickshopiie A Legit Website?


We know that the reputation of the brand is not good. It has numerous negative reviews online. Those Quickshopiie reviews suggest the brand is a scam site.

The company sells bad-quality products. Customers have lost money after making purchases on the website. Their official store sells good quality products, but the products sold on the website are not the same.

Quickshopiie also lures customers with cheap prices. All these red flags suggest that the website is most likely a scam. 

Quickshopiie Shoes Reviews From Customers

Customers have given mixed Quickshopiie Shoes reviews. The Trust Score is quite low at 2.5 out of 5. It indicates a lack of trust among customers.

Janina Montoya gave a 4-star rating, mentioning comfortable shoes and a good collection. Some customers praised the on-time delivery, quality, and reasonable pricing.

Several customers like John Rudolph, Krystal Villafane, Amy Lessa, Glenda Lown, Tricia, Pamela Somoza, Sharon, Stephanie, Cindy McGarrah, John Moore, and Lisa Hite reported negative experiences.

Complaints included issues with incorrect sizing, non-delivery, counterfeit products, difficulties in returns and refunds, and unresponsive customer service.

Is Quickshopiie legit? The customer reviews indicate it is not legit.

Product Range


The website is new and being operated anonymously. We saw the reviews of the site. It is very negative. There are reasons behind it. One of the reasons is their product. 

There is no information available on Quickshopiie’s shoe collection, unique selling points, or innovations in their designs. The products showcased on the website are fake. The brand sells counterfeit shoes.

Quickshopiie Product Review From Experience

I ordered a pair of shoes from the site to give an honest review of their shoes. Okay, let’s talk about what I got.

The packaging was awful. When I unboxed the product, I just saw something indescribable. It was completely different from the product description on the website. It was a low-quality imitation of the shoe I ordered. The shoe was uncomfortable and ill-fitting. The color was already faded in some parts. 

Then I tried to reach their customer service. I had to email them four times to get a reply. They did not receive my phone calls. It is difficult to obtain a refund or return their product. They refused to accept a return and only offered a 20% refund. 

Quality And Comfort

The quality and comfort of the Quickshopiie shoes were severely lacking. I felt compelled to share my disappointment.

I didn’t like these shoes at all. They didn’t feel well-made. The materials seemed cheap, and the way they were put together didn’t look good. It was clear that these shoes wouldn’t last long. I could see them getting damaged even after wearing them for a short time, which doesn’t happen with better brands.

These shoes weren’t comfy at all. The inside didn’t have enough cushioning, which made them uncomfortable. I had trouble walking in them for a long time. 

The size of these shoes didn’t match what I expected. Even though I ordered my usual size, they didn’t fit comfortably. This made me even more uncomfortable and unhappy.

Style and Aesthetics


I didn’t like how Quickshopiie shoes looked. They were plain and not very exciting. They didn’t have many different styles to choose from, and the ones I got didn’t look cool or trendy.

The colors and patterns on the shoes were also pretty regular. I was hoping for more interesting and modern choices, but these were just normal.

The materials they used in the shoes weren’t great, and that made the shoes not look very nice. Shoes should not only feel good but also look good, and these didn’t do a good job of looking good.

Overall, the style and how the shoes looked from Quick shopiie were disappointing. They needed more creative designs, more choices, and more unique colors and patterns to be really cool.

Sizing and Fit

Sizing and fit are important factors when it comes to shoes, and unfortunately, Quickshopiie fell short in this department. 

The first problem I encountered was inconsistent sizing. Despite ordering the size I usually wear, the shoes didn’t fit comfortably. 

The lack of proper sizing made it challenging to walk for extended periods. The Quickshopiie shoes had disappointing insoles. t didn’t have enough cushioning, which is like soft padding, and it didn’t give my feet the support or help they needed.

Quickshopiie Tires Review

QuickShopiie tires have disappointed me. The bad grip makes driving stressful. They also wear out quickly. They are also noisy and the car shakes a lot if you use their tire.

QuickShopiie says their tires work well all year round, but in the winter, they’re not very good, so you might need extra winter tires. Even though these tires are cheaper at first, you end up spending more because you have to replace them often, and it can be unsafe.

I suggest you consider other tire brands that work better and last longer.

Quickshopiie Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 1 Review

Quickshopiie-Melody-Ehsani-x-Air-Jordan 1-Review

As we know, this website does not exist anymore. But they used to sell one of the iconic shoes, Melody Ehsani Air Jordan. This shoe is really amazing. Besides Quickshopiie, several platforms sell this shoe. Let’s see the comfort, durability, and so on of these shoes. 


These Quickshopiie Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 1 shoes are like walking on clouds. The part around your ankle is really soft, and the inside is made to feel comfy all day long.


Think of these shoes like super grippy tires for your feet. The bottom is made of a firm rubber that keeps you from slipping if you’re just walking or playing a game.


These shoes are tough cookies. They’re made with strong materials like leather and other sturdy stuff. So they can handle all the running around you do every day without falling apart.


These shoes don’t just feel good. They look awesome too. They come in cool colors and patterns, all thanks to Melody Ehsani’s style.

Quick shopiie Air Jordan 1 Retro High Review

Now, let’s move to another shoe they used to see, and this is Air Jordan 1 Retro High. 

Comfort: These shoes are super comfy. They feel nice on your feet, especially with the soft padding around the ankle and a comfortable insole.

Design: The Air Jordan 1 Retro High looks really cool. It has a classic style that you’ve probably seen before, with some extra flair from Quickshopiie.

Durability: These shoes are built to last. The materials they’re made of, like leather and strong stuff, mean they can handle a lot of running around without getting worn out.

Traction: You won’t be slipping and sliding in these shoes. The bottom part has a good grip, so whether you’re walking or moving fast, you’ll stay steady.

Fake Contact Number

After research, I found that the contact number they provided was fake. The number is inactive. Several customers dialed their number, but nobody received the phone.


This is the end of my Quickshopiie Shoes reviews. Quickshopiie is most likely a scam site. After thoroughly examining Quickshopiie Shoes based on various aspects, I must say that my experience with this brand has been disappointing. From the subpar quality and craftsmanship to the lack of comfort and sizing issues, Quick shopiie Shoes did not meet my expectations.

However, I always encourage people to explore and make their judgments. It’s possible that some Quickshopiie shoe models could work for specific needs or preferences. But, before making a purchase, I recommend conducting thorough research, reading reviews, and being cautious, especially when it comes to online purchases from brands with mixed or negative reviews.

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