Best Under Armour Shoes vs Asics Shoes Comparison! Which one is better?


Get ready for a battle between Under Armour Shoes vs Asics Shoes, two top sports footwear brands. 

These brands have caught the hearts of athletes and enthusiasts worldwide thanks to their performance, style, and innovation. 

Under Armour’s cutting-edge technology and Asics’ time-tested craftsmanship offer a range of shoes designed to elevate your performance. 

Under Armour Shoes vs Asics Shoes

If you are a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for comfort, read below to learn more about ASICS vs Under Armour.

History Of Under Armour Shoes and Asics Shoes

Under Armour Shoes vs Asics Shoes

In 1996 Armour shoes were invented by Kevin Plank and began with sweat-wicking t-shirts. Since then, it has become a major sports brand known for creative shoe technology. Under Armour offers various products, including basketball, running, cleats, and training shoes. It’s a globally recognized brand that continues to lead the sports industry.

Asics is a Japanese brand that was established in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. Initially focused on track spikes to enhance athletes’ performance, they have since expanded their offerings to cater to various sports and activities. Asics shoes are well known for their durability and style, appealing to professionals and casual users. Asics has established itself as a top athletic brand with nearly 70 years of experience.

A Comparison of Under Armour Shoes vs Asics Shoes 

Deciding between armor vs. Asics shoes can be a tough task. Both brands offer quality products designed for different purposes, so it is important to consider a few key factors before buying. 

armor vs. Asics

Comfort, design, and material are all essential elements when you choose the best shoes for your needs. 


If you’re running or playing sports, you need something comfortable both inside and outside. Under Armour’s shoes have padding in the sole for extra cushioning. 

It helps reduce shock from hits on hard surfaces and provides arch support. 

Asics also offers superior cushioning with its GEL-Cushioning System, which provides excellent shock absorption and flexibility throughout your stride. 

In terms of comfort, both brands measure up equally. Still, individuals may prefer one over the other based on personal preference. 


Under Armour and Asics have different styles that cater to different preferences. 

Under Armour shoes commonly feature a bold, stylish look with sleek silhouettes and vivid colorways. The brand’s logo is often prominently displayed on their shoes, giving them a strong presence.

Asics shoes have a more timeless and traditional design, often including old-fashioned elements into their shoes. They tend to feature more understated color schemes, focusing on functionality and durability over flashy designs. Asics shoes are also known for their signature stripes on the sides. It makes them easily recognizable.

Both brands prioritize comfort and innovation in their shoe designs, but their aesthetics appeal to different audiences. 


According to the US Standard Chart, Asics shoes generally run one size bigger, and Under Armour shoes are considered true-to-size. 

It’s important to remember this when purchasing either brand’s shoes online or in-store to ensure a proper fit. 

However, it’s always recommended to read the size and fit information provided by the manufacturer and check reviews from other customers for more accurate sizing information.


ASICS shoes are known for providing a premium level of comfort to runners, but this usually comes at the cost of additional weight compared to Under Armour shoes. 

The weight of an ASICS shoe normally starts from 9.5 ounces, while Under Armour shoes generally start from 8 ounces

However, it’s worth mentioning that the weight can depends on the specific shoe model and size. Runners should prioritize comfort, speed, and agility before buying one of these shoes.


Under Armour uses synthetic materials such as mesh that provide airflow and stretch without sacrificing durability or structure. 

Asics uses primarily leather and synthetic uppers. It provides support without being stiff or uncomfortable. 

Both brands offer durable construction with quality materials, so you can relax a bit that whatever you choose will last for years, regardless of how much wear they get! 

Build Quality 

These shoes are excellent products that are built to last. 

Armour shoe is lightweight and made with maximum airflow in mind. This shoe is so comfortable.

The upper material is made from mesh with synthetic overlays that provide extra support and structure. Its midsole is made from foam for cushioning and shock absorption. Besides, the outsole offers plenty of traction on any terrain. 

As for Asics’ shoes, they feature a combination of synthetic leather and mesh materials in the upper for durability and breathability. Its midsole is made from foam for cushioning, and the outsole uses rubber for superior traction on any terrain. 


Under Armour shoes boast a bold tread pattern in the outsole, providing excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. 

The unique design of the tread also improves stability on uneven terrain, making it a perfect choice for outdoor activities. 

Likewise, Asics shoes have an aggressive tread pattern on their outsoles. It guarantees a better grip on every wet and dry surface and improves stability on difficult terrain.

Technical Features 

Under Armour’s shoes feature several technical features, such as:

  • Micro G™ cushioning technology absorbs impact and returns energy for an enhanced stride.
  • Charged Cushioning® adds responsiveness and support to your movements.
  • UA Storm® waterproof technology repels water to dry your feet in wet conditions.
  • Under Armour shoes prioritize performance, comfort, and protection for athletes. 

Asics’ shoes also feature several technical features such as FlyteFoam™ Lyte technology which provides:

  • Lightweight cushioning.
  • GEL™ technology which absorbs shock.
  • Guidance Line® technology enhances natural gait efficiency by guiding you along your footstrike path.  


Pricing comparison of Under Armour shoes vs Asics shoes can change depending on the model and features. 

However, Under Armour shoes tend to be more competitively priced than Asics shoes.

For example, a popular Under Armour model, such as the Under Armour Charged Assert 8 running shoes, usually range from $60 to $80, offering both affordability and excellent performance.

An equivalent Asics model like the Asics Gel-Contend 7 running shoes may have a slightly higher price range of $70 to $90. It reflects Asics’ reputation for quality and durability.

It’s important to remember that prices can fluctuate due to various factors such as discounts, sales promotions, and new releases. 

Therefore, it’s always advisable to check online retailers and local stores to find the best deals and compare prices between specific models of Under Armour and Asics shoes.

Under Armour Shoes vs Asics: Who offers better shoes for football or basketball?

ASICS and Under Armour offer options catering to athletes’ unique needs. Let’s take a look at two popular models from each brand:

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 (Football): The Gel-Nimbus 23 is known for its exceptional cushioning and stability, providing football players with a comfortable and supportive ride on the field. Its Gel cushioning technology absorbs impact. Its sturdy outsole offers reliable traction for quick direction changes.

Under Armour Curry 8 (Basketball): The Curry 8, created in collaboration with basketball superstar Stephen Curry, delivers exceptional performance on the court. Responsive cushioning and multidirectional traction enable quick cuts and explosive movements, providing basketball players with the support and grip necessary for optimal performance.

Ultimately, the decision between ASICS and Under Armour for football or basketball shoes depends on individual preferences, playing style, and specific needs. Both brands have a reputation for producing top-quality footwear, and athletes should consider factors such as fit, comfort, stability, traction, and personal preference when choosing.

Under Armour vs ASICS: Which brand demonstrates a stronger commitment to environmental sustainability?

With concrete initiatives and accomplishments, ASICS has demonstrated a stronger commitment to environmental sustainability than Under Armour. 

A notable example is ASICS’ partnership with Bluesign®. This strict textile sustainability certification system ensures ASICS’ products meet strict environmental standards throughout their lifecycle, from raw materials to manufacturing processes. ASICS has also been identified for reducing carbon emissions, water usage, and waste generation.

Under Armour has taken steps towards sustainability, setting goals to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption and using recycled materials in some of its products. However, these initiatives are relatively new compared to ASICS. Under Armour may have yet to achieve the same recognition or impact.

Although both brands are working towards sustainability, ASICS has a stronger real-life example of partnering with Bluesign® and achieving recognized milestones in reducing their environmental impact.

Athlete Endorsements and Collaborations:

Under Armour Shoes NBA superstar Stephen Curry

Under Armour: Under Armour boasts strong relationships with renowned athletes across various sports. 

They have a longstanding partnership with NBA superstar Stephen Curry, creating the popular Curry signature basketball shoe line that showcases Under Armour’s commitment to basketball performance footwear. 

Also, Under Armour has partnered with  Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps and NFL quarterback Tom Brady. That way, they spread their reputation.

ASICS: Like Under Armour, ASICS has also secured notable athlete endorsements and partnerships to bolster its brand’s credibility and visibility. 

Significant collaboration is with world-record-breaking long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge. ASICS has worked closely with Kipchoge to develop specialized running shoes and apparel, including the ASICS MetaRide and the ASICS Metaracer, which aim to optimize performance for long-distance runners. 

This partnership highlights ASICS’ dedication to providing innovative and high-performance running gear.

Customer Reviews And Reputations

Customer reviews and reputation have significantly impacted the perception of brands like Under Armour and ASICS.

In 2017, Under Armour faced negative feedback and a dent in its reputation among basketball players due to complaints about the durability and quality of its basketball shoes. The incident prompted Under Armour to improve subsequent shoe models to address these concerns.

 ASICS received positive customer reviews and enhanced its reputation in 2018 with the release of the ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 running shoes. These shoes received widespread acclaim for their excellent cushioning, stability, and comfort, highlighting ASICS’ commitment to delivering high-quality performance footwear.

Availability and Retail Presence


Armour vs ASICS has established a robust retail presence, making their products easily accessible to customers. 

Under Armour has a global reach with its branded stores, partnerships with department stores, and online platform. 

Their products are available in major sporting goods retailers and through their official website. 

Similarly, ASICS has a widespread presence with flagship stores in key cities worldwide, availability in sporting goods stores, specialty running shops, and online marketplaces. 

Both brands prioritize ensuring that their athletic shoes and gear are readily available to customers.

Which one should you get?

Choosing ASICS and Under Armour ultimately depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Both brands have their strengths and are known for delivering high-quality footwear.

If you’re a runner looking for premium comfort and support. Then ASICS may be the better choice as they offer advanced cushioning technology and stability features. 

If you’re a basketball player seeking exceptional performance on the court, Under Armour’s responsive cushioning and multidirectional traction might be more suitable.

It’s also worth considering factors such as fit, durability, style, and price when comparing both brands. 

You may want to try on shoes from both brands and see which feels more comfortable and supportive.

Lastly, ASICS has revealed a stronger commitment to sustainability with tangible initiatives and achievements if you prioritize environmental sustainability.

Ultimately, the best way to decide between ASICS and Under Armour is to weigh your priorities, preferences, and needs and select the brand that checks off the most boxes for you.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Under Armour and Asics offer great quality running shoes to keep you comfortable during your runs or workouts. 

However, if you’re looking for something more into performance, Under Armour is probably your best bet. 

And if you prioritize comfort, then Asics is likely the better option for you.  Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference – so try on both pairs before deciding!

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