Why Are Parents Gluing Pennies to Shoes? Best Reason Behind It


A new DIY parenting tip makes the rounds on the internet daily. And although some of them are completely ineffective (such as adding lavender oil to your child’s bathwater to quiet them down), others are supported by scientific research.



Pennies have recently been hot-glued to the bottoms of children’s shoes by parents. But why are parents gluing pennies to shoes? We’re available to respond to your inquiries on this peculiar parenting fad. 

This article will teach why parents wear pennies to their kids’ shoes.

Why do parents glue pennies to their children’s shoes?


Parents worldwide may seem overboard when they glue pennies to their children’s shoes. Still, there is a very practical reason behind this strange practice. 

It’s A Fun Noisemaker

A decent toy can work wonders in keeping your kids content and relaxed. However, these toys are frequently noisy, which might interfere with sleep and make concentrating hard. Gluing pennies to kids’ shoes is a terrific option if you’re searching for a creative and affordable solution. By absorbing sound and vibration, this easy hack will not only keep your kids comfortable and interested. 

It will also assist in quieting down noisy toys. Also, no special supplies or tools are needed to glue pennies on shoes, and the process is simple. Hence, attaching pennies to children’s shoes can be ideal if you seek a fun, inexpensive strategy to control noise.

To Save Money On Fidget Toys

Many parents are turning to unconventional methods to save money on fidget toys. One such method involves gluing pennies to children’s shoes, giving kids a fun and affordable way to fidget.As they jingle and clack on the shoe, these pennies serve as little weights and give a pleasing sensation. These penny toys can survive even the most ferocious fidgeting because they are constructed of sturdy metal.

To Make Homemade Tap Shoes

Homemade tap shoes may seem like an odd concept, but they are actually a great way to save money and encourage creativity. Why spend money on something your child might not even want? You can avoid this problem with homemade tap shoes and get your kids involved in creating their own footwear. 

Your kids will love constructing their own DIY tap shoes, whether you use fabric remnants to make a unique pair or glue pennies to the bottom of their current shoes. When it comes to homemade tap shoes, nothing beats pennies! These humble coins, usually considered spare change, can be used creatively. 

For instance, some parents have been gluing pennies onto their children’s shoes as a quick and cheap alternative to store-bought tap shoes. Not only is this a fun and inexpensive way for kids to explore their musical interests, but it also helps them learn important lessons about resourcefulness and creativity.

It is impossible to run out of things to do with the plethora of pennies that are currently in use. As a result, using pennies to construct homemade tap shoes is a creative and economical way to foster your child’s imagination. Why not attempt it, then? What do you have to lose, after all? Other than possibly having some extra cash in your pocket:

Keeping Kids Active

Keeping kids active and fit is important to any parent’s life. Finding ways to keep children moving and engaged can be challenging, especially as they grow older and become more independent. One strategy that can help keep kids active is to glue pennies to their shoes. Kids love to make noise, and noise makes them more active.

By doing this, children will not only enjoy the sound of the pennies on their shoes as they move around, but they will also get a little extra exercise as they walk. Not only does this increase overall activity levels among kids, but it can also help develop good motor skills and coordination. 

So if you want to help your child stay fit and healthy, try gluing some pennies to their shoes!

Keeping Kids Entertained


As any parent can attest, it may be difficult to keep kids entertained. During the long summer days, finding activities for them to do indoors or outdoors can seem like a continuous loop of trial and error. 

Gluing pennies to their children’s shoes is one parenting fad that has recently become popular. why are parents gluing pennies to shoes? On the surface, it may seem strange or even a bit random. Still, there are several reasons why this approach has become so popular. 

Gluing pennies into your child’s shoes creates a unique and fun noise-making toy that encourages creativity and exploration. It also allows kids to express themselves freely through movement without risking getting in trouble or disturbing anyone else. 

You can also spend more time together by gluing the coins to your child’s shoes while making lasting memories. It may seem strange to glue some pennies onto your child’s shoes, but this strategy has several benefits that make it a fantastic option for today’s busy parents. 

Thus, why not try this entertaining noise maker if you’re searching for a strategy to keep your young child busy and engaged over the summer? The best part is that once one parent takes the initiative for their child, other parents follow suit.

Should You Glue Pennies To Your Kids Shoes? 

Gluing pennies into your kids’ shoes might seem like a strange idea. Why does mom glue pennies to her kid’s shoes? 

There are several reasons moms glued pennies to their kid’s shoes. Some parents may enjoy creating creative activities for their kids to do together. While others may be looking for a cost-effective way to protect their floors from the potentially damaging effects of repeated stomping and running.

Whatever the motivation, sticking pennies to children’s shoes can be advantageous in many ways. For starters, it muffles the sound of feet striking the floor, reducing noise. Moreover, it increases traction by providing greater grip on slippery surfaces such as hardwood or tile. 

The fact that it provides kids with something entertaining and original to show off to their friends maybe its best feature. So there’s really no excuse not to try glued pennies if you’re searching for a fun activity to perform with your kids!

When you glue pennies to your shoes, what happens?

When you attach a penny to the bottom of the shoes, you create a makeshift tap shoe. The natural property of penny metal causes it to produce a clicking sound when it contacts another surface. 

The friction between your kids’ shoes and the ground will cause those familiar clinking sounds when they step on the floor with their shoes on. Of course, some conditions must be met for this effect to work. For starters, you need to ensure enough pennies on the bottom of your child’s shoes so that contact can happen and create the desired sounds. 

You should also consider the type of flooring your children will use. Because of the smoothness of these surfaces, which increases friction and the volume of clinks made by those glued-on pennies, a hardwood or marble floor will produce significantly more noise than one covered in carpet.

However, while gluing pennies to shoes may not turn your kids into mini-tap dancers overnight, it can provide them with hours of fun experimenting with sound and movement. While they walk around and listen to the unique sounds their tinier coins create! And even if they’re not particularly interested in making noise themselves, these little penny skimmers might save them a few bucks down the line by offering free music instead of clicking heels!

What do you need to glue pennies to children’s shoes?


There are a few key components that you need to remember while gluing pennies under children’s shoes. First, you must use a powerful adhesive, such as epoxy or glue. This will ensure that pennies will stay firmly attached to the shoe and won’t fall off over time. 

Consider using cardboard or sandpaper to make a surface to which the pennies will stick. Choosing the right size of pennies is also important. Too large pennies may cover too much of your shoe’s surface, and too small pennies may easily slide off. 

Anyone can successfully glue pennies onto children’s shoes if they remember these things!

How do you attach pennies to the bottom of your children’s shoes? 

There are many different methods for sticking pennies to the bottom of your kid’s shoes. Which method you choose will largely depend on your own personal preferences and the types of shoes your child wears. Some common methods include using glue or Tape, securing pennies with zip ties, and affixing pennies with electrical wire. Of these methods, glue is one of the most popular options. 

Brush a thin layer of solid glue on the sole of each shoe before carefully placing the pennies in place. This method is easy to apply and provides a reasonable degree of stability. It takes some time to finish, and you must wait for the glue to dry completely before wearing the shoes.

 Sticking pennies to the bottoms of your children’s shoes will prevent them from slipping and falling on wet or uneven surfaces. 

How many pennies must you be stuck under your children’s shoes?

Most people agree that it depends on the size and shape of someone’s shoes and how many pennies should be placed underneath them. For example, a baby’s feet are pretty small, and it would take fewer pennies to get that all-important clink when walking. 

On the other hand, larger shoes may require more coins to achieve the desired effect. Place four or five pennies northward and southward for best results. 

Advantages of gluing pennies to children’s shoes


So, why do parents glue pennies to their children’s shoes, and what are its advantages? There are many benefits to gluing pennies to children’s shoes. 

First, by gluing pennies to the soles of shoes, kids will be distracted from any activities that are going on around them. This is extremely useful if you are trying to work while your children are present and need help keeping their attention focused. 

Moreover, attaching pennies to shoes can also save you money in the long run. By transforming regular shoes into tap shoes, you can help your child take up an exciting new hobby without spending much money on specialized equipment or gear. 

Furthermore, since the glued pennies provide extra grip on the ground, your child’s shoes will be less likely to slip and slide as they walk around outside. Overall, there are many great reasons to consider gluing pennies to your children’s shoes!  

Things should be in mind when gluing pennies to children’s shoes.

Don’t Use Tape when you are gluing pennies to children’s shoes. However, this is not a good idea. Tape comes off easily, leaving your child with loose pennies in their shoes that rattle around and make noise whenever they walk or run. Double-sided Tape doesn’t hold the pennies in place very well in this activity.

It is a better idea to wait until you have glue on hand instead of using Tape for gluing pennies onto your kids’ shoes. Gluing will be more secure and long-lasting than Tape and ensure that your child won’t lose any glittered pennies as they dart around shopping malls or playgrounds. 

Use the perfect amount of glue when gluing pennies to children’s shoes.

Using the right amount of glue when tacking coins on kids’ shoes is crucial. Too little glue won’t provide a strong enough binding between the penny and the shoe, while too much adhesive can cause ugly globs. 

Applying a light adhesive coating to both sides before pushing them together will help you get it just right. Make sure the gluing surface is free of any lint or dust particles, as these could prevent the bonding process from happening. You can ensure your gluing work is efficient and appealing by following these instructions. 

Employing the ideal quantity will ensure success if you are adhering pennies to children’s shoes for decoration or just to strengthen the material.

What more should you know about gluing pennies to shoes?

You should know a few important things when gluing pennies to children’s shoes. It is important to remember that this kind of glue is highly persistent and difficult to remove. No matter how much wear and tear the shoes endure, the pennies will stay in place once they are fastened to them. Also, this technique needs specialized glues, including a strong adhesive that can support the weight of the coins. 

Hence, consider all of these things in advance and make appropriate plans if you consider taking pennies to your child’s shoes.

Pennies Can Make The Shoes Slippery


At first, glance, gluing pennies on shoes may seem like a harmless prank or a clever DIY hack. When deciding if this will be a good plan, it is crucial to consider certain factors. How many pennies you glue to your child’s shoes will impact their traction levels significantly. 

When too many are used, the risk of slipping greatly increases, especially when placed in places where kids move around frequently. Similarly, the age of your child also plays a role here. Younger children are more likely to slip on slippery floors when they glue large numbers of pennies onto their shoes because they have less motor control and coordination. 

If you try this trick with your child, ensure they are old enough and skilled enough to handle this type of surface without falling accidentally. 

Is it legal to use pennies under children’s shoes in Us?

Although it may appear that sticking pennies to kids’ shoes or otherwise altering US currency is unlawful, this is not the case. Many legal methods exist to use these pennies in personal and professional activities. But, if you attempt to melt or deform the pennies to sell them for profit, you may come under national attention. 

For example, it is legal in the US to glue pennies to children’s shoes, transform them into rings or other jewelry, or attach them to novelty items like keychains or magnets.

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So there you have it. There are many reasons why parents glue pennies to their kids’ shoes. And this is enjoyable. Whatever the reason, this custom has been going strong for a long time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Have you ever used glue to attach pennies to your kids’ shoes?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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