Yeezy Slides Review After 6 Months: Is It Worth Buying?


We all know that Yeezy slides are designed by the famous artist and fashion icon Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas. 

I have written some articles on Yeezy slides. But today, I’m gonna review Yeezy slides as I got many requests from my readers.

Yeezy Slides have gained massive popularity and have become a symbol of style and comfort.

You’ve probably seen them all over social media and on the feet of your favorite celebrities. That’s because Yeezy footwear has created huge hype in fashion.

So stay with me in this Yeezy slides review as I’ll share my personal experience with Yeezy Slides and give you an honest opinion.

Yeezy Slides Review

If you want you can check how Yeezy slides fit.

Adidas Yeezy Slides Review

These shoes are a total game-changer because they can give you another level of comfort and style. Let me break it down for you in Yeezy slide reviews.


The overall design of Yeezy Slides is sleek and minimalistic. Their slip-on style makes them super easy to put on and take off. The strap across the top adds a touch of uniqueness to the design while ensuring a secure fit. These slides are perfect for you if you love effortless fashion.

Color Options

Yeezy Slides color comes in many options. So you can choose the one that suits your style. There’s something for everyone, from classic neutrals like black and white to vibrant hues like orange and green. So, Yeezy covers you if you prefer a subtle look or want to show off.

Unique Features and Materials

One of the features of Yeezy Slides is the material they used. They are made from a soft and durable foam called EVA, which provides you with exceptional comfort and support. 

This material also makes the slides lightweight so that you can wear them all day without any discomfort. 

Yeezy Slides are not just your ordinary pair of slides. They combine style, comfort, and quality to set them apart from the rest. 

The sleek design, array of colors, and unique materials make these slides a must-have for anyone looking to up their footwear game. Trust me, you’ll never want to remove them once you try them on.

Comfort Level

Yeezy Slide Comfort

Let me start by saying that Yeezy shoes are incredibly comfortable. They are designed with flexibility, durability, and cushioning in mind. 

The materials used in Yeezy slides can provide you with excellent support and make you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Cushioning and Support

Yeezy shoes come with cushioning technology that ensures a comfortable experience. The foam provides a soft and supportive feel. Because of it, you can walk perfectly for a long walk. You won’t have to worry about discomfort or fatigue while rocking your Yeezys.

Fit and Sizing

Regarding the Yeezy Slide fit, Yeezy shoes generally run true to size. However, checking the specific Yeezy Slide sizing guidelines for each model is always a good idea. Some people prefer to go half a size up for a roomier fit, while others stick to their regular size.

It ultimately depends on your personal preference and foot shape. Read the sizing tips before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit for you.


In terms of durability, Yeezy shoes have impressed me. I’ve been wearing them for quite some time now, and they have held up well. The rubber soles and high-quality fabrics seem strong and sturdy. I haven’t noticed any major wear and tear issues.

Quality of Materials

Yeezy shoes stand out for the quality of their materials. You can tell that they are made with care and attention to detail. The materials feel solid and well-made. It features rubber soles that provide you with great traction and grip. And durable fabrics in the upper part.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the materials used in Yeezy shoes.

Potential Issues or Concerns

While Yeezy shoes are generally durable and made with high-quality materials, there are a few things you need to be careful about. 

Some users have mentioned that light-colored fabrics can get dirty easily, and cleaning them might require extra effort. 

You need to take proper care of them and consider the environment you wear them in.


The traction on Yeezy is pretty good. The rubber soles provide a solid grip, so you won’t be slipping and sliding around when wearing them. 

You remain stable and secure on wet or dry surfaces.

Yeezy Slide Durability

Yeezy Slide Durability

I’ve put my Yeezy slides to the test, and I must say, they are quite durable. The rubber soles hold up well, even if you wear them for rough use. 

The upper part of the slide is made from high-quality materials and also shows no signs of wear and tear. They’ve proved to be long-lasting.

Performance In Different Settings

Yeezy slides are awesome for both indoor and outdoor use. Inside, they’re comfy and supportive to wear around the house or at school. Outside, they give you good grip and stability, so they’re great for walks or light activities. You can wear them in lots of different places!

Suitability For Different Activities

If you’re looking to do low-key stuff, Yeezy slides are perfect. They’re super for leisurely walks, errands, or pool chilling. But if you’re doing sports or activities that need a lot of movement, it’s better to wear proper athletic shoes.

Functionalities And Features

Even though Yeezy slides have a simple design, they still have some cool features. The rubber soles keep you from slipping and falling, which is important. The slide style makes them easy to put on and take off, perfect for quick trips.

Plus, they have cushioning inside to make your feet comfy and supported.

Are Yeezy Slides True To Size?

Are Yeezy Slides True To Size

Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people say they run small, while others think they fit just right.

Based on my experience, I would recommend sizing up when purchasing Yeezy slides. For example, if you usually wear a size 7, go for a size 8. This way, you’ll ensure a more comfortable fit.

But keep in mind that everyone’s feet are different, so what works for me may not work for you. It’s always a good idea to try them on in-store if possible or consult the specific size chart provided by the retailer when making your purchase.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about Yeezy slides. They’re like slip-on sandals that you can wear for casual occasions. They come in a variety of colors and designs, each with its own unique style.

Different Models Of Yeezy Slides Review

I’ve tried many slides, and here’s what I can share with you.

Yeezy offers different styles of shoes, but one popular type is their slides. Slides are like slip-on sandals that you can wear for casual occasions. They come in various colors and designs, each with its own unique look.

One pair I tried is called the Yeezy Slide “Bone.” It’s a simple and clean design with a bone color that goes well with different outfits. The best part is that they’re really comfortable to wear. Perfect for a day out or just lounging around.

Another cool pair is the Yeezy Slide “Resin.” These slides have a cool earthy green color that definitely stands out. They maintain that classic slide style that’s comfy and easy to slip on.

If you prefer something more neutral, there’s the Yeezy Slide “Core.” These slides come in shades like black, grey, and earth tones. They’re versatile and great for everyday wear.

You can also go wild with the Yeezy Slides “Glow Green.” These slides glow in the dark with a vibrant green color. They’re super eye-catching and fun for special occasions or parties.

For those who like a clean and minimalist look, there’s the Yeezy “Pure.” It’s an all-white design that’s sleek and elegant. They go well with any outfit and give off a fresh vibe.

If you’re into darker colors, the Slide “Soot” is a great choice. They have a dark charcoal-like color that adds a touch of sophistication to your style. Plus, they’re just as comfortable as the other Yeezy slides.

Oh, and sometimes Yeezy restocks popular models like the Resin. It’s a chance for those who missed out to grab a pair.

Just keep in mind that there might be new Yeezy slide release dates or restocks, so it’s always good to watch for the latest styles.

What Is Yeezy Slides Price and Value?

Let’s discuss the Yeezy slides prices and also why Footlocker Yeezy slides are not available. 

It depends on which model and where you purchase Yeezy and the retail price varies. 

On average, they range from around $60 to $150. In my experience, Yeezy slides are worth the investment. 

They are made with high-quality materials and have a modern design. Their comfort and durability make them a great choice for casual wear. 

Although they may seem a bit pricey compared to other slides on the market. But the overall quality and brand value make them worth the cost.

Yeezy Slide Size Chart For Women’s

Yeezy Slide For Women

If you are a woman who needs to ensure a comfortable fit, then here is a general guideline for women’s sizes:

  • US Size: Yeezy Slides for women typically range from US 4 to 12.5.
  • UK Size: The corresponding UK sizes for women’s Yeezy Slides generally range from UK 2.5 to 10.
  • EU Size: European sizes typically range from EU 35.5 to 44.5 for women’s Yeezy.

You should know that sizing may vary slightly between different Yeezy models and releases. Always refer to the store’s size chart or the Yeezy website for the most accurate size.

Yeezy Slide Size Chart For Man

If you’re a man looking to buy Yeezy Slides, here’s a general guideline for your sizing:

  • US Size: Yeezy Slides for men usually range from US 4 to 16.
  • UK Size: The corresponding UK sizes for men’s Yeezy Slides typically range from UK 3.5 to 15.
  • EU Size: European sizes generally range from EU 36 to 50 for men’s Yeezy Slides.

To find the right size for your Yeezy Slides, measure your feet and consult the size chart.

Why Is Footlocker Not Selling Yeezy?

As far as I know, Footlocker does not sell Yeezy products directly. This is because Yeezy has an exclusive partnership with Adidas. Yeezy products are usually sold through select retailers or the official Adidas website. 

So, suppose you’re specifically looking for Yeezy slides. In that case, you might want to check out the official Adidas store or authorised retailers that sell Yeezy products.

Yeezy Bubble Shoes Review

Till now, we have not talked about specific slides in this Adidas Yeezy slide review. So why wait, let’s check out Yeezy bubble shoes. These shoes are something special as my friend told me about them.

1. The Look: First of all, these Yeezy Bubble Shoes look cool. They come in different colors, and I got the black ones. They have a unique design that makes them stand out. When I wore them, I felt like I was walking in style.

2. Comfort: One of the most important things about shoes is how comfy they are. Well, these Yeezy Bubble Shoes are super comfy.

3. Walking on Bubbles: Now, let’s talk about the bubble part. These shoes have these air pockets on the sole (the bottom part). It’s like walking on little bubbles. It’s not just fun; it also gives you some extra bounce in your step. It’s great for walking or even running around.

4. Durability: I’ve these shoes for a while now, and they still look pretty new. They’re holding up well even after some rough use. So, they’re not just comfy; they’re durable too.

5. Price: Okay, here’s the tricky part. Yeezy Bubble Shoes can be a bit expensive. But I think they’re worth it because you get style and comfort. They’re a great investment for your feet if you can afford them.

6. Where to Buy: You can find Yeezy Bubble Shoes in some sneaker stores and online. Make sure to check official sources or trusted retailers to avoid fake ones.

7. Sizing: Getting the right size is crucial. I recommend checking out the size chart on the official website or in-store. That way, you’ll get the perfect fit.

Comparing the 2022 Yeezy Slides with the older versions

Yeezy Slides 2022

Regarding aesthetics, the 2022 Yeezy Slides offer fresh styles and colors. I went for a sleek grey pair that looks fantastic. While the older versions had attractive designs, the new releases exuded that extra touch of swag.

I can happily report that the 2022 Yeezy Slides can deliver you comfort. They boast a soft cushioning that wraps your feet in snug and cosy comfort. I wore them for an entire day without any discomfort or complaints.

The new Yeezy Slides fit true to size. There’s no need for guesswork or adjusting a size up or down. They fit perfectly, which is a plus point.

While the older Yeezy held up well, the 2022 version appears to be even more durable. Though they’ve been used often, they’ve kept their fresh look. Therefore, the new ones certainly win in terms of durability.

It’s no secret that Yeezy Slides can be a bit pricey, and the 2022 ones are no exception. You gotta keep in mind that you’re paying for the brand and quality when considering a purchase.

Lastly, these new Yeezy Slides are available both in sneaker stores and online. But they are known to sell out quickly due to their popularity. 

What Is The Difference Between The Nike Calm Slide And The Adidas Yeezy Slide?

There are several differences between the Nike Calm Slide and the Adidas Yeezy Slide. Nike Calm Slides are priced at $50, while Adidas Yeezy Slides are priced at $70. The Nike Calm Slide is often considered more affordable than the Yeezy Slide.

It is believed that the Yeezy Slide offers a higher level of comfort than the Nike Calm Slide. Many describe the Yeezy Slide as exceptionally comfortable, while the Nike Calm Slide is also noted for its soft and comfortable feel.

The fit of the slides appears to vary among individuals. Some TikTok videos mention that the Yeezy Slide tends to fit small. Meanwhile, others state that the Nike Calm Slide fits true to size or is slightly small. It’s important to consider personal preferences and try them on to determine the best fit for you.

Yeezy is instantly recognizable from its distinctive and unique design, while Nike Calm slides are simpler and more minimalist.

User Reviews and Feedback

I want to share with you my personal experience and some feedback from other users about Yeezy shoes. These are popular sneakers that many people love. 

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle shoe is the first item that we’ll discuss. Users on Amazon have praised its fit and style, saying it gives them a confident and stylish look. Some have even mentioned that wearing these shoes makes them feel unique. However, keep in mind that everyone’s preferences may differ.

We’ll now discuss the Yeezy Foam Runner. It’s a unique foam shoe that has received positive reviews. Users liked its comfort, rating it around 8 or 8.5 out of 10. The only downside for some was the price tag, which they felt was a bit high for a foam shoe.

Moving on to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2, reviewers have praised its comfortable feel. Many attribute this to the Boost midsole, which provides excellent cushioning. The majority of reviews gave it a 5-star rating, showcasing the satisfaction of users.

It’s worth mentioning that some users have raised concerns about the durability of the Yeezy 350 V2. They noted that the thin and flexible rubber sole may not be as long-lasting as they would like. However, it’s important to remember that individual experiences may vary.

Overall, Yeezy shoes have garnered positive feedback for their fit, style, and comfort. Keep in mind that personal preferences and experiences may differ, so it’s always a good idea to try them on yourself if possible.

How To Clean Yeezy Slides?

As you all know about Yeezy slides by now. Now I’m gonna teach you how to clean Yeezy slides. Cleaning your slides regularly will help them stay fresh and look good.

First, gather the things you’ll need: a soft brush or toothbrush, mild soap or sneaker cleaner, a clean cloth, and water.

Before you begin, clean any loose dirt or debris off your Yeezy. You can gently brush away the dirt using a soft brush or toothbrush. Just be careful not to scrub too hard and damage the material.

Next, mix a small amount of mild soap or sneaker cleaner with water in a bowl. Make sure the soap is gentle and won’t harm the material of your slides.

Dip the brush or toothbrush into the soapy water and gently scrub the surface of your Slides.

 If an area is stained or dirty, pay extra attention. 

Once you’ve cleaned the slides, take a clean cloth dampened with water and wipe away any soap residue. It’s important to remove all the soap to prevent it from leaving behind any marks or discoloration.

After cleaning, let your Yeezy air dry naturally. Avoid using a dryer or direct heat, as it can warp or damage the material.

If you prefer to use specific cleaning products made for sneakers, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are plenty of sneaker cleaning kits available that can help you keep your Yeezy Slides in great shape.

When Are Yeezy Slide Release Dates?

Before we wrap up our Yeezy slides review, why don’t we talk about the release dates of Yeezy slides? I found some information about Yeezy Slide release dates. It appears that the Yeezy Slide was first released in Pure, Resin, and Core colorways in December 2019 and has gained popularity among sneakerheads since then.

According to sources, one of the recent releases was the Yeezy Slide “Granite” on August 25, 2023. There were also mentions of a Yeezy Slide “Onyx” restock happening on May 16, 2023. It seems that Adidas has been announcing and resuming the sales of Yeezy footwear gradually since May 31, 2023.

Please note that release dates for Yeezy Slides and other Yeezy products may vary, and it’s always a good idea to check official sources or reputable sneaker websites for the most up-to-date information.

How Can You Style With Yeezy Slides?

Style With Yeezy Slides

There are various ways you can rock them for a fashionable look. Here are some ideas from me:

  1. Yeezy slides look great with baggy jeans, track pants, or casual trousers. You can create a laid-back and comfortable outfit by pairing them with these bottoms.
  2. Consider incorporating Yeezy into your streetwear outfits for a stylish and trendy vibe. Combine them with Teen Fashion Outfits, Comfy Outfits, or Stylish Outfits for a cool, effortless look.
  3. If you want some visual inspiration, you can check out videos on YouTube where creators showcase how they style Yeezy. These videos often provide outfit ideas and styling tips that you can adapt to your style.
  4. Yeezy slides come in different colors, such as Pure, Resin, Bone, and Onyx. Experiment with different colorways to find the one that suits your outfits and personal preferences.


We saw and learned different things in this Yeezy slides review

We saw that these slides are top-class, so they are expensive. But despite the prices, they can give you maximum comfort to your feet. 

Almost every year, Adidas releases a new collection of these slides. And they bring new flavour with each slide.

Cleaning your Yeezy Slides regularly using the tips I mentioned earlier will help you keep them looking fresh and in great shape.

So, take care of your kicks and enjoy rocking them wherever you are.

Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.


Are Yeezy slides supposed to feel smooth?

Yeezy slides are designed to feel smooth. The upper part is made of a smooth, leather-like material1. However, some new pairs have a textured finish.

Is it OK to wear Yeezy slides without socks?

It’s OK to wear Yeezy slides without socks. They’re designed for comfort and can be worn with or without socks based on personal preference.

Is it bad for Yeezy slides to get wet?

There’s no specific information about whether it’s bad for Yeezy slides to get wet. However, like any other footwear, prolonged exposure to water may affect their durability and comfort.

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