Yonex Tennis Shoes Review: Best Performance and Comfort


I have provided a precise Yonex Tennis Shoes Review in this article based on my first-hand experience.

My passion for shoes led me to carefully test this tennis shoe, considering factors like performance, comfort, durability, style, and customer feedback. 

As a result of my research and experience, I found that Yonex shoes offer ankle support, shock absorption, and anti-roll support. Not only are they comfortable and breathable, but they’re also durable, catering to various price ranges.

Let’s explore the factor above in detail on this exciting journey. 

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Brief About Yonex Tennis Shoes

Yonex Tennis Shoes Review

Before going into deep, let’s see an overview of these shoes. It’s a renowned Japanese sports equipment company founded in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama to produce wooden floats for fishing nets. 

Yonex Tennis Shoes are famous for their comfort and support, helping players bring their best game to the court. With models like the Eclipsion offering exceptional support, stability, and cushioning and the Fusion Rev providing a speedy feel, these shoes cater to various play styles. 

Yonex’s patented Round Sole™ design offers support in all directions, enhancing performance on the court. However, it’s worth noting that Yonex tennis shoes tend to run on the narrow side. 

Despite this, certain models like the Sonicage 3 Power Cushion+ are in standard and wide versions.

Key Features Of Yonex Tennis Shoes

So what are the key features of tennis shoes? I have explained every part of these shoes below. So that you know about the shoes before you play with these shoes.

Sure, here’s a more detailed list of the key features of Yonex Tennis Shoes:

  1. Endurance Rubber Compound: Yonex tennis shoes are known for their durability, thanks to the high-density Endurance Rubber used in key wear areas. This feature ensures that your shoes last longer, even with regular, heavy use.
  2. PU Protective Cage: Stability is paramount in tennis, and the PU Protective Cage in Yonex shoes offers solid support during lateral pivots. This feature enhances your performance on the court and helps prevent injuries.
  3. Power Cushion Technology: Comfort is another key aspect of a good tennis shoe. The Power Cushion Technology, found in the midsole of Yonex shoes, provides superior cushioning underfoot. This increases comfort during play and reduces the impact on your feet and joints.
  4. Bootie Construction: A secure fit is essential for any sports shoe. The Bootie Construction of Yonex tennis shoes ensures that your feet stay in place, providing a seamless and comfortable experience.
  5. Breathability: Good ventilation is crucial for maintaining comfort during intense matches. Models like the Sonicage from Yonex offer excellent breathability, helping to keep your feet cool and dry.
  6. Added Booty Tech Feature: Some models, such as the Eclipsion 3, include an added Booty Tech feature. This design element helps your foot slide into the shoe easily and remain securely in place during play.
  7. Unique Tread Pattern: The tread pattern on a tennis shoe can greatly affect performance, especially on different court surfaces. Shoes like the FusionRev 4 feature a unique tread pattern that provides stability during slides, making them particularly beneficial on clay courts.
  8. 3-Layer Power Cushion Insole: Fast footwork is a key part of tennis, and the 3-Layer Power Cushion Insole is designed to support this. By absorbing shock and improving energy transfer, this feature enables quicker, more efficient movements on the court.
Yonex Tennis Shoes

Is Yonex A Good Tennis Shoe Brand?

Yes, Yonex is a highly regarded tennis shoe brand. Many professional players use Yonex shoes, including the Eclipsion 4, known for their excellent performance on clay and hard courts. The Sonicare model has also received positive reviews for its value, cushioning, fit, and breathability.

A Closer Look At The Yonex Colourways & Special Releases

Their diverse colorways and special releases allow players to express their style while benefiting from high-performance footwear. As part of my Yonex shoes review, I talked about a few special releases of these shoes below.


Yonex offers a range of color options for their tennis shoes. For instance, the Yonex Power Cushion Sonicage 2 comes in a striking Navy Blue/Purple combination, providing a fashionable choice for those who want to stand out on the court.

Other models offer different color combinations, allowing players to choose a pair that matches their style or team colors. Some models are unisex.

Special Releases

Yonex also has a history of special releases that draw attention. A notable instance is a collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami for a unique edition of the EZONE Racket used by Naomi Osaka. While this is not a shoe release, it demonstrates Yonex’s commitment to incorporating art and style into its products, which extends to its footwear.

Yonex shoes tend to run on the narrow side, so most customers get the best fit by moving up a half size. The MX models are slightly wider than LTD or LX models, providing more options for different foot shapes.

yonex shoes review

Design And Aesthetics: Yonex

Yonex tennis shoes are praised for their blend of functionality and aesthetics. They’re not just performance-oriented but also have a strong visual appeal, making them a popular choice among tennis players of all levels. Below I have talked in detail about its design and aesthetic.


For players who put their shoes to the test, Yonex tennis shoes provide excellent comfort, grip, and stability. The Endurance Rubber compound is a standout feature, which offers excellent durability and high-density rubber in key wear areas. It allows the shoes to withstand the rigors of play while maintaining their structural integrity.

Moreover, the PU protective cage provides solid stability on lateral pivots, enhancing the shoe’s overall performance. The fit of Yonex tennis shoes tends to run on the narrow side, catering to those with narrower feet. However, moving up a half size larger than your regular sneaker size is recommended for the best fit.


On the aesthetic front, Yonex tennis shoes are good. They come in various models, each with its unique visual appeal. For instance, the Yonex Power Cushion Sonicage stands out for its sleek and modern look, while the Yonex PC Eclipsion 3 is known for its plush and responsive cushioning underfoot, adding to its visual charm.

The Yonex Eclipsion 4 tennis shoes, available in both men’s and women’s versions, are designed for professional players. They come with different court options, including clay and hard court, further broadening their appeal. These shoes are praised for their excellent traction and lightweight, making them a favorite among users.

Performance And Technology

Younex has certainly made a name for itself. This shoe offers quality and performance, receiving positive feedback from both athletes and casual wearers.  

Build Quality: Yonex tennis shoes are renowned for their durability and high-quality construction. These shoes are designed to withstand intense tennis matches and rigorous training sessions. As mentioned on Tennis HQ UK, the use of Endurance Rubber compound and high-density rubber in key wear areas enhances the shoe’s longevity. Also, the PU protective cage offers robust support for lateral movements, ensuring the shoe maintains its structure over time.

Performance Comfort: Comfort is a significant factor in Yonex tennis shoes. The company utilizes Power Cushion Technology, which provides excellent cushioning underfoot. As stated on Tennis Pro Guru, this technology absorbs shock and reverses it into energy for the next movement. Moreover, the bootie construction secures the feet in place, enhancing comfort during play.

Breathability: While specific breathability features weren’t highlighted in my search results, Yonex shoes are generally well-received by users for their comfortable fit and feel, which often includes good ventilation.

Cushioning: Yonex tennis shoes excel in terms of cushioning. In the heel area, Power Cushion Technology enhances cushioning and shock absorption. This feature allows for excellent energy transfer, thus enhancing the player’s footwork and movement on the court.

Traction and Grip: Traction is crucial in tennis shoes to enable quick lateral movements and prevent slips. Although detailed information about traction was not found in the context, Yonex tennis shoes are usually designed with optimal grip in mind to cater to the fast-paced nature of tennis.

Weight: The weight of Yonex tennis shoes may vary depending on the model. However, they are generally designed to be lightweight to facilitate quick and agile movements on the court.

Yonex Tennis Shoes Performance

Comfort And Fit

I noticed that Yonex tennis shoes are highly regarded for their comfort and fit. They are designed with innovative technologies that cater to the needs of tennis players, ensuring the highest performance on the court.

Sizing Options and Accuracy: Yonex tennis shoes typically run true to size, with a range of options to cater to different foot shapes and sizes. However, trying them in-store is always recommended, as personal comfort can vary. The toe box is designed to provide ample room, ensuring freedom of movement without sacrificing stability.

Lacing System and Adjustability: Yonex tennis shoes have a traditional lacing system for easy adjustability. This system helps secure the foot within the shoe, creating a custom fit that can be tightened or loosened.

Collar and Tongue Design: The collar and tongue of Yonex tennis shoes are designed with player comfort in mind. The collar fits snugly around the ankle, providing support without discomfort. The tongue offers adequate padding to reduce pressure on the foot during intense play.

Arch and Heel Support: One of the standout features of Yonex tennis shoes is their arch and heel support. They incorporate the Power Cushion Technology, which provides excellent cushioning underfoot, minimizing impact and reducing fatigue. The heel counter is robust, offering additional support and stability.

Speed and Performance: Regarding to speed and performance, Yonex tennis shoes don’t disappoint. The Power Cushion Technology offers comfort and enhances footwork and agility on the court. The shoes’ lightweight design contributes to their overall performance, allowing for swift movements without compromising comfort.

Durability And Longevity

Durable and longevity are key indicators of a product’s quality and value. They reflect on the product’s ability to withstand wear and the test of time, offering long-term functionality and performance. Based on experience and research, I have provided everything you should know about these shoes’ durability and longevity in this Yonex Tennis Shoes Review

Material Quality: The materials’ quality plays a key role in determining how durable and long-lasting a product is. High-quality materials are more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the shoes last longer.

Construction: How the shoes are constructed also plays a crucial role in their durability. Well-made shoes, with strong stitching and bonding tend to be more durable. Yonex tennis shoes, for example, feature solid construction with robust stitching, contributing to their long lifespan.

Sole Design: The design of the sole is another critical factor. Soles that are thick and made from sturdy materials like rubber can withstand the harsh conditions of a tennis court. Yonex tennis shoes often come with an Endurance Rubber outsole, known for its durability.

Protective Features: Protective features such as toe guards and reinforced sidewalls can significantly enhance the shoes’ longevity. These features protect the shoes from damage during intense gameplay.

Yonex Tennis Shoes Review

Pros And Cons Of Yonex Tennis Shoes

Despite being well-regarded in the sports world for their quality and performance, Yonex shoes have pros and cons, like any product. Keep reading this Yonex shoes review to understand the pros and cons of these shoes:


  1. Versatile: Yonex tennis shoes are suitable for many different levels of tennis players, making them a versatile choice.
  2. Excellent Durability: The Endurance Rubber compound in these shoes provides excellent durability, with high-density rubber used in key wear areas for added longevity.
  3. Comfortable Cushioning: Users have praised the plush and responsive cushioning underfoot, which enhances comfort during games.
  4. Snug Fit: Yonex tennis shoes are known for their snug fit, which can provide great heel support and improve stability during play.
  5. Choice for Professionals: Certain models, such as the Power Cushion Eclipsion 4, are the shoes of choice for professional players like Stan Wawrinka and Casper Ruud.


  1. Ventilation: Some users have reported that the ventilation in certain models might be lacking, which could lead to discomfort in hot conditions.
  2. Faster Wear: While the shoes offer better traction, some users have noticed that they wear down faster than other brands.
  3. Narrow Design: Yonex tennis shoes tend to be on the narrow side. This might not be comfortable for those with wider feet.

Are Yonex Tennis Shoes Narrow?

Yes, Yonex tennis shoes are typically narrower than other brands. However, the MX models are slightly wider than the LTD or LX models.

Based On User Reviews, How Does Yonex Feel On Feet?

Yonex tennis shoes, particularly the Sonicage 2 model, are highly regarded for their lightweight design, which enhances agility on the court. 

Users frequently comment on the comfortable fit of these shoes, especially when compared to other models like Eclipsion 2 and FusionRev 3. The shoes are also praised for their impressive traction and stability, contributing to efficient and safe performance during play. 

Another notable feature is Yonex’s Power Cushion technology which provides effective shock absorption and energy transfer, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue. 

However, as comfort and feel are subjective, potential buyers are advised to try on the shoes before purchasing.

Can Yonex Shoes Be Used For Running?

While Yonex shoes are designed for the demands of tennis, with its lateral movements and quick direction changes, they may not provide the same benefits for running, which typically requires different support and cushioning. It’s generally recommended to use running-specific shoes for running.

Where To Buy Yonex Shoes And How Much They Cost.

Yonex tennis shoes can be purchased from a variety of online retailers. Some popular options include Amazon, Badminton Warehouse, JoyBadminton.com, NYDHI, and Badminton Direct. 

Prices for Yonex shoes can vary depending on the model and retailer, but they typically range from around $69.99 to $189.00. 

For instance, the Power Cushion Cascade Drive model is $125.00 on Amazon. 

At the same time, the Power Cushion SHB65Z3 Men – Kento Momota Edition is priced at $169.99 on Yumo.ca. The 2021 Power Cushion Eclipsion Z Women’s model is available for $189.00 on Badminton Express. 

It’s always a good idea to compare prices across different platforms to ensure you get the best deal.

Yonex Tennis Shoe Review

How To Spot Fake Yonex Tennis Shoes

Spotting fake Yonex tennis shoes involves careful examination of various elements of the shoe. Check out the tips I have gathered for you:

  1. Hologram Sticker: Genuine Yonex products have a hologram sticker that is hard to peel off. Counterfeit products may not have this feature, or the sticker may be easily removable.
  2. Yonex Logo: Check the Yonex logo on the shoe. Authentic Yonex logos are distinct, well-defined, and clean. Counterfeit products might display a poorly replicated logo.
  3. Shoe Size and Authenticity Sticker: On all original Yonex shoes, the left shoe’s inner right side has the shoe size and a Yonex authenticity sticker.
  4. Scratch Code: Yonex products have a silver scratch code to verify their authenticity. On the upper side, the dealer code to whom the product is billed is mentioned, and below that, you need to scratch the area to find the genuineness code.
  5. Quality of Material and Craftsmanship: The overall quality of the material and craftsmanship can also be an indicator. Genuine Yonex shoes are made from high-quality materials and exhibit excellent craftsmanship. Counterfeit products may show signs of poor quality in the material or construction.


So, From the Yonex Tennis shoes review, we can say that these shoes are highly rated for their quality, safety features, and durability. They offer ample ankle support, shock absorption, and rebound, making them a top choice among badminton players. 

However, while these shoes can be used for running, they are not designed for high-impact activities and may get damaged. 

Overall, Yonex provides many options at different price ranges, ensuring a suitable pair for everyone.


Do Yonex Tennis Shoes Fit True To Size?

Yonex tennis shoes tend to run on the narrow side. It’s often recommended that customers go half a size up from their regular sneaker size for the best fit.

What Is The Difference Between Eclipsion And Sonicage?

The main difference between these two models is their weight and breathability. The Sonicage is lighter and offers more breathability compared to the Eclipsion. Despite this, both models are highly praised for their cushioning.

What Is The Tennis Shoe's Most Famous Brand?

There are many popular tennis shoe brands, and the “most famous” can vary depending on personal preference and specific needs. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, and New Balance are widely recognized. However, with its high-quality tennis shoes, Yonex is also a favorite among many tennis players.

Is Babolat Better Than Yonex?

Both Babolat and Yonex are reputable brands in the world of tennis gear. The “better” brand would depend on individual player preferences, including comfort, fit, and play style. It’s always best to try out different brands and models to see what works best for you.

Where Is Yonex Tennis From?

Yonex is a Japanese company that produces sports equipment for various sports, including tennis, badminton, and golf.

Can Yonex Badminton Shoes Be Used For Tennis?

While using badminton shoes for tennis is possible, it might not be optimal. Tennis involves a lot of lateral movements and can be quite demanding on the shoes. Therefore, tennis shoes are typically designed to be more durable and provide more lateral support than badminton shoes.

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