Adidas NMD vs Ultra Boost – Uncover the Winner!


NMD and Ultra Boost are two well-known shoes from the Adidas Brand. I’ve been a shoe fan for many years, that’s why I can say that choosing from these two shoes is not easy. But do not worry because I am here to make an NMD vs Ultra Boost comparison to help you choose which shoe is best for your feet.

Both of these shoes have unique features and groundbreaking technologies that are overtaking the sneaker world. Join me as I am gonna unravel the secrets behind each shoe. Stay with me till the end of this article.

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Adidas NMD VS Ultra Boost: Battle of Best Shoes


Regarding the showdown between the Adidas NMD vs Adidas Ultra Boost, both shoes have unique materials and cutting-edge features that set them apart. Let’s learn the details to help you make an ideal choice:

Comparison Based On Materials

We have made a side-by-side comparison of Ultra Boost vs NMD based on their Upper, midsole, and outsole materials. Check these out below.

FactorAdidas NMDAdidas Ultra Boost
Upper MaterialPrimeknit and breathable meshPrimeknit
Midsole MaterialBOOST technologyBOOST technology
Outsole MaterialDurable rubber outsoleContinental™ rubber outsole
Materials Comparison

Key Features Comparison

Both of the models have some good features. Now, we will compare Adidas Ultra Boost vs NMD based on their key features such as heel support, arch support, cushioning, weight, breathability, and impact absorption.

FactorsAdidas NMDAdidas Ultra Boost
Heel SupportSoft and comfortable, suitable for casual wearFit Counter heel support for enhanced stability
CushioningBOOST technology for all-day comfortBOOST technology for superior performance
WeightLightweight design, ideal for daily wearSlightly heavier due to additional performance tech.
BreathabilityExcellent breathability for extended useBreathable material ideal for running
Impact AbsorptionGood impact absorption for daily activitiesSuperior impact absorption, reducing fatigue
Key Feature Comparison

The Rise Of The Adidas NMD


As soon as it was released in 2015, the Adidas NMD caused an immediate frenzy among sneaker enthusiasts. These Shoes are inspired by classic Adidas sneakers like the Micro Pacer, Rising Star, and Boston Super, the NMD combines modern design with nostalgia. The fusion of old and new elements gave birth to a fashionable and functional shoe.

Adidas NMD Design And Construction


The NMD’s design is all about “The Past Empowers the Future.” This means it takes inspiration from the past to create something new. The top part of the shoe is made from a mix of Primeknit and breathable mesh materials. This makes the shoe light and comfy to wear. NMD’s middle part of the shoe has colorful blocks. It’s made using BOOST cushioning technology, which gives you a lot of energy when you walk.

Adidas NMD Features

NMD has features like a prime knit upper, BOOST technology, EVA plugs, and iconic design elements. Now, we will get to know these features from below.

1. Primeknit Upper: The seamless Primeknit upper can offer you a sock-like fit and provides adaptive support and breathability. It makes the NMD an excellent choice for all-day wear.

2. BOOST Technology: BOOST midsole is the heart and soul of the NMD. Its responsive cushioning makes walking or running fun. It reduces the impact on your joints and keeps you light on your feet.

3. EVA Plugs: The NMD’s distinctive midsole plugs add style and improve stability and support on your foot.

4. Iconic Design Elements: The NMD stands out with its midsole bricks and prominent trefoil branding. It shows Adidas heritage while also embracing cutting-edge contemporary style.

Style and Versatility


One of the NMD’s most remarkable aspects is its versatility. If you are going shopping or on a date you can wear these shoes because they blend with any outfit. The NMD can be paired with shorts in the summer or jeans in the winter and dressed up with formal wear. You can also pair them with joggers and a hoodie for a sporty look or match them with jeans and a classic tee for a more refined urban vibe. 

The NMD Experience

Adidas NMD is super comfy for wearing all day. The special Primeknit upper and BOOST midsole make it feel like you’re walking on clouds. These material wraps around your foot like socks, giving support and keeping your feet from getting sweaty. When you’re out for a long time, NMD sneakers make sure your feet stay comfy. They use BOOST technology to make it extra comfortable, absorbing shocks and giving your steps more support. The midsole has EVA plugs for cushioning that keeps your feet steady, even on bumpy city ground. Overall, NMD is designed to keep you cozy no matter what you’re doing.

The NMD’s Urban Appeal

The Adidas NMD is all about its timeless style with an urban twist. It mingles old-school Adidas features with a fresh, modern look, giving you a trendy yet sporty vibe. The midsole has those cool color blocks and the famous trefoil logo, showing its heritage. But the sleek Primeknit upper keeps it looking current. And the best part of these shoes is that you can pair them with anything such as streetwear or just casual clothes. It’s the perfect choice for a stylish daily look.

Price Of The NMD

The price of Adidas NMD shoes varies depending on the model and retailer. The Adidas website lists a range of NMD models starting at $120.23. Other retailers like Foot Locker offer a selection of Adidas NMD shoes, but specific pricing information is not mentioned. Dick’s Sporting Goods also sells Adidas NMD shoes, but no specific pricing details are provided. On StockX, you can buy and sell Adidas NMD shoes at market prices. 

The Adidas Ultra Boost: Origin


The Adidas Ultra Boost has come in 2015. This shoe is a game-changer in the world of running shoes. Its standout feature is the Boost technology in the midsole. It is filled with compressed energy capsules for better comfort and responsiveness.

Adidas hasn’t stopped there. They’ve been working with designers and celebrities to keep improving the Ultra Boost. They are still a hot favorite among runners and sneaker lovers.

Design And Construction of Ultra Boost

Adidas’s Primeknit upper delivers a sock-like fit that conforms to your foot’s shape like a second skin. Its precision knitting techniques in the Primeknit construction ensure your feet support, flexibility, and breathability. The defining element of the Ultra Boost lies beneath its BOOST midsole. Based on thousands of energy capsules, BOOST technology can return maximum energy, making every stride like a leap.

Key Features Of Adidas Ultra Boost


Just like NMD, it has a prime knit upper and BOOST technology. It also has features like a torsion system and a fit counterheel. Let’s know these features better below:

1. Primeknit Upper: Similar to the NMD, the Ultra Boost embraces the seamless Primeknit upper. However, its design emphasizes strategic support and ventilation for runners seeking peak performance.

2. BOOST Technology: The Ultra Boost’s BOOST midsole has been fine-tuned to cater specifically to runners, providing superior cushioning and responsiveness and enabling athletes to achieve their best times.

3. Torsion System: The outsole boasts a Torsion System that takes stability to the next level. It ensures a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off, making your run efficient.

4. Fit Counter Heel: The Ultra Boost employs a Fit Counter molded heel counter that cradles the back of the foot. Because of that they can offer enhanced support and optimal movement of the Achilles tendon.

Performance and Functionality of Ultra Boost

I highly regard the Adidas Ultra Boost for its impressive performance and functionality. It features the revolutionary Boost cushioning technology, known for its exceptional energy return and comfort. The Boost midsole provides a responsive and springy ride, making it a favorite among athletes and runners. Its Primeknit upper offers a snug and breathable fit, ensuring optimal support during workouts or everyday wear. 

The Ultraboost also incorporates innovative features like the Tuned Torsion Spring and 3D designs. This enhances its performance capabilities. Also, Adidas Ultra Boost is a versatile shoe perfect for active pursuits and fashion-forward looks.

The Ultra Boost Sensation

The Adidas Ultra Boost redefines comfort, especially for athletes and runners:

  1. Precise Fit: The Primeknit upper offers a glove-like fit, supporting key areas while allowing natural foot movements. Its breathability keeps your feet fresh during intense workouts.
  2. BOOST Magic: The star of the show is the BOOST midsole, known for its energy return. It provides a responsive and cushioned ride, reducing joint strain during high-impact activities.
  3. Runners’ Dream: For dedicated runners, the Ultra Boost is a game-changer. It delivers an exceptional feeling of propulsion with every stride.

If you seek top-tier comfort during sports and training, the Adidas Ultra Boost is a must-have. It’s the ultimate choice for athletes.

The Ultra Boost’s Elegance

The Adidas Ultra Boost is all about looking fancy and stylish. It has a smooth and simple design with seamless Primeknit and a big BOOST midsole that gives it a polished style. Even though lots of athletes like it, these shoes aren’t just for running. If you’re dressing up or keeping it casual, these shoes make any outfit look great. They’re a top choice for people who care about fashion and want to stand out.

Price of the Ultra Boost

The price of the Ultra Boost varies depending on the retailer and specific model. The Adidas website lists the Ultra Boost Light for $152.00. 

On Amazon, prices for Adidas Ultra Boost shoes start at $152.00 with free delivery. 

Foot Locker also offers different Ultra Boost models, but specific pricing information is not mentioned. At StockX, you can buy and sell Adidas Ultra Boost shoes at market prices. 

Winner Of The Battle


We have looked into both models and made a detailed Adidas NMD vs Ultra Boost comparison based on comfort, cushioning, used technology, heel and arch support, price, style, and design. Though NMD is good for casual running, Ultra Boost is designed for running. Ultra Boost has better comfort, support, and breathability than Adidas NMD. But it is also a fact that NMD is more affordable and lightweight. NMD is great for everyday use. So, it depends on you which one is more suitable for you.

How to Clean Nmd and Ultra Boost?

Here are the steps for cleaning NMD and Ultra Boost shoes:

Gather your materials: You’ll need a soft brush, mild detergent, water, and a cloth. Remove insoles and laces from the shoes. Brush off loose dirt from the shoe’s surface gently. Mix a small amount of mild detergent with water to create a soapy solution. Use the soapy cloth to wipe the shoe’s uppers. pay attention to stained areas. Avoid submerging the shoes. For the soles, gently scrub away dirt and stains with a brush. Rinse and wipe away soap residue with a clean, damp cloth. Let the shoe air dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources. Once dry, reinsert insoles and laces.

Which Shoe is Easier to Clean?

NMD shoes are easier to clean due to their design and materials. The Primeknit uppers are relatively low-maintenance. You can follow the steps above to keep them looking fresh. But Ultra Boost shoes may require a bit more care, especially for the midsole.


We are at the end of our Adidas ultraboost vs NMD comparison. Both have remarkable strengths and unique attributes. The NMD is an excellent choice for daily comfort and style. Because it has a lightweight design, Primeknit upper, and EVA plugs that can provide you an urban-inspired look suitable for various outfits. Meanwhile, the Ultra Boost shines as a top-performing athletic sneaker. They offer enhanced running performance, superior energy return, and a sophisticated appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use NMD For Running?

No, NMD is not designed for running. But they might be suitable for a casual run.

What Is Adidas NMD Good For?

Adidas NMD is good for extended use. 

Does NMD Use Ultraboost?

NMD and Adidas Ultra Boost both use BOOST technology. But NMD needs more energy transfer ability and forward momentum.

What Is Better NMD or Ultraboost?

Ultraboost is better than NMD because it is equipped with more boost particles than NMD. It also has superior cushioning, better impact absorption, and arch support.

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