Adidas Factory Tour: Where Are Adidas Shoes Made in 2023?


Those who love sports like football and basketball have heard about or are fans of Adidas shoes. But, have you ever thought where are Adidas shoes made? You need to know the roots of Adidas shoes as a fan. The Adidas brand has its roots in Europe. Most of its footwear is now produced elsewhere. Over 500 factories are used by the Adidas Group to manufacture their products across more than 55 countries.

They have a few of their own factories, but a big part of their shoes is made by other factories they work with independently. In this article, I will talk about how are Adidas shoe factories located worldwide and where is the largest producer of Adidas shoes. Let’s look at Adidas shoe manufacturing worldwide.

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The importance of knowing where Adidas shoes are made?


Understanding Where are Adidas shoes made can offer various benefits and insights for consumers, businesses, and stakeholders. Here are some reasons why this information is important:

  • Being Open and Fair: This shows how much the brand cares about making shoes in a good way, making customers trust and like them.
  • Making Good Shoes: Where the shoes are made can tell us how good they are. Different places have different standards for making things well.
  • Helping the Local Area: Where Adidas makes their shoes can really help the local area. It creates jobs and makes the area grow.
  • Keeping Track of Everything: Adidas keeps everything under their control. It helps them to make sure everything is good quality, control costs, and deliver shoes on time.
  • Being Eco-Friendly: Where Adidas makes their shoes also tells us if they care about the environment. It shows if they’re trying to be green and do things in a way that’s good for the planet.

When Did Adidas Shoes First Appear?

Adidas shoes have a rich history from the early 20th century. The German company was founded in July 1924 by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler under the name Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. The brothers started their venture by experimenting with specialist footwear for athletes. Their shoes gained international recognition when worn by renowned athlete Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics.

However, it wasn’t until August 18, 1949, that the Adidas brand as we know it today came into existence. The company introduced its first iconic shoe model, the Superstar, to the basketball court in 1970. This innovative shell-toe shoe quickly gained popularity among NBA professionals. In 1975 Adidas launched the Nizza, their answer to the Converse All-Star. Initially developed as an affordable shoe for sports and leisure activities, it soon became a well-loved classic. Adidas Originals’ iconic Gazelle was originally released in 1968 and is a popular choice.

As Adidas got bigger, it started selling its shoes all around the world. In 1986, Adidas saw a big chance in the American sportswear market, so they created Adidas USA. This is when their Superstar sneaker became popular as a fashion shoe, not just for sports. Adidas began with a simple leather tennis shoe called the Stan Smith. These shoes were got famous worldwide with the three-stripe logo. The brand started in a small town in Germany and became a big deal globally because they really care about making good quality, cool, and innovative shoes.

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sports shoes, Adidas has a vast manufacturing network worldwide. The company is transparent about its factory locations, which shows its commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices.

As of July 2021, Adidas reported operating 540 factories in 45 countries. Asia is the leading manufacturing hub. However the number of factories could be higher as Adidas’ supply chain might involve subcontractors not listed officially.

Asia: Asia hosts at least 371 production facilities. China tops the list with 103 factories, followed by Vietnam with 76 facilities and Indonesia with 45. Other Asian countries with notable production numbers include India (32), Cambodia (24), Pakistan (16), Turkey (16), Thailand (13), Japan (13), the Philippines (12), and Taiwan (11).

Americas: The Americas rank second in the number of Adidas shoe factories, with 90 facilities. The United States leads with 27 factories, followed by Brazil with 26. Other significant contributors include El Salvador (11), Argentina (9), Honduras (6), and Canada (5).

Europe: Though Europe is Adidas’ birthplace, it has fewer factories than Asia and the Americas, with a total of 56 facilities. Italy leads with 11 factories, while Germany and the U.K each have 10. Other European countries hosting Adidas production facilities include Spain (6), Slovenia (3), Ukraine (3), Portugal (3), Belgium (2), Hungary (2), and Czech Republic (2).

Africa: Africa has the smallest share of Adidas factories, with only ten facilities. South Africa hosts the majority, with four factories, while Tunisia and Mauritius each have two. Madagascar and Lesotho each have one Adidas production facility.

Adidas shoes are manufactured worldwide, with a significant presence in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. This broad manufacturing footprint enables Adidas to meet global demand efficiently while adhering to its commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices.

List of the number of factories all over the world at a glance:

ContinentCountryNumber of Factories
Pakistan10 to 60
Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea10 to 60 each
AmericasUnited States27
Other countries28
UK, Italy, SpainOver 10 each
Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia1 each
AfricaSouth Africa4
Adidas Number of Factories

Where are Adidas Superstars made?

Adidas Superstars are made in Indonesia and are labeled as Made in Indonesia.

Where is the Adidas Ultra Boost made?

Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers are made in China. The Made in China label is on these sneakers.

Are Adidas Shoes made in China?


Since the 1980s, Adidas has produced shoes in China, taking advantage of the country’s robust manufacturing industry. According to the Adidas, about 27% of all their factories are in China. Approximately 110 Adidas factories are located in the country, some owned by Adidas and others run by third parties.

But, Adidas has been gradually shifting its manufacturing to countries like Vietnam and Indonesia in recent years. This shift is part of the brand’s strategy to diversify its supply chain and reduce dependence on a single country.

Despite the shift, China remains a crucial part of Adidas’ production line. In 2021, China accounted for 20% of Adidas’ sports clothing production, making it one of the top three manufacturing locations for Adidas, along with Cambodia and Vietnam.

Is Adidas still made in China?

Yes, Adidas is still made in China. Still, the company has been shifting more of its production line to other countries, mainly in Vietnam, over the past decade.

Are Adidas Shoes Made in Sweatshops?


Adidas has been criticized for allegedly using sweatshop labor, including child labor, particularly in Asian countries with low labor costs. However, the company has made strides towards transparency by disclosing its subcontractors, helping to mitigate issues related to unethical labor practices. Other brands, including Nike, Old Navy, various electronic brands, and H&M, have also been linked to sweatshops. They are also addressing these issues. 

While progress is being made, these companies must continue their efforts in ethical labor practices to eliminate errors that occurred during generation fully. Please try again or contact support if it continues.

How Many Sweatshops Does Adidas Have?

1,200 Adidas factories are located in 65 countries around the world. Although the exact number of these factories that could be classified as sweatshops is unclear, it’s been suggested that some employ underage workers. As the world’s second-largest sportswear manufacturer, after Nike, Adidas has faced criticism for allegedly leveraging low-cost labor in developing countries to fuel its growth into a multinational corporation.

Many of Adidas’ manufacturing operations are based in China and Vietnam. These locations are often associated with sweatshop conditions due to their lower labor costs and lax regulations. To sustain its large-scale production, Adidas reportedly relies on such labor-intensive environments. However, it’s crucial to note that the company has pledged to improve working conditions and increase transparency across its supply chain. 

Why Are There Highest Number of Factories in Asia?


As you know, Asia has the highest number of factories for Adidas shoe manufacturing, but what is the reason behind it? Did you ever think about it?

Asia, particularly countries like China, Vietnam, and India, has become the world’s manufacturing hub due to a combination of factors such as:

Abundant Labor Force

One of the main reasons is the availability of a large, low-cost labor force. Many Asian countries have significant populations, providing companies access to abundant human resources. This workforce is often willing to work for lower wages than workers in developed countries, making manufacturing more cost-effective.

Government Policies

Many Asian governments have implemented policies to attract foreign investment into their manufacturing sectors. These policies include building robust infrastructure, granting tax incentives, and easing regulations. China’s government has made massive investments in infrastructure and trade capacity, which has attracted many global manufacturers.

Rapid Industrialization

Asia has undergone rapid industrialization over the past few decades. Governments have transformed rural industries into world-class manufacturing hubs through protectionism, investment, and support. Developing industry and improving human capital (education and skills) has led to more sophisticated manufacturing operations.

Strategic Location

Southeast Asia is close to China. There is a huge market for consumers worldwide. The region is also open to trading and has good agreements with many advanced countries, making it a great place for manufacturing.

Shift in Trade

Increasing labor costs in China have driven the country towards higher value-added exports. This shift has resulted in more basic manufacturing moving to other Asian countries with relatively low labor costs.

What are The Materials Of Adidas Shoes?


Adidas shoes are made from various materials. These are leather, synthetic leather, and fabric. The specific material used depends on the shoe’s design and purpose. Read Below to know how they are made:

  • Leather: This durable material is commonly used in Adidas shoes, and it typically originates from cows, calves, pigs, and goats.
  • Synthetic Leather: A man-made material that mimics the properties of leather, offering durability and flexibility.
  • Rubber: Used primarily in the soles of Adidas shoes for its shock absorption properties and grip.
  • Textile Materials: These can include natural fibers such as cotton and wool, often used in footwear production.
  • Recycled Polyester: Adidas aims to replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester by 2024. This is part of their commitment to sustainability.
  • Recycled Rubber: This material is also used in Adidas shoe production, further contributing to its environmental initiatives.
  • Natural Fibers: Cotton and wool are used in the manufacturing process of Adidas sneakers.


For Adidas fans like me, it’s best to learn about the product’s origins. You can deepen your love of Adidas shoes by knowing where are Adidas shoes are made. Adidas shoes are truly global products. The brand leverages international resources, primarily in Asia, to produce high-quality shoes. Adidas mainly produces their high-quality shoes from Asia. It may have roots in Europe, but Adidas has spread its production worldwide.

Every year Adidas Group discloses the locations of its manufacturing facilities across the globe. As per the latest update in 2023, they are set to establish over 540 factories spanning 45 countries. The company strategically places its factories in regions with lower labor costs to optimize profits. This strategy explains why many Adidas factories are in Asia, America, Europe (Adidas’s original base), and Africa.


Where Are Original Adidas Shoes Made? 

Original Adidas shoes are predominantly made in Asia, especially in countries like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. However, some pairs are also manufactured in Germany, Brazil, Myanmar, Cambodia, Italy, Argentina, Lesotho, India, and others.

Why Did China Boycott Adidas? 

The problems have many aspects. The lockdowns due to Covid-19 have affected both supply and demand in the world’s second-largest economy. Also, sales were impacted due to people avoiding brands like Adidas. This was because they stopped using cotton from Xinjiang following reports of human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims, which Beijing refutes.

Is Adidas Made In Vietnam The Original?

YES. Adidas “Made in Vietnam” products are authentic. But counterfeit Adidas “Made in Vietnam” items are available.

Is Adidas Made in India? 

Yes, some Adidas shoes are made in India and other countries worldwide.

Does Adidas make eco-friendly shoes?

Yes, Adidas makes environmentally friendly sneakers. Their durability makes them an excellent choice.

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