Double H Boots Vs Ariat Boots | Which Comes Out on Top?


Choosing cowboy boots can be very difficult, there are many different options out there. But there are two most famous brands for equestrian and Western enthusiasts are Double H boots and Ariat boots.


While Double H boots have been a go-to option for cowboys and cowgirls for decades, Ariat boots are newer on the scene but have quickly become known for their quality craftsmanship and stylish designs. So which brand is for you? Well, that depends on what aspects you value most in your footwear. Double H boots tend to be sturdier, with thicker leather uppers and more durable soles. However, Ariat boots are often more comfortable, with more flexible shafts made from softer leather. 

So, which is better, Double H boots or Ariat boots? It’s a question that has puzzled boot enthusiasts for years. This blog post will help you decide which of these two brands of cowboy boots is best for you. First, we’ll look at things like durability, comfort, and price, then try to determine what brand is best. In case you’re looking for a new pair of western boots, read this Double H Boots vs Ariat Boots comparison post! So, let’s get started!

Double H Boots Company History

Innovation and quality craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Double H Boots Company. Founded in 1973 by Wayne and Mike Hodges, the company was initially dedicated to making durable work boots for ranch workers and cowboys. Over the years, Double H has adapted to changing consumer needs and lifestyles, developing an extensive line of stylish boots for various uses. 

From humble beginnings, they used to make working boots for cowboys, ranchers, and other laborers. Over the years, Double H has become a leader in the footwear industry. 

Today, they offer an extensive range of styles, including high-quality hiking boots, fashion-forward rain boots, cozy slippers, and more. Each time Double H launches a new collection or product offering, they continue to blaze trails and push boundaries by staying ahead of shifting trends and staying true to its ethos of putting its customers first.

So whatever your needs may be, to deliver top-quality products at fair prices time after time.

Ariat Boots Company History

What are Ariat Boots? Are Ariat Boots good? Ariat Boots was founded in 1993 by Preston Clark and Beth Cross. Despite being a relatively new company, Ariat Boots has quickly become one of the leading providers of high-quality footwear for equestrians and outdoors enthusiasts.

The company’s signature innovation is its patented Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) technology, which allows boots to conform perfectly to the foot and ankle. This technology has helped make Ariat Boots a favorite among casual riders and severe competitors in all disciplines. In addition to providing innovative features like ATS, Ariat also strongly emphasizes style, offering some of the most stylish boots on the market today. 

Over the years, Ariat Boots has continued to evolve and grow alongside the world around it. As new trends emerge and technologies advance, they have remained at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the envelope regarding design, comfort, and performance. Today, they are an internationally renowned brand known for their stylish yet wearable designs, premium materials, and expert craftsmanship.

So whether you’re looking for a show-stopping pair of Western boots or something a bit more subdued and sophisticated, Ariat has something for every taste. Besides, you can be sure that this company will consistently deliver outstanding quality and style that you can count on. After all, these boots were made for a living! 

Double H Boots Vs Ariat Boots Comfort Comparison

Double H Boots and Ariat Boots are both popular brands of western-style boots known for their comfort and durability. The question is, which one is more comfortable, Double H boots vs Ariat boots? 

Double H Boots feature rugged construction with thick soles, cushioning foam insoles, and supportive arch support. On the other hand, Ariat boots use innovative technologies like Advanced Torque Stability (ATS) technology to provide a more comfortable fit.

So which brand is better: Double H boots or Ariat Boots? In the end, it is up to you to determine what is right for you based on your own preference and needs. Double H Boots may be the right choice for someone who wants a pair of boots that combines comfort, durability, and style. But if you want a boot that uses advanced technologies to provide all-day comfort, you may prefer Ariat boots. 

Double H Boots Vs Ariat Boots Leather Quality

It is important to consider many factors when choosing a quality pair of boots. However, people often need to pay more attention to whether their boots are made from full-grain or split-grain leather. While full-grain leather tends to be the more popular option, some people prefer the softness and durability of split-grain leather boots. However, there are no clear winners when it comes to double h boots and Ariat boots, as both options have pros and cons.

Among the key benefits of full-grain leather boots are their overall strength and durability. Moreover, they offer good protection against uneven surfaces and rough terrain. Double H Boots vs Ariat Boots leather quality details are given below:

Double H Boots Leather


Regarding high-quality leather boots, few brands can compare to Double H. Their exquisite leather quality is evident in everything they make, from their classic quarter-calf Pampero line to their luxurious Bruciato vamp and foxing made of genuine ostrich leather.

Double H has the perfect boot for you, whether you need a durable work boot or a stylish dress boot. With innovative designs and the finest materials available, this brand is truly at the top of its game in leather craftsmanship. 

Ariat Boots Leather


Ariat Boots are renowned for its high-quality, durable leather and good build quality. Made from genuine full-grain hide, they’re made to withstand everyday wear, no matter what activities you’re taking on. So you can wear these boots trekking through rough terrain, working in harsh weather conditions, or spending time outdoors with your family.

These boots keep you comfortable and safe by helping to protect your feet from jagged rocks, sharp twigs, and thorny undergrowth. As a result of their leather exteriors, they also maintain their shape and resist wear and tear over time.

Double H Boots and Ariat Boots Build Quality

While both are highly respected companies with a long history of producing high-quality work boots, they each have different strengths when it comes to build quality.

For example, while Ariat Boots is known for its durable construction materials, this often comes at the expense of added weight and bulkiness. On the other hand, Double H Boots is known for using lighter materials in its construction without compromising on strength or durability.

Therefore, you might want to consider Double H Boots when searching for boots that offer unbeatable comfort and lightweight construction. However, if you’re more concerned about protecting your feet from impacts and heavy objects onsite while still getting superior support and comfort, then Ariat Boots may be a better fit.

Ultimately it all depends on your individual needs as a worker and what kind of environment you’ll spend most of your time in. But no matter which brands you choose, one thing is sure both brands will provide exceptional quality that will keep your feet safe and protected for years to come!

Double H Boots and Ariat Boots Technical Feature

Two popular brands that often appear in comparison are Double H Boots vs Ariat Boots. Both brands are highly regarded in the industry, offering durable and high-quality footwear for riders of all levels. However, when it comes to specific features, there are some key differences between these two brands Double H vs Ariat Boots. 

Ariat Boots Features


Ariat Boots are preferred by many people who spend a lot of time walking because they have several advanced technical features. With ATS® technology, these boots provide ergonomic support and stability that helps to reduce fatigue and minimize shock.

The innovative Shock Shield feature helps to diffuse impact from heel strikes, delivering increased comfort and better performance. Furthermore, the soft leather lining provides cushioning and breathability, while the Removable Energy Max anti-fatigue insoles offer maximum comfort and support. And with its durable X50™ cushioning and Duratread™ sole, an Ariat Boot delivers unparalleled comfort and flexibility throughout your day.

Finally, with their double-stitch welt construction and six-row stitch pattern, these boots are also built to last. Therefore, Ariat Boots offer unbeatable performance and comfort, especially for long-distance walking. 

Double H Boots Features


Double H Boots offer many unique technical features to help you stay comfortable, safe, and stylish. For example, the brand’s I.C.E.™ outsole is ultra-strong and resistant to abrasion, providing extra durability with every step. The round-toe design, also known as a classic work boot style, helps keep your feet comfortable and supported throughout the day. And with slip resistance built right in, no matter what terrain you’re walking on, your feet will be safely protected.

Plus, with a sleek square-toe option available, there’s a perfect Double H Boot for every need and occasion. So why not discover the countless benefits of these innovative work boots today?

Double H Boots & Ariat Boots Waterproof Comparison

Let’s walk through the waterproof comparison of Double H Boots and Ariat Boots. They are both well-known brands of rugged, waterproof boots for working outdoors. While each brand offers different styles and models to choose from, there are some key differences between these two popular brands: Double H boots vs Ariat boots.

Double H Boots tend to be sturdier and more durable than Ariat Boots. Double H is known for using thick leather and hardy rubber soles that can hold up against harsh weather conditions and rough terrain.

In contrast, Ariat boots use lighter materials and flexible soles, making them a bit easier to wear for long periods. As a result, double H Boots are an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time outside in challenging conditions, while Ariat boots might be better suited for more casual outdoor excursions.

Double H may be the right choice for you if you’re looking for highly functional boots with long-lasting durability; however, if ultimate comfort is your top priority, then Ariat boots may be the better option. 

Double H Boots Pros

Double H Boots are known for their quality and craftsmanship, making them the premier choice among equestrians and working professionals. With superior craftsmanship and innovative designs, Double H Boots offer a wide range of benefits compared to other brands on the market. Listed below are just a few advantages that Double H boots offer:

  • Double H boots are made from high-quality materials and designed with durability. This means they are sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear while providing the support and protection your feet need when riding or working with horses.
  • Double H boots have advanced features that set them apart from other types of equestrian footwear, including innovative designs such as Ariat-style mesh panels that allow outstanding breathability and flexibility.
  • Double H boots are known for their excellent fit, due partly to their adjustable hardware and generously padded insoles, making them an ideal choice for riders with narrower or wider feet which may struggle to find a properly fitting pair of riding boots.
  • Perhaps best of all, Double H boots look great! There are many styles and colors available, so you can choose the perfect pair to suit your taste without compromising quality or performance.
  • Ultimately, Double H is committed to making top-quality products that meet the needs of riders at every level – from beginners just starting with their first pony club mounts to experienced equestrians looking for reliable footwear for competition polo teams or dressage champions at the Grand Prix level – and there’s no doubt that Double H boots genuinely deliver on this promise! So what are you waiting for? Invest in a pair today and discover why Double H is considered one of the best names in equestrian footwear!

Double H Boots Cons

There are several disadvantages of Double H Boots compared to Ariat boots. Firstly, Double H Boots can be less comfortable than Ariat boots. Double H Boots use a thicker leather material that is not as flexible or soft as Ariat boots, which can cause strain and soreness in your feet after extended wear.

Additionally, Double H boots may not be as durable as Ariat boots.

Ariat Boots Pros

There are many benefits to wearing Ariat Boots. 

  • First and foremost, the boots are extremely durable and can withstand any weather condition. Whether you’re working in the yard, hiking through rough terrain, or simply walking around town, these boots provide stability and support to keep you moving confidently, no matter the challenges.
  • In addition to their durability, Ariat Boots also offer superior comfort. Their sleek design hugs the foot comfortably and provides cushioning that won’t dig into sensitive areas or put pressure on your joints. As a result, these boots are perfect for long days on your feet or for anyone who wants to be active without feeling discomfort or soreness in their feet.
  • Another advantage of Ariat Boots is that they are designed with the latest technology. With advanced features such as moisture-wicking fabric and stylish yet functional designs, these boots keep you looking good while helping you stay comfortable and safe no matter where the day takes you.

Overall, it would help if you had sturdy footwear for active jobs or wanted comfortable shoes that would help take your style to the next level. However, Ariat Boots offer something for everyone. So why wait? Invest in a pair today and experience all the benefits that these amazing boots have to offer!

Ariat Boots Cons

These boots are known for their durability and comfort, but they come with a few disadvantages. 

  • For one thing, they tend to be quite heavy, making them tiring to wear for long periods.
  • Additionally, they can be challenging to clean and may require special care to maintain their quality and integrity over time. 

Despite these potential downsides, Ariat boots remain popular for many shoppers due to their superior design and construction. As far as choosing different styles of boots is concerned, it all comes down to personal preference. But when finding footwear that performs well in harsh conditions and lasts through intense use, Ariat boots certainly deliver on all fronts.

Double H Boots Vs Ariat Boots – Pricing

Double H Boots and Ariat Boots are two well-known brands of outdoor work boots. Both brands offer durable, weather-resistant footwear to keep your feet comfortable and protected. However, one of these brands tends to be a bit more expensive.

As a result, double H Boots tend to have higher prices, making them less attractive for cost-conscious shoppers. On the other hand, Ariat Boots are often a more budget-friendly choice, bringing high-quality work boots within reach of shoppers on a tighter budget.

Ultimately, the choice between Double H Boots vs Ariat Boots likely comes down to your preferred price point and what works best for your individual needs. However, both brands offer quality products that are sure to meet all of your outdoor footwear needs. 

Final Verdict

So, there you have it. A side-by-side comparison of Double H boots vs Ariat Boots. Both are quality brands with much to offer the modern cowboy or cowgirl.

We have to give Ariat the edge when it comes to innovative designs, attention to detail, and overall craftsmanship.


Are Double H boots good?

YES! Double H is one of the best boots brand. Double H boots are a solid choice for people seeking durable, comfortable footwear. However, like any product, they may not suit everyone's needs or expectations, so it's always best to try them on yourself if possible.

Where is Double H boots made?

Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, is the primary location for the production of Double H boots Not all Double H boots are made in the USA. On its website, Double-H states that 33% of its men's boot styles are manufactured in the United States, and 42% of its women's boot styles. Also, some of their boots are made in Mexico.

Is Ariat a British brand?

No! Brand of footwear and clothing made by Ariat International is an American company. The brand was founded in the United States in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker.

Are Ariat boots real leather?

Yes, Ariat boots are made from real leather. The Ariat brand specializes in footwear and apparel for equestrians. Their boots are made of genuine leather, ensuring durability, comfort, and quality.

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