Shoes Like Nike Air Force 1 | The Cheapest Alternatives to AF1


You probably love the Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Everyone loves this particular shoe. They’re classic, cool, and super comfortable.

But you’re on the hunt for something a little different. And you want shoes like Nike Air Force 1 but at a low cost. Well, you’re in luck. Because I’ve got some fantastic Air Force 1 alternatives that you’re gonna love.

These alternatives have the same fresh vibe as the Air Force 1. But each brings its own unique flavor to the table.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best shoes similar to Air Force 1 that are available for low prices. So, if you’re on a budget but want to wear Air Force 1s to enjoy the classic style and comfort, keep reading!

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History of Nike Air Force 1


Let’s go back over 30 years. That’s when the super cool Nike Air Force 1 shoes first hit the scene. A guy named Bruce Kilgore designed them, and people went wild for them right away.

They used new stuff like nylon and leather on the outside and had an ankle strap you could adjust. Plus, they had this neat midsole stuffed full of air. All of this made the Air Force 1 shoes stand out in their appearance.

Originally, these were high-top basketball shoes. They were one of the first Nike shoes to use air technology. If we talk about today’s presence, you’ll see people rocking the Air Force 1s on the street, not just on the court. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns now. Futermore, they’re still considered a classic sneaker.

Why Do People Love Nike Air Force 1 So Much?

It is no secret that one of the most iconic sneakers of all time is the Nike Air Force 1. But di you ask yourself why is it so popular? There are a few reasons.

First of all, let’s talk about how it looks. The Air Force 1 is a really neat shoe with a clean design. It comes in white or black, that means it can go with pretty much anything you want to wear.

But this shoe isn’t just about looks. It’s also super tough. It’s made from top-notch leather and has a strong toe box. So it can handle a lot of wear and tear.

These sneakers have something super cool inside them and it is air bubbles.

Yep, you heard that right. The soles of these shoes are filled with little bubbles of air. When you walk or run, these bubbles squish and bounce back, making every step feel like walking on a cloud. They also help take in some of the shock when your feet hit the ground, so your feet don’t get as tired.

Combine this comfy air cushion with the cool look, tough build, and top-notch materials, and you’ve got one awesome shoe. That’s why so many people love the Nike Air Force 1. It’s not just a sneaker; it’s a sneaker that takes care of your feet.

List Of Air Force 1 Alternatives

There are many shoes out there you can try out as Air Force alternatives. We’ve got the Nike Court Vision, Adidas Postmove, and New Balance 550.

They’re all pretty low to the ground, just like the Air Force 1. Also, Some of them have the same cool designs, like little holes in the front or a big logo on the side.

These shoes are made from really good materials, so they feel great on your feet. They give you lots of support, which is important if you’re running or jumping around. Plus, they’re usually less expensive than the Air Force 1.

So, if you’re looking for shoes like Nike Air Force 1, then check out the list below:

  • Nike Court Vision Low
  • Adidas Continental 80
  • Adidas Postmove
  • Saucony Jazz Court
  • CLAE Malone
  • Nike Ebernon
  • New Balance 550
  • Adidas Forum 84 Low
  • Veja V-10
  • Puma Cali Star
  • Reebok Club C 85
  • Nike Blazer
  • Adidas Entrap
  • Puma Carina Leather Trainers
  • Veja Campo ChromeFree Leather Trainers

Now let’s see in detail if these shoes similar to Air Force 1.

Nike Court Vision Low


Let’s talk about a cool shoe called the Nike Court Vision Low. It is similar to those popular Air Force 1 shoes, but it is less costly.

Plus, they’re super comfortable on your feet. And you can get them in all sorts of colors and styles. You can pick the one that shows off your unique style.

Good Side

If you are a beginner, you can try these shoes out. Because they’re really soft and cushiony. It feels like walking on a soft carpet. Also, their simple design means they’ll look great with just about anything you wear. And the best part is that they don’t cost much money, so you can save up for other cool stuff.


If you play a lot of basketball, the leather on these shoes might get bent out of shape or damaged quickly. That’s because basketball involves a lot of running, jumping, and zig-zagging, which can be tough on the shoes.

Nike Court Vision Lows provides budget-friendly alternative shoes similar to nike air force 1. But remember, they might not be the best choice for serious basketball games.

Adidas Continental 80


The Adidas Continental 80 is a super cool sneaker that many guys compare to the Nike Air Force 1. It’s got a classic look. People always call this Knock off Air Force ones. But it’s a more budget-friendly shoe.

What Makes The Adidas Continental 80 So Cool?

This shoe has been a big hit with fashion fans for many years. It’s got a sleek design, a rubber shell toe, and a top-quality leather upper part with unique side stripes.

Sneaker lover loves these shoes because they’re so comfortable and supportive in their feet.

Its design is light as a feather, and it has a cushiony foam sole, which gives your feet all the support they need. The Adidas Continental 80 is an amazing AF1 alternative.

Why should you consider the Adidas Continental 80?

These shoes are super versatile and comfortable, making them perfect for any occasion. They’re easy to clean and made from top-notch materials, so they’re sure to last you a long time.

They’re pretty affordable, making them a fantastic choice for anyone trying to keep an eye on their spending.

Are There Any Downsides To The Adidas Continental 80?

Just like any other shoe, the Adidas Continental 80 isn’t perfect. These shoes are a bit narrow, so if you have wider feet, they might not be the best fit. Also, they don’t offer much arch support, which could be an issue if you have foot or lower back pain.

So, keep these things in mind if you’re thinking about buying a pair.

Adidas Postmove


I tried out these Adidas Postmove shoes recently. They’re pretty cool and remind me of the famous Nike Air Force 1s. But guess what? These are easier on the pocket.

The Adidas Postmove shoes are made well and they feel super comfortable and look stylish. If you’re looking for Air Force One Alternatives but don’t want to spend as much, these could be your next favorite shoes.

They’re a great pick for anyone who wants to stay trendy without breaking the bank. Try them out.

Advantages of Adidas Postmove

  • They look a lot like those pricey Nike Air Force 1s. But they are way cheaper.
  • These shoes are super comfy because they have this special air cushion thing. They grip my feet nicely so they don’t slide around inside. They’re great for hanging out or even going to school.
  • And because they are available in many colors and styles, they are the perfect alternative to more expensive knockoff Air Force one shoes. 

So why wait? You can’t go wrong with Adidas Postmove shoes! With Adidas Postmove shoes, you can go on a stroll or go to work or school easily!

Potential Downside

There are several major disadvantages if you put on Adidas Postmove shoes for your exercise or training needs. 

  • If you have wide feet like me, they might feel a bit tight at first. And it took me a while to really break them in and get them to feel just right.
  •  Also, many users report that it takes some time to break into the shoes and feel fully comfortable wearing them.

While these disadvantages might lead some people to avoid using Postmove shoes. But they should be considered along with the many benefits of this popular fitness shoe brand. When you’re looking for a shoe that excels in traction, comfort, flexibility, or support, there is likely a Postmove model to meet your needs. 

Saucony Jazz Court Shoes Like Nike Air Force 1


Another model of shoes similar to Air Force 1 is the Saucony Jazz Court. Featuring a simple and classic design similar to the Air Force 1. The Saucony Jazz Court is a versatile sneaker model that offers a range of features to support any activity. With its comfortable and breathable upper, this sneaker provides great support for long runs and short daily workouts.

Moreover, the flexible outsole with traction grooves gives the Jazz Court an excellent grip on various surfaces. Athletes who prefer to mix up their training routine then they should go for these shoes.

Saucony Jazz Court is quickly becoming one of the most popular shoes in the sneaker community due to its stylish yet timeless aesthetic. Look no further than Saucony’s amazing Air Force 1 look-alikes for an everyday pair.

Advantages of Saucony Jazz Court

  • The Saucony Jazz Court is a high-quality pair of shoes known for its exceptional comfort and durable construction. 
  • Made from premium leather, EVA foam, and a robust rubber sole, these shoes are designed to provide an excellent grip on any surface. 
  • Furthermore, the Jazz Court offers excellent value for money thanks to its budget-friendly price. 

So, if you are looking for shoes to wear while running or just walking around town, the Jazz Court is a reliable option that won’t disappoint you. 

Potential Downside

This shoe is known for its tight toe box, which provides support and stability to the foot during high-intensity training. However, this feature can also be a downside for those with wider feet or toe pain. Some users find that the toe box causes discomfort or rubbing, mainly in the forefoot area.

CLAE Malone

Another shoe similar to Nike Air Force 1 is CLAE Malone, which is a popular shoe model. With its classic design and high-quality construction, this sneaker can offer you the same level of comfort, support, and style as the shoes like air force 1.


CLAE Malone is a shoe that truly embodies the concept of sustainability. They’re really cool because they’re made to be good for our planet.

The outside of the shoe is made from strong Italian leather that looks awesome. On the inside, it’s got a lining made of soft leather and material that comes from recycled plastic bottles. These are comfortable and allows your feet to stay fresh.

One of the best things about these shoes is the insole. It’s made entirely from recycled foam, which is super comfortable and great for the environment. Plus, it helps to reduce waste when the shoes are made.

The bottom part of the shoe is made from 30% natural rubber. This makes it really tough but also flexible. So, it’s good for running around on all kinds of surfaces.

Advantages of CLAE Malone

These shoes can give you many benefits. Some of them are down below:

  • They’re super comfy because they’re made from Italian Nappa leather and recycled foam.
  • My feet feel great all day, no matter where I walk or for how long.
  • Plus, they look really cool, kind of like the famous Air Force One shoes.

So, if you’re into classic low-top sneakers, you’ll love these CLAE shoes.

Potential Downside

CLAE Malones is a popular choice for men looking for Shoes Like Nike Air Force 1. Many shoppers praised their stylish design and comfortable fit. However, these shoes have some disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing. 

  • For one, they can be quite expensive, often costing much more than comparable styles from other brands.
  • The narrow toe box of CLAE Malones could be better for those with wider feet or who tend to bang their toes against the toe cap while walking. 

While CLAE Malones may be an excellent choice, they may only be suitable for some. Therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of these shoes before making a purchase decision.

Nike Ebernon


These shoes are quite similar to the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, but they don’t come with a hefty price.

These shoes are super comfy. They have soft padding inside and the top part is made of canvas or leather. They’re perfect for sports because they’re light and springy.

What I really enjoy about these shoes is their smooth design and lively colors. They look fantastic whether you’re in the middle of a game or simply strolling around town.

A lot of people think these shoes are a great alternative to the Air Force 1 because they look similar but cost less.

So, if you want cool shoes that aren’t too expensive, you might want to check out the Nike Ebernon.

Advantages Of Nike Ebernon

The Nike Ebernon has numerous advantages, 

  • The Nike Ebernon shoes are pretty cool.
  • They’re super comfy. I’ve worn them all day and my feet felt great.
  • These shoes are light as a feather. It’s like walking on air.
  • If you need to run or jump, these shoes won’t slow you down.
  • Plus, they don’t cost a lot. So, you’re getting a good deal.
  • I’ve tried them, and I can tell you they’re worth it if you’re always on the go.

Potential Downside

Let’s see the downside of these af1 alternatives.

  • The Nike Ebernon shoes have a small problem.
  • They can get creases. That means they can get lines and folds on them easily.
  • This doesn’t look so good after a while.
  • Also, they’re made of a stretchy material. So, you have to wear them for a bit before they feel just right.
  • This isn’t great if you want comfy shoes right away.

New Balance 550


Compared to Nike’s Air Force 1, the New Balance 550 is a trendy sneaker style. However, the New Balance 550 has a classic silhouette and minimal design, which makes it a great option for a stylish.

Did you know that these shoes came out in 1989? They were super popular on basketball courts because of their cool.

They’re made with strong rubber on the bottom and fancy suede and leather on top. They can take more damage than your normal shoes. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors.

Advantages of New Balance 550

There are many advantages to choosing a pair of New Balance 550 shoes.

  • They’ve got this cool retro look that really stands out. It’s like taking a step back in time but with a fresh twist!
  • These shoes are super comfy. They have this thing called an OrthoLite insert that gives your feet amazing support.
  • The details on these shoes are super clean and neat. It’s like they’re always ready for a photo shoot.
  • You can wear them with anything, whether you’re going to a party or just chilling at home.
  • Your money won’t go waste with these shoes. So you get style and comfort without emptying your pocket.

But remember, every shoe isn’t for everyone. Some people find the sole cushioning a bit limited. But overall, these shoes are a big hit.

Potential Downside

  • They might not feel super secure on your feet. This can cause your foot to slide around in the shoe when doing things like running or jumping.
  • If you have narrow feet, these shoes might be a bit too big. You might need some help to get them to fit just right.
  • Lastly, these shoes are so popular they often sell out quickly in stores. It might be hard to get your hands on a pair.

Even though these issues can be a bit annoying, people still love these shoes a lot.

Adidas Forum 84 Low


Adidas Forum 84 Low is one of the most popular shoes like Air Force 1. Its classic and clean design makes this style a cost-effective shoes similar to Air Force 1. Moreover, this shoe provides you with superior comfort and support with its soft, full-grain leather.

They’re made with up to 50% recycled stuff. These shoes are really tough. You can wear them all day and they’ll still feel great.

Advantages of Adidas Forum 84 Low

At first glance, the Adidas Forum 84 Low may seem like just another pair of shoes, but these shoes have numerous advantages that set them apart from other shoes on the market. 

  • The first thing you’ll notice about these shoes is how they look and feel premium, with clean details and soft, high-quality leather. 
  • You can afford these shoes. Even when compared to af1 alternatives. 
  • Overall, these shoes offer good comfort and style at a lower price. Almost everyone can afford it.

 So you can upgrade your shoe game without breaking the bank with the Adidas Forum 84 Low.

Potential Downside

Some things might not be so great with the Adidas Forum 84 Low shoes.

  • These shoes are a bit roomy. Some people like this because their feet have more space, but others find it uncomfortable.
  • These shoes also need some time to break in. That means you need to wear them for a bit before they feel super comfortable.
  • People say the color can bleed onto other clothes or shoes. This can be a bit messy and annoying.

While these shoes have some cool features, they also have a few downsides to consider.

Veja V-10


Veja V-10 shoes are a popular style in the world of sneakers. They can offer you an excellent quality like af1. They share some similarities, such as a canvas upper and retro sneaker styling. And these shoes stand out due to their superior comfort and durability.

Unlike some fake Air Force Ones that don’t last long, these shoes are made of really good stuff that’s meant to stick around. They’re also nice and light, and they can give your feet some cushioning. This means your feet will feel relaxed even if you’re on the go all day.

Advantages of Veja V-10

Good stuff about them:

  • They’re made really well and look cool, so they’re great for wearing every day.
  • The best part is how they’re made. Their company cares about our environment. So they use things like organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, wild rubber, and leather that don’t use harmful chemicals.

Potential Downside

There are a few things to think about:

  • When you first wear them, they might feel a bit tight. You’ll need to wear them for a while before they start to feel comfortable.
  • These shoes are also designed to let air flow around your foot. This can be great if you have narrow feet. But if your feet are wider, you might not find them comfortable.

Even though the Veja V-10 sneakers have some really cool features, you need to make sure you think about these points before you decide to buy them.

Puma Cali Star


Puma Cali Star is another shoe like air force 1. These shoes are a mix of style and function. They’re made from leather and can give you both durability and comfort.

The inside of the shoe has a PU-molded sock liner. This adds extra comfort and support to your feet. I found that its midsole is made from rubber and has technology that absorbs shock. This cushions your feet and protects them from impact.

Also, the outsoles of these shoes are also made from rubber and provide excellent traction.

Advantages of Puma Cali Star

  • With their overall design, these shoes are ideally suited for everything from walking and running to daily errands and casual outings with friends. 
  • The back of the shoes has a glossy TPU piece with PUMA branding. This gives the shoes a modern and clean look.
  • You can easily clean and maintain them.
  • They come in several fashionable color options to suit varied tastes.
  • they are crafted from premium materials such as leather and rubber. It ensures their durability and longevity. These are the shoes that you can rely on for years to come.

Potential Downside

The Puma Cali Star sneaker is popular among athletes and casual wearers. However, despite its many advantages, this shoe has several key disadvantages. 

  • One of the most notable is its tendency to get very snug on foot. Which makes it uncomfortable for those with wider or longer feet. 
  • The rubber material tends to develop creases easily and quickly. And that can be unsightly and unattractive from an aesthetic perspective. 
  • For those who are used to lighter shoes or sneakers with a smaller footprint, this shoe may be quite heavy for them.
  • Finally, some users have also noted a weak grip on certain surfaces. Beacause of that, it is difficult to get good traction in certain situations. 

Overall, while the Puma Cali Star sneaker is an excellent option for some people, it may only be suitable for some situations or individuals.

Reebok Club C 85

Reebok Club C 85 is a great AF1 alternative, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different.

Firstly, these shoes have a low-cut style, which means they don’t go too high up your ankle. This is great because it lets your feet move more freely. Plus, they’re made of leather, which makes them super sturdy and comfy.

These shoes come in a bunch of neat colors like white, royal blue, light grey, and even classic gum. This means you can pick the color that best fits your style. And they’ve got this cool Reebok logo on the side, so everyone will know what brand you’re rocking.

What’s really nice about these shoes is their rubber outsole. This means they’re built to last, so you won’t have to worry about them wearing out quickly.

In short, the Reebok Club C 85 sneakers are a sweet pick if you’re after a pair of shoes that are stylish, comfy, and durable. Give them a try next time you’re shoe-shopping

Good Side:

  • Low-cut style: Doesn’t go high on your ankle, letting your feet move easily.
  • Made of leather: Makes them really strong and comfortable to wear.
  • Variety of colors: Available in white, blue, grey, or even gum color.
  • Reebok logo: Adds a stylish touch.
  • Rubber outsole: Prevents the shoes from wearing out quickly.

Bad Side:

But there are a few things that aren’t so great. Some people might think the shoes cost too much compared to other brands. Because the shoes are made of leather, they might not be good for rainy days.

The leather can get wet and take time to dry. If you’re used to shoes that cover your ankle (we call these high-top sneakers), it might feel strange to wear these low-cut shoes at first.

Nike Blazer

These shoes are super cool shoes. They first came out in 1972 and were named after a basketball team called the Portland Trail Blazers. They have a high-top design, which means they come up over your ankles.

You’ll see a big Nike Swoosh on the sides. Over time, Nike made different versions like mid and low-top ones. People love to wear them because they have a simple but stylish look. They go well with many outfits, from jeans and a t-shirt to something a bit more fancy.

They’re comfortable and snug on your feet, and their special pattern on the bottom gives you a good grip when walking. Now, let’s talk about the good bits and not-so-good bits of these shoes.

Good Side:

  • They’re a real eye-catcher and you can get them in diverse styles and colors.
  • These shoes are can give you super comfort.
  • They’ve got a great grip, so no worries about slipping.

Bad Side:

  • They might not be your top pick for serious sports compared to some of the newer kicks on the block.
  • Some of the color and style options might be tough to track down or a bit pricey.

Adidas Entrap

Adidas Entrap Shoes Like Nike Air Force 1

Adidas Entrap shoes are pretty cool basketball shoes. They’re made by Adidas, which is a popular brand for sports stuff. The shoes are made to help you play better in basketball games.

The outside part of the shoe (we call this the upper) is made from suede leather and a mesh material. This mix makes the shoe feel air, which means air can pass through and keep your feet cool.

Inside the shoe, there’s something called an Ortholite sockliner. This gives extra cushioning to your feet and fights off bad smells. Your feet will feel comfy, and your shoes won’t stink.

These shoes come in different colors such as white, black, and green. This way, you can pick the color you like best.

To me, this Nike Air Force alternative was so good.

Good Side:

  • The shoes are breathable, so your feet won’t get too hot.
  • The Ortholite sockliner keeps your feet comfy and fights off bad smells.
  • You can get them in different colors.
  • They’re made by Adidas, a well-known sports brand.

Bad Side:

  • Some people might find these shoes a bit expensive.
  • They’re mostly for playing basketball. If you don’t play basketball, you might not need these shoes.
  • The suede material might get dirty easily, so you’ll have to clean your shoes often.

Puma Carina Leather Trainers

Puma Carina Leather Trainers are cool shoes for both playing and looking stylish. They’re made by Puma, which is a well-known brand that makes sports gear.

The outside part of the shoe (we call this the upper) is all leather. This makes the shoe strong and it can last a long time as I used this shoes for about 6 month I can tell.

Also there’s a platform sole Inside the shoe. This makes you a bit taller when you wear them. It also gives extra cushioning to your feet so they feel comfy.

These shoes come in different colors. You can pick the color you like best. They also have a Puma stripe on the side, which looks really cool.

Good Side:

  • The shoes are made of leather, so they’re strong and last a long time.
  • Its platform sole makes you taller and keeps your feet comfy.
  • You can get them in different colors.
  • They’re made by Puma, a well-known sports brand.

Bad Side:

  • Some people might find these shoes a bit expensive.
  • They might be too high for some people because of the platform sole.
  • The leather might get dirty easily, so you’ll have to clean your shoes often.

Veja Campo ChromeFree Leather Trainers

My last choice of shoes similar to air force 1 is Veja Campo ChromeFree.

These trainers are not just shoes, they’re an experience for everyone. Veja is all about respecting our planet. So, they’ve crafted these trainers from ChromeFree leather, which means fewer harmful chemicals.

But, don’t think they forgot about comfort. The insole of these shoes is made from wild rubber and other materials that are kinder to our planet. So, your feet can feel good and you can feel good about your purchase.

The style? They’ve got it covered. These trainers come in various colors, and they sport a neat “V” on the side.

Good Side:

  • They are Earth-friendly
  • Made from tough ChromeFree leather
  • These shoes have Comfortable insole
  • You can choose different colors

Bad Side:

  • Your wallet might feel a little lighter.
  • The stiff leather could be less comfy for some.
  • They might need a bit more TLC (Tender Loving Care) when you clean them.

Who Is The Main Competitor Of Nike Air Force 1?

Nike Air Force 1 is a really cool sneaker. Lots of people, from sports stars to everyday folks, love them because they look great and are made from top-notch stuff.

But there’s another sneaker that gives Nike Air Force 1 a run for its money. It’s called Adidas Superstar.

This shoe is also pretty stylish and uses some of the same high-quality materials and cool tech. So, it’s a tough game between these two shoes. But as long as Nike Air Force 1 stays on top of its game, it will continue to be the favorite.

What Are The Less Chunky Nike Shoes That Look Like Air Force 1?

Nike shoes offer diverse styles that are less chunky than the classic Air Force 1 design.

But there are air force one alternatives, such as Ebernon and Court Vision Low models.

They also give your feet the same comfy feel and support. Plus, they have a more smooth and stylish look.

What Shoes Are Comparable To Nike?

Finding shoes similar to Nike air force 1 isn’t easy. Because Nike is a big deal. They make super cool shoes like the Air Max and VaporMax. These shoes changed how we think about comfy footwear. Nike is also known for making great sports gear for all types of athletes.

They set a high bar for quality that’s hard to beat. But there are other shoe companies that come close. Some examples are Adidas, Reebok, Asics, Puma, New Balance, and Under Armour. These brands might not be as popular as Nike worldwide, but they make good shoes.

And sometimes, you can get them for less money than other fancy brands. So next time you need new sneakers or sports shoes, think about trying one of these other brands.

Final Verdict

Finally, I wanna say that there are lots of shoes like Air Force 1. Some are really liked and made well. These shoes feel good on your feet and look cool with almost any clothes.

So, if you want shoes like Nike but don’t want to spend as much, there are plenty of choices. Maybe you’ll like Adidas, Puma, or another brand. You’re sure to find a pair that fits what you like and need.

Thanks for reading about cheaper alternatives to Nike Air Force 1.


What Are Adidas Equivalent Of Air Force Ones?

The Adidas equivalent to Nike’s Air Force Ones are often considered to be the Adidas Superstar and the Adidas Originals Forum Bold Trainers.

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