Golf Shoes That Make You Taller – Performance And Comfort


Golf shoes are not your ordinary shoes. They feature spike-free soles for good grip and stability. They also provide materials that keep your feet dry. 

If I tell you that these golf shoes make you taller, will you believe it? Yes, you read that right! These shoes add a few inches to your height. And I personally tested them out, so I can testify for them.

I tested them out on the golf field, and I must say the extra few inches made a noticeable difference in my game.

In this article, I have introduced you to some of the golf shoes that make you taller. 

Give them a try and experience the difference for yourself.

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How Golf Shoes Can Make You Taller


Let me tell you how these amazing golf shoes can actually add a few inches to your height.

These shoes come with a special feature that adds a bit of height, and it’s not just for show. This technology is designed to help improve your golf game.

The trick is in the built-in lifts and inserts in the heels of the shoes. These hidden elements give you that extra height without sacrificing comfort or balance. They are cleverly placed into the shoe, so everything feels natural when wearing them.

And here’s the best part, golf shoes that make you taller improve your swing. The added height helps keep your body straight, making you more stable and stronger when you swing the golf club. This can help you hit the ball more accurately and further.

Golf Shoes That Make You Taller

Golf Shoes That Make You Taller

Check out this golf shoe list that adds a few inches to your height.

  • Adidas Codechaos 22 Spikeless Shoes
  • Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes
  • Men’s Elevator Golf Shoes – White Lace-up Spikeless by CHAMARIPA
  • UA Charged Phantom Spikeless by Under Armour
  • 2020 New Men Hidden Heel Lift Golf Shoes 
  • Elevator Men Golf Shoes Anti-Skid Waterproof Spikes 

Adidas Codechaos 22 Spikeless Shoes


The Adidas Codechaos 22 Spikeless Shoes are great for golfers who want style and comfort. 

They have a special grip that makes you stand firm on the golf course. These shoes make you look taller by around 1 to 1.18 inches, thanks to their BOOST midsole. 

They also distribute your weight evenly, which makes them comfortable and helps you play better. 

The outsoles of these shoes offer good traction and stability, improving your golf swing. 

So, if you want to add a bit of height and boost your game, these shoes could be a good pick.

Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes

I wore the Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes on the course, and let me tell you, they’re a game changer.  

The BOOST midsole adds about 1.2 to 1.5 inches. While walking in shoes, I felt comfortable.

The spikeless rubber outsole offers solid traction, keeping my feet stable during swings. 

The upper is made from half-recycled polyester and Parley Ocean Plastic yarn, so I felt great about my choice. 

2020 New Men Hidden Heel Lift Golf Shoes


The 2020 New Men Hidden Heel Lift Golf Shoes are quite a marvel in golfing footwear. 

As I looked at them, I noticed their sleek design that cleverly hides a hidden heel lift. These shoes enhance your height by 2.2 inches or 5.5 cm, which is a significant increase.

I like how these shoes are built for performance. They’re not just about height gain. They also offer breathable materials that are lightweight and comfortable. Golfers who spend long hours on the course need this.

But there’s more. Some versions of these shoes even increase by up to 2.76 inches or 7 cm. What a great way to increase height! The design maintains a natural look, so no one would suspect you wear height-increasing shoes.

 I came across another interesting feature – anti-skid waterproof spikes. 

Men’s Elevator Golf Shoes – White Lace-up Spikeless by CHAMARIPA

Men’s Elevator Golf Shoes by CHAMARIPA is a standout pair that combines style with a hidden secret. This sleek, white lace-up design isn’t just for show. These shoes can actually make you taller! It adds up to 2.76 inches (7 cm) of height. That’s quite a lift, right?

But it’s not just about adding height. These shoes are also practical for golf. They’re spikeless, which means they’re comfortable and easy to walk in, but still offer a good grip on the golf course. Plus, they’re made with lightweight, breathable materials. This means your feet can stay cool and comfy, even after a long day out on the green.

UA Charged Phantom Spikeless by Under Armour

From Under Armour, UA is the tallest golf shoe. These shoes have a midsole that measures 1.3 inches, adding about 1.1 to 1.2 inches to your height. The shoe features a lightweight, breathable knit upper with strategic reinforcements supporting the golf swing.

My favorite feature of these shoes is their water resistance, treated with Never-Wet technology. I enjoy golfing in all types of weather. It’s been a game-changer on the greens, keeping my feet dry even in damp conditions.

One of the features of the Phantom that I appreciated is Under Armour’s Charged Cushioning. During long rounds of golf, it provides the same level of comfort as a sneaker.

Also, Its rubber studs offer excellent traction. It provided me with a stable footing during my swing. 

Elevator Men Golf Shoes Anti-Skid Waterproof Spikes


I can confidently say that these shoes live up to their claims. The sleek design and unique features make these shoes stand out on the golf course.

You will first notice the extra height when you put them on. These shoes add around 2.2 inches or 5.5 cm invisibly. Your golf game will improve as you feel taller and more confident.

Elevator Men Golf Shoes have great anti-skid spikes. These spikes dig into the grass, stopping any slips. They work even when it’s wet, thanks to the double-layer waterproofing.

The shoes are made from a light, waterproof material called ChromoSkin™. This keeps your feet dry and comfy, even after many rounds of golf.

They fit as expected, and you can adjust them using the laces. The EVA insole adds more comfort, making these shoes good for long games.

How To Choose The Right Height-Increasing Golf Shoes


Golf shoes that make you taller can make all the difference. Below I’ve provided info regarding how you can choose the right shoes that can make you taller and more confident.

1. Comfort: The most important aspect of any shoe, especially for a game like golf, involves walking and standing. Ensure the shoe fits you well, provides good arch support, and has sufficient padding.

2. Durability: Golf shoes should withstand diverse weather conditions and rough terrains. Look for shoes made from high-quality materials that promise longevity.

3. Style: While functionality is key, you’ll also want to feel good in your shoes. Match your style and color with a design that makes you feel confident on the course.

4. Price: Don’t break the bank! Set a budget before shopping. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always guarantee better shoes. Make your decision after taking into account all factors.


Remember, golf is about more than just the gear. While these shoes can give you an advantage, your skill, and passion for the game that truly count.

Looking back at our discussion, Golf shoes that make you taller boost your confidence and improve your swing mechanics.

I’ve found that the best height-boosting golf shoes provide a comfortable fit and long-lasting performance.

So, if you’re considering height increasing golf shoes, I say go for it! 


Are There High Top Golf Shoes? 

Yes, there are high-top golf shoes available in the market. Some of the best high-top golf shoes of 2023 include the New Balance FreezeLX V3 Turf Shoe, ADIDAS Men’s Climaproof BOA Golf Shoes, and FootJoy Men’s Stormwalker Golf Shoe. 

What Type Of Shoes Give You The Most Height?

Platform shoes are usually the go-to. However, in golf, certain high-top golf shoes can provide a slight height boost.

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