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Are you a sneakerhead? If the answer is ‘YES,’ you know that Nike Zoom BB NXT is among the most popular shoes around.

This post will share my honest opinions about the Nike Zoom BB NXT Review. It’s been worn by some of the massive names in basketball and has received great reviews.

Nike wanted to create a shoe that would make you feel like you’re walking on air. And they think they did it with Nike Zoom BB NXT.

The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is an excellent choice for basketball players looking for durable, supportive shoes. These shoes offer good ankle support and a grippy sole to help you stay on your feet during fast-paced games.

They are also durably made, so you can expect them to last through many games and practices. The Zoom BB NXT is an excellent choice for any player who wants a high-quality, supportive basketball shoe.

Keep reading our Nike Air Zoom BB NXT review and see how this shoe can change your game.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review: Talking to Sneakerhead

When we asked sneakerheads about the Nike Zoom BB NXT, they had nothing but great things to say. They praised the shoes for their comfort, style, and on-court performance.

The only downside they could think of was the price, but overall they felt that the shoes were definitely worth the investment.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Standard benefits


The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is a new basketball shoe from Nike that offers standard benefits and some downsides. One of the prime benefits of this shoe is that it provides great ankle support. This can be extremely helpful for players constantly jumping and running around on the court.

The shoe also has a durable solid sole that can grip the court well. Also, the Nike Zoom BB NXT has a comfortable fit and is true to size.

Here are some standard benefits of Nike Zoom BB NXT :

  • Zoom Air units provide responsiveness and cushioning.
  • The upper is lightweight and durable.
  • The foam tongue and collar provide a comfortable fit.
  • You’ll be able to jump higher and run faster than ever before.
  • When you play, you’ll feel like you’re floating on air.

To continue reading the Nike Zoom BB NXT Review and know more about Nike Zoom BB NXT shoes.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Materials


It is made with quality materials and has a comfortable fit. The cushioning is also very good, providing much support and comfort. The Nike Zoom BB NXT is a great basketball sneaker that would be perfect for anyone who loves to play basketball. Your list should include the Nike Zoom BB NXT if you are looking for new basketball shoes.

The Nike Zoom BB NXT is one of the newest additions to Nike’s line of basketball sneakers. It is made with quality materials and has a comfortable fit.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Comfort

When we talk about comfort, The Nike Zoom BB NXT shoes provide excellent comfort. They are perfect for basketball games or running errands and provide plenty of support and cushioning. The shoes are also very lightweight, which makes them ideal for athletes. I highly recommend the Nike Zoom BB NXT shoes for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish, and lightweight shoe.

Nike Zoom BB NXT Performance

Basketball shoes are designed for explosive performance.

Nike’s Zoom BB NXT shoe has features and a Flywire upper for lightweight support and a Zoom Air unit in the heel for responsive cushioning. They also have a herringbone traction pattern for superior grip on the court.

Players who wear the Zoom BB NXTs report that they are very comfortable and provide great support and stability during intense play. 


Nike Zoom BB NXT Traction


You may be wondering about traction but let me tell you, Nike Zoom BB NXT Traction is the perfect basketball shoe for anyone looking for a durable and supportive option. With a Flywire construction that keeps your foot locked in place, you’ll be able to make quick cuts and direction changes easily.

Also, the Zoom Air unit in the heel provides explosive energy return with every step, ensuring that you have the power to take your game to the next level.

Plus, with a herringbone outsole pattern that offers superior traction on any surface, you’ll be able to make all the goes you need without worry. When you’re looking for sneakers that can help you take your game to new heights, put Nike Zoom BB NXT on your list. You won’t be disappointed.

Nike Zoom BB NXT Review: Cushion

It is the latest shoe in the Zoom line and features Nike’s new Cushioning system. This system provides better cushioning and impacts protection than Nike’s previous cushioning methods.

In addition, the Zoom BB NXT has a unique outsole design that is supposed to provide better traction and durability.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review: Quality


This basketball shoe has been designed for players who are looking for quality and performance. This shoe provides excellent cushioning, thanks to the Zoom Air unit in the heel. It also has a herringbone pattern on the outsole for traction on the court.

Overall, the Nike Zoom BB NXT is an excellent option for players to provide them with good performance on the court. This pair is perfect for anyone looking for a sneaker that can help them perform well on the court is this pair.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review: Reliability

As a company, Nike has always been known for its reliable products. This is no different with their Zoom BB NXT basketball shoes. With the latest technology and materials, the shoes offer a high level of durability. As a result, players of all levels can wear them and know they will perform well.

Plus, this shoe provides excellent traction, no matter what court you play on. As a result, you’ll be able to make all the moves you need without feeling weighed down.

Nike Zoom BB NXT Review: Speed and Performance

Athletes or anyone who wants an edge on their competition will love these shoes because they’re made for speed and performance. The Flywire material in the upper keeps your feet locked while you run or jump, and the Zoom Air unit provides cushioning and responsiveness.

The outcome is a shoe that feels fast and light but has the support and durability you need to perform your best.

  •  Flywire material provides a snug fit and lightweight support
  •  Zoom Air unit provides responsive cushioning
  •  Perfect for athletes or anyone who wants an edge in their competition
  •  Fast, light, and supportive

Nike Zoom BB NXT Review: Support

Every basketball player knows the importance of support during games. Nike Zoom BB NXT shoes are designed for basketball players who need a shoe that provides good ankle support. The shoes have a strap around the ankle to keep the ankle stable. They also have a Zoom Air unit in the heel to cushion and a rubber outsole to provide better traction while moving fast. 

Nike Zoom BB NXT Review: The Pros and Cons

You know that Nike Zoom BB NXT is a very popular shoe. And if you’re looking for a pair, you’re still reading this review before making your purchase.

So now we will discuss some of the pros and cons of this basketball shoe.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Pros

  • Nike Zoom BB NXT is one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market. They are made with full-length Nike React foam, making them extremely lightweight.
  • The outsole has excellent traction and can grip any surface well, making them perfect for on-court performance.
  • The sneakers are also very stylish and come in various colorways.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Cons

  • The only significant cons of Nike Zoom BB NXT are that they are not widely available and can be challenging to find in stock.
  • They are also a bit pricey, with most pairs retailing for around $180.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Price Range

With specialized features such as its Nike Air cushioning system and lightweight materials, these shoes are an effective choice for anyone looking to improve their game.

Between $130 and $150, Nike Air Zoom BB NXT shoes offer excellent value for money and can often be found at major retailers such as Target or Nike’s official website. 

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Worth Of Money?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the value of any given pair of Nike Air BB NXT sneakers will depend on various factors, including their condition, the current demand for Nike sneakers in general, and the specific market in which they are being sold.

Ultimately, it is up to individual buyers and sellers to determine whether these sneakers are worth the money based on their own preferences and circumstances.

However, it is generally recommended that consumers do their research and shop around before making a purchase to ensure they are getting a fair deal.


As a sneakerhead, you know that having the right shoes is essential for speed and performance. But with all these individual brands and models on the market, it can take time to know which shoes are right for you.

Hopefully, this Nike Zoom BB NXT review has helped you decide whether or not this basketball shoe is right for you.

But the Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is a great option if you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish, and high-performance sneaker. You should, however, look elsewhere for a budget-friendly option.

Alternatively, check out Nike Flex Experience Run 10 if that interests you.


Nike Zoom BB NXT FAQ


Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Nike Zoom BB NXT.

What are the colors of the Nike Zoom BB NXT?

The Nike Zoom BB NXT is available in four colors: black, white, blue, and red.

What size does the Nike Zoom BB NXT come in?

It comes in sizes 6-15 for men and 4-13 for women. There are also extra wide and extra narrow sizes available.

How do I know if the Nike Zoom BB NXT is right for me?

The Nike Zoom BB NXT is designed for players who want a versatile shoe that can be used for both inside and outdoor play.

Are there any particular features of the Nike Zoom BB NXT?

The shoe’s outsole has a herringbone pattern which provides excellent traction and durability. For those who want a little extra cushioning, the Zoom Air unit in your favorite shoes can be beneficial and stable. The sneakers also have a reinforced toe cap for protection against abrasion.

Where can I buy the Nike Zoom BB NXT?

The Nike Zoom BB NXT is available at Nike stores and online at It retails for $110.

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