Score Big with the Best Running Shoes for Basketball


There has been a battle going on among people for a long time whether they can wear running shoes for basketball

I have come to know that some people believe they can play basketball with running shoes. 

Some disagree with that statement.

Running shoes provide support. Meanwhile, basketball shoes provide stability so that you don’t get ankle injuries.

So, you might think, can you use running shoes for basketball? Yes, you can but not all running shoes can be used for basketball. 

Let’s take a look at a detailed overview including the pros and cons of running shoes for basketball. 

Who knows you might find one for yourself.

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Are Running Shoes And Basketball Shoes The Same?


I believe it is a misconception that basketball shoes and running shoes are the same. 

Running shoes have light materials and flexible soles for forward movement. 

They have cushioning to protect your joints during long runs.

Basketball shoes are heavier and sturdier. 

They’re designed for jumping and quick changes in direction. 

They have high tops for your ankle and thick soles for your stability on the court.

Both of these shoes provide similar support but there are some major differences. 

Check out below as I compared these shoes for you.

Running Shoes Vs. Basketball Shoes

I’ve noticed that there are many differences between running shoes and basketball shoes. 

I have explained the differences below. Make sure to read it before going any further.

Running shoes are usually lighter because when you run, you need something that won’t hold you down. 

Besides, they also have special features to handle the hard impact of all that running around. 

But can you wear running shoes for basketball? No, Because basketball shoes are heavier with thicker soles. 

This is because you often have to change direction quickly in basketball games. 

Another difference is how they let air in. 

Running shoes have parts made of a material that lets lots of air through. 

As a matter of fact, these shoes keep your feet cool when running. 

Compared to running shoes, basketball shoes do not let air in. Because basketball shoes are made of stronger stuff.

Are basketball shoes good for running?


No, they may not be the best for running.

Basketball shoes are great at supporting your ankles. 

This is really helpful when you’re moving side-to-side on a basketball court. 

But running shoes can not give you such support. 

Your ankles won’t get as much support from running shoes. However, your feet will be able to withstand the impact better. 

Even though it might seem easier just to use one pair of shoes for both activities. But it’s usually better to have a separate pair for each. 

That way, your feet get the right kind of support for whatever you’re doing.

The Main Features Of Running Shoes

These specialized shoes typically have several key features. 

These features allow runners to perform their sport comfortably. 

  • One of the most important features of running shoes is cushioning. Because of this, you can run without any discomfort. Running shoes can easily absorb shock and protect your feet.
  •  Often, these shoes have flexible soles. And that allows your foot to move naturally as you run. 
  • I noticed that many running shoes are designed with special traction pads on the outsole. Because of this, you can get a grip on various surfaces. 
  • Stability is another thing running shoe provides.

Overall, these are just some of the many features that make running shoes so simple yet comfortable.

The Main Features Of Basketball Shoes

As you know, Basketball shoes are kinda special. They have certain features that make them different from other shoes. 

Let’s talk about these features in a simple way.

  • Basketball shoes are usually heavier. 
  • They’re made from strong materials that can handle your jumping and running on the basketball court.
  • The top part of these shoes is more rigid or hard. 
  • It gives extra support to your ankles and helps keep your foot steady when you’re making quick moves on the court.
  • Another thing about basketball shoes is that the bottom part of the outsole. 
  • It’s thicker and heavier because basketball shoes sit higher off the ground than other sports shoes. 
  • This thick outsole gives you extra balance and grip, helping you stay on your feet.

The Best Way To Use Running Shoes For Basketball

You will find many different types of shoes in the market that can be used for running and basketball. 

Typically, running shoes have flat, lightweight soles with extra cushioning in the heel. 

These features are great for supporting quick-forward movements as you run. 

It also reduces stress on the legs and knees during long runs or sprints. 

But a flat sole might not offer enough support in basketball, where you change speed suddenly and make quick direction shifts. 

Plus, the extra heel cushioning might make it harder to jump accurately.

So, using running shoes might not work for everyone. 

Instead, take my word and consider light trainers with flexible soles that have extra grip at key points.

What to Consider When Buying Basketball Running Shoes?


If you’re thinking about using running shoes for basketball, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, look at the bottom part of the shoe, or the sole. 

This part is important because it can affect your foot’s stability. Also, how much cushioning you get?

 A thick, sturdy sole that supports your arch can help prevent twisted ankles and other injuries.

Next, You need to think about what the upper of the shoe is made of. 

If it’s made from a material that lets air through and can bend easily, your feet will stay cooler and you will feel more comfortable during games.

Finally, some people like shoes that gives extra cushioning around their ankle. 

The reason is that it can provide more support and protection to their ankles.

So, with these tips in mind, I hope you’ll find a great pair of running shoes for basketball

Who Can Play Basketball With Running Shoes?

Now, you might wonder, can I use running shoes for basketball? Well, the answer is yes, you can. 

Running shoes allow you to move and jump on hard surfaces, just like when you’re playing basketball.

But the thing is that just because you can play with running shoes doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. 

Some people say that if you play basketball in running shoes, you might hurt your ankle. 

That’s because basketball involves a lot of quick changes in direction. And you running shoes can provide for this.

But some running shoes work well for basketball. 

For example, I recommend you to wear a pair of Nike Air Zoom.

What If You Are A Professional Player?

If you’re a professional athlete, regular sports shoes might be just what you need. 

When you Play at a pro level, it means you will need flexible and cushiony shoes. Because they let you move easily on the court and pull off tricky moves. 

So, if you’re a pro basketball player, use running shoes for basketball games.

What If You Are a Hardcore Basketball Fanatic?

What if you’re really into basketball? Maybe you love playing casual games with your friends or family wherever you can find a court. 

If that’s the case, running shoes should do the trick for you. 

They’ll let you enjoy the game while keeping your feet comfy.

Do Running Shoes Provide Enough Ankle Support For Playing Basketball?


Running shoes might feel light and comfy to your feet at first, but they’re not the best for playing basketball. 

Generally, Basketball is a game that puts a lot of stress on your ankles. 

So, you need shoes that provide solid support to prevent sprains and other injuries. 

Although running shoes are usually lighter and more flexible. But they don’t give as much structure or support around your ankle.

Meanwhile, basketball sneakers will protect your feet during high-impact games. They give extra padding and support to your ankle.

So I advise you to put on proper basketball shoes for your game. So that you can move freely and stay safe from injuries. 

Why Basketball Shoes Are Not Good For Running?

I love running and playing basketball, so I’ve learned a thing or two about shoes. 

Till now, we have seen running shoes for basketball. But are basketball shoes great for running? 

While you can run in basketball shoes, but they are not great for running. Here are some reasons why it is not good:

  • First of all, Basketball shoes are made with a specific purpose. These shoes help you jump high and turn quickly. 
  • Its soles grip the court really well, which is why players can stay fast-paced during games. 
  • But when you try to run in them, this same grip can slow you down and might even cause injuries.
  • Also, these shoes usually have thick soles and a lot of padding. 
  • It can slow you down and make it harder to keep your balance on uneven surfaces.

So, if you’re looking for shoes to run in, you should choose ones that are designed just for running. 

Are There Any Other Benefits To Wearing Running Shoes for Basketball?

I’ve discovered that running shoes aren’t just for running or quick sports like tennis – they can also be great for basketball. Here’s why:

Protection and traction: Running shoes give your feet the protection they need during a basketball game. 

The most important thing for basketball is shoe grip.

Some running shoes give enough grip to play basketball. 

Cushioning: Some running shoes have special cushioning in the sole. 

You suffer less impact on your feet and joints when you land due to this cushioning.

Breathability: Many of today’s running shoes are made from materials that let your feet breathe. 

They even have technology that wicks away sweat. 

During intense games, they will keep your feet cool and dry. 

Which Shoes Are Best For Running And Basketball?

I sometimes play basketball outside. 

So, I’ve tried numerous running and basketball shoes. 

Here’s my top pick: 

Nike Zoom Vapor


If you try out these shoes, you will find that they have a special pattern on the shoe bottom. This pattern helps in movement. 

They fit snugly and have a unique cushioning system called Zoom Air. 

Overall, Vapor is all about speed and performance.

Nike Hyperdunk

This shoe was first introduced in 2007. 

These shoes can give you support, comfort, and grip while you are playing. 

The latest version uses Flywire technology for a comfortable fit.

Nike LeBron Witness 4 Basketball Shoes

One of my favorites is Lebron’s Witness. The Nike Witness 4 Basketball Shoes are a part of the Lebron James signature shoe line. 

In June of 2018, these sneakers were released for the first time and used on the court. 

The shoes feature a mixture of Flywire and also mesh on the upper for durability and breathability. 

The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT


This Nike Air Zoom BB Nxt shoe is for athletes who demand the best.

It offers excellent cushioning and a snug fit, perfect for those who play hard. 

Both women and men can wear it, which comes in diverse colors.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Basketball Shoes


These shoes were made for basketball players who need speed and grip on the court. 

They have a mesh upper part like most of the shoes. It helps with air circulation to the feet. 

Even these shoes have a rubber bottom for durability. 

Lastly, Adidas also uses Adidas’ Boost system for shock absorption and energy return. 

Adidas Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes

I found out that these shoes are made with premium materials and provide proper comfort and support. 

They also feature a unique design that makes them stand out from the other basketball shoes on the market. 

If you want to take your gameplay to the next level with a new pair of shoes then go for Adidas Crazy..


These are the best running shoes for basketball. 

They use advanced technology for superior cushioning, support, and performance. 

The special Zoom Air unit in the shoe absorbs impact and provides responsive cushioning.

 Its lacing system can ensure a secure fit to your feet.



In my opinion, The ASICS GEL-KAYANO 28 is one of the best running shoes for basketball

Because these shoes have a lightweight design and advanced cushioning system. 

These systems make it comfortable, stable, and responsive. 

They even provide a perfect combination of support, traction, and grip to basketball players.  



Besides testing Nike Air Zoom, I’ve also tested Nike Zoom Prevail. 

They also provide comfort during games.

A special material is used in this shoe. That’s why you will feel comfort during rapid movement. 

Plus, they’re lightweight. Which is why you will feel your every step light and bouncy.

So, we can tell that nike provides a lot of running shoes that you can wear for basketball games.

Don’t wait any longer! Grab a pair of these shoes today for yourself and feel the difference. 

Potential Downside With Running Shoes For Basketball

From personal experience, I can tell you that running shoes are not the best choice you to play basketball.

 I have Broken down every point why these shoes won’t be good for you.

Running shoes are different: Running shoes are made for specific intent. 

They’re meant to help you run smoothly. These shoes are not for playing basketball.

Stability and support: We know that basketball requires lots of quick moves and changes in direction. 

But running shoes are not built for these kinds of movement. 

People only move backward or forward with running shoes. 

They might not give the strong support needed on the basketball court.

Extra cushioning: The padding of running shoes absorbs shock while running. 

This is great but it also slows you down when playing basketball.

Design limitations: Last of all, each shoe is designed for its individual intent. 

You won’t get a design of running shoes that follows basketball shoes.

How To Take Care Of Your Running Shoes For Basketball?

Taking care of your running shoes is important, especially if you’re also using them for basketball. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help keep your shoes in top shape.

  • Keep them clean: After each use, wipe off any dirt or dust from your shoes with a dry cloth. If they’re really dirty, use a soft brush and some mild soap to clean them.
  • Dry them properly: Never put your shoes near a heater or in direct sunlight because it can damage tour shoes. This can damage the materials. Instead, let them air dry in a well-ventilated area.
  • Store them right: Don’t just throw your shoes in a pile. Just place them in a cool, dry place.
  • Rotate your shoes: Don’t wear the same pair twice. This gives them time to fully dry out and helps them last longer.
  • Check for wear and tear:  You need to regularly check your shoes if there are any signs of wear and tear. If the soles are worn out or the upper part is ripped, it’s probably time for you to get a new pair.

Here’s a personal routine from myself that I find helpful. you can use it too. 

After each use, I take a moment to clean my shoes and check them for any damage. 

Then, I stuff them with newspaper and let them air dry. The newspaper helps absorb any moisture and keeps the shoes in good shape. 

Once they’re dry, I store them in a designated spot in my closet. This routine has helped my shoes last longer and stay in great condition!

Final Verdict

At the end, I wanna say that running shoes are not meant for playing basketball, especially if you want to maintain a professional level. 

You might not be able to make basketball shots if you don’t have the support and stability you need. 

Also, you can not jump high or run fast in running for basketball

But you can use some different models of running shoes for basketball.

I’ve tested a few different running shoes over the past few weeks. My top picks are Nike Air Zoom and Adidas Dame 8. 

I think both of them were good when it comes to playing hoops. They were pretty good actually. 

Thanks for reading. Try out these shoes above and let me know through comments.

What Running Shoes Are Best For Basketball?

The best running shoes for basketball, according to online sources, include the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7, Asics Gel-Kayano 28, and Nike Zoom Prevail.

What Are Basketball Shoes Called?

Generally, basketball shoes are just referred to as “basketball shoes”. There are different types, like high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops, depending on ankle support.

Should I Get Running Shoes Or Basketball Shoes?

Whether you should get running shoes or basketball shoes depends on your primary activity. If you’re mainly running, go for running shoes. If you’re playing basketball, especially competitively, opt

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