Reebok Shoes That Make You Taller: Elevate Your Style


As you guys know, I am a shoe lover. I always put on new shoes to step out. This love for shoes led me to find out about Reebok shoes that make you taller

These aren’t just your average platform sneakers; they’re stylish, and comfortable and give you that extra inch or two to make you look taller. 

That’s why in this article, I will talk about Rebook shoes can increase height. 

Before I tell you about Rebook shoes, let me inform you that the top 3 Reebok shoes that make you taller are Classic Leather SP, Club C Extra, and Zig Kinetica 2.5 Trainers.

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How Does Rebook Shoes Height Increase Work?


Reebok shoes are designed in a special way to make you look taller. I found that the design of the shoe’s middle part, the sole, and the inside depth all work together to add height. But it’s not just about making you taller. These shoes also keep you comfortable and work well.

You will be surprised to hear that some Reebok shoes can make you look about 1.5-1.75 inches taller. This added height doesn’t take away from the shoe’s style or comfort. 

For example, the Reebok Nano X shoes have a higher heel and tongue. These features make the shoe look good but also help make you look taller.

Reebok Shoes That Make You Taller


Here are the top 10 Reebok shoes that can make you appear taller:

  1. Zig Kinetica 2.5 Trainers
  2. Classic Leather SP
  3. Club C Extra 
  4. Reebok Workout Plus
  5. Reebok Beatniks
  6. Instapump Furys 
  7. Walk Ultra 7 DMX MAX 
  8. Reebok Royal Glide
  9. Reebok Floatride 
  10. Reebok Classics
  11. Reebok Club C 85

Zig Kinetica 2.5 Trainers


The Zig Kinetica 2.5 Trainers by Reebok can make you about 2.45 inches taller. These shoes have special soles that give you energy with each step. 

They are also very comfortable thanks to the Floatride Fuel technology. They have a breathable top part, made from mesh, which helps your feet stay cool. 

The shoe’s upper part is made from leather, making it look stylish. Thanks to elastic laces, these shoes keep your feet in place. There are special lugs on the bottom of the shoe that help it grip better. 

These shoes are fashionable too, as they were part of a project with ASAP Nast. They’re great for the gym or just walking around town.

Classic Leather SP

The Classic Leather SP by Reebok is more than just a great shoe for everyday wear. You can gain about 1.4 to 1.6 inches in height with its 1 inch platform and 2 inch heel. This shoe, known as the taller version of the Reebok Classic, is specially designed for those who want both style and a bit of extra height.

The design is a modern take on a vintage shoe, featuring a premium suede upper. A stacked midsole not only adds height but also brings a retro vibe to the shoe. The color palette is neutral with a hint of color, making it versatile enough to complement a wide range of casual and workout outfits.

But don’t just take our word for it! A friend who has tried this shoe absolutely loves the Classic Leather SP. She finds them comfortable, lightweight, and stylish, a perfect addition to her shoe collection.

Club C Extra


Club C Extra is one of the Reebok shoes that make you taller. Its heel height is 2 inches. These shoes add up to 1.5 to 1.8 inches to your feet.

It has a smooth synthetic leather top part that gives it a sleek look. This shoe is special because of its platform midsole. Not only does this add style, but it also makes the shoe comfortable. 

Like the Classic Leather SP, the Club C Extra also has laces. But what makes it stand out is its suede upper part. Soft linings and a support midsole are also included in the shoe. The Club C Extra is a great choice if you like retro style with modern comfort.

Reebok Workout Plus

Workout Plus is one of the popular shoes of Reebok. These shoes can add about 1.07 to your height.

The Reebok Workout Plus is a stylish blend of retro and modern design. Known for its minimalistic look, it offers comfort with a full-grain leather upper. 

One of the shoe’s key features is a patented “H-Strap” for multi-sport functionality.

Reebok Beatniks


A popular choice among those who appreciate comfort and style are the Reebok Beatniks.

Beatniks might add a small height, perhaps around half an inch, due to their thick, rugged shark-tooth outsole. This is an approximation and can vary based on individual fit and wear.

These shoes feature a closed-toe synthetic or textile upper for a comfortable feel. The straps on the midfoot and heel allow for an adjustable fit, making them easy to slip on and off.

Instapump Furys

The Reebok Instapump Fury is a unique shoe for its innovative design and advanced technology. As I am 5.7 feet but wearing these shoes, I look like 5.81 feet.

Reebok’s patented pump technology provides a snug and supportive fit with the Instapump Fury, which ditches traditional laces.

Its textile upper provides durability and breathability, making it a distinctive feature.

There are several Instapump Fury styles available, including the Juun J x Instapump Fury Original ‘Black,’ Maison Margiela x Instapump, and the Instapump Fury Tricolor Men’s.

Walk Ultra 7 DMX MAX


The heel drop of ultra 7 is around 5 to 8 mm. It means it can add up to 0.5 inches to 0.8 inches.

Its DMX cushioning system moves air from the heel to the forefoot as you walk. This innovative technology gives you the feeling of walking on air, adding an extra layer of comfort to your stride.

The upper part of the shoe is made from a blend of leather and textile, providing durability while also ensuring breathability. The MemoryTech foam insole offers first-feel comfort and cushioning, adapting to your foot for a personalized fit.

Reebok Royal Glide

The Reebok Royal Glide is a versatile sneaker that enhances your style and adds approximately 1.22 inches (3.1 cm) to your height, thanks to its heel of around 1.3 inches.

This stylish sneaker might feel snug initially, but it’s designed to stretch and adapt to your feet, offering increased comfort over time.

Because of its design, it pairs well with jeans, joggers, and New Balance 373 and 574s.

The Royal Glide is an ideal everyday trainer that also discreetly boosts your height without compromising on style.

You can check out various color options for the Reebok Royal Glide on Amazon. Its straightforward design and durability make it a reliable choice for daily wear.

Reebok Floatride


Starting with the Reebok Floatride, these running shoes certainly live up to their reputation for exceptional comfort and lightweight feel.

The Floatride Energy Foam cushioning is a game-changer, providing a seamless ride that makes long runs more enjoyable.

I tried on the Floatride Energy 5, which offered a snug fit – a great choice for people with narrow feet like me. The Floatride Energy Symmetros, another model in the series, had a varying stack height between 24mm/14mm (heel/forefoot) and 26mm/17mm.

This translated to an added height of approximately 0.94 to 1.02 inches. The Floatride Run Fast model had a slightly lower drop of 8mm but still provided a significant height boost.

Rebook Club C 85

The Reebok Club C 85 has a thicker sole and that’s why it will play an important role in increasing your height. The sneaker’s design includes a sole that adds a few centimeters to your natural height.

Reebok Classics

Moving on to the Reebok Classics, these lifestyle sneakers seamlessly blend retro style with modern comfort. While the specific height increase can vary depending on the model, I found that most Reebok Classics typically add about 1 inch to your height, thanks to their thick sole.

However, it’s worth noting that other factors like insole padding and heel design also play a part in the overall height increase provided by the shoe.


if you’re looking for shoes that not only provide comfort and enhance your style but also give you a bit of a height boost, you can’t go wrong with these Reebok models. 

They’ve certainly impressed me with their performance and features. 

It’s clear that Reebok has managed to blend functionality and fashion seamlessly, making its shoes a great choice for anyone.


Do Reebok Club C Add Height? 

Yes, Reebok Club C shoes do add height. The Club C Extra variant boasts a 2 inch heel and a 1.75 inch platform. Therefore, wearing it can make you appear roughly 1.5 inches taller.

What Is The Heel Height Of Reebok Shoes? 

The heel height of Reebok shoes varies depending on the model. For example, Club C Extra has a heel height of 2 inches. However, the Reebok Classic Leather SP adds significant height.

How Tall Is Reebok Classic Leather SP?

The Reebok Classics gives a height increase of 1.3 inches due to its thick sole and padded interior.

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