Softsfeel Shoes Review 2023 – Is it Scam Or Legit?


Hello, everyone! As shoe lovers, we always want to try something new and elevate our looks. But staying cautious while buying outside reputable brands and retailers is necessary. 


Nowadays buying shoes is getting bit risky, especially from online. That’s why I always try to keep you guys updated with different types of shoes to avoid getting scammed online!
Today we gonna do Softsfeel shoes review, where we will verify their legitimacy, and I’ll give you an in-depth report on their service, return, and privacy policy of their website.

We’ll also dig into their terms and conditions and find out what’s going on behind the scenes. This review does not focus on the dark side only; we will explore good things about them too.

Let’s join me on this amazing journey, and we will reveal the secrets of softsfeel shoes together. Never worry about falling into the hands of scammers. I will always have your back.

What is Softsfeel?

Softsfeel is an online store that makes Softsfeel shoes and claims to sell various walking and running shoes at cheap prices. Softsfeel walking shoes are popular among them. But, the alarming thing about them is that their offers are not genuine. Their products are so cheap that they are of the lowest quality. 

Softsfeel walking shoes review

Softsfeel walking shoes offer a unique tread pattern that provides a good grip on all terrains, making them anti-slip. 

However, after a few days of use, it seems that the comfort and support they initially provide seem to diminish rapidly. Some users have reported that over time the shoes stretch out, while others found their shoes to be hard and stiff, contrary to the ‘soft feeling’ expectation.

Is Softsfeel Legit or Fake?


Softsfeel is not a legit site. There are so many red flags about them that I can’t finish talking about them. The website was created in May 2022 and expired in May 2023. It was again updated for one year. The registration for only a year shows that this site is easily disposable, which makes it untrustworthy.

There is an address of 253 Rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris, France, on the Softsfeel website as a company address which is fake. 

Moria Plus, a shady company with a terrible online reputation, owns it. Moreover, They tell people that they are located in the UK. Still, in reality, most of the online reviews indicate that their products come from China.

So, think before believing any site is legit if you see they are UK based. It is very easy to have a pseudo-identity and virtual address with a minimum cost.

Their discount rates on the products also raise suspicion. By giving outrageous discounts, they want customers to drop their guard. Website Review

I have researched Softsfeel .com and collected their registration data. You can find their domain information, registrar information, DNSSEC information, and authoritative servers in my report below. I also researched the risk factors and did authority checks using various tools.

Domain Information


Registry Domain ID: 2693954709_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited


Registry Expiration: 2024-05-05 07:09:27 UTC

Updated: 2023-04-02 01:46:26 UTC

Created: 2022-05-05 07:09:27 UTC

Registrar Information

IANA ID: 1479

DNSSEC Information

Delegation Signed: Unsigned

Risk Check

A risk check of the site shows that it is likely to be safe. So, there are 50/50 chances of safety.

CERT NZ: CERT NZ has no data for this website (neutral)

Maltiverse: Likely safe (neutral)

APWG: Not reported for phishing (source-positive)

Complytron: This site isn’t reported as sanctioned or blacklisted (source-positive)

DNSFilter: Not blocked by filter (source-positive)

FlashStart: NO content filtered (source-positive)

IQ Global: No indications found (source-positive)

Pulsedive: Not reported in the last 3 months to Pulsedive (source-positive)

Quad9: NO malware reported (source-positive)

Scamadviser: Small risk identified.

Domain Authority Check

URL Page Authority Domain Authority Linking Root Domains Total Links 8.00 5.00 0 0

Overall, the site does not seem legit. Though most risk checks came positive, it has an average trust score of 62. The registration will expire after a year which makes it disposable. Scamadviser identified a small risk. Domain and page authority is very low.

Real Softsfeel Shoes reviews from customer


Most of the Softsfeel shoes reviews are negative. They have zero customer support. Customers are so frustrated that they gave Softsfeel a 1.9 rating in Trustpilot. 79% of people there gave 1 star. Oakley Emerald mentioned shopping from Softsfeel is a money waste as the sizing shown on the site needs to be more accurate. Derek Noble, another customer, accused them of charging his card twice. One customer even called the company trash.

Some customers also complained about their product quality and return policy. They do not provide good sizes often. The customer reviews show that the company is an absolute fraud.

Softsfeel website terms and conditions

Softsfeel operates a website/application, offering products and services to users. Users agree to the terms and conditions by using it, not engaging in illegal activities. The company may refuse service and is not liable for information accuracy. Prices may change, and the service might be modified or discontinued. 

Some products/services are exclusive and subject to quantity limits. Users must provide accurate billing information. Optional third-party tools are available but used at users’ risk. User comments may be edited and used without restriction.

The company disclaims uninterrupted service and disclaims liability for damages. Users must indemnify the company for breaches. If any provision is unlawful, it’s severed. The agreement is governed by French law, with updates posted on the website.

Softsfeel website return policy

Cancellation: Orders can be canceled before shipment or production, resulting in a full refund. Once the product is shipped, cancellation is not possible.

Returns: You may return the product within 14 days of receiving product delivery. The item must be unused, in its original packaging, and accompanied by a receipt. Personalized or custom items cannot be returned for a 14-day refund. If the return is the consumer’s fault, they are responsible for the shipping fee.

Refunds: An approval or rejection notification will be sent after receiving and inspecting the return. Payments will be refunded to the original method of payment within a certain period.

Late or Missing Refunds: Customers should check their bank account and contact their credit card company or bank if a refund has not been received. Contact customer service at to get the return address.

Softsfeel website privacy policy

Softsfeel takes the privacy of users seriously. This privacy statement outlines how personal data is collected, used, shared, and processed. Personal data includes information that can directly or indirectly identify users. The company uses personal data to promote safety and security, verify accounts, and monitor for fraud or illegal activity. Types of personal data collected include data provided by users and data about the use of products and services.

The company uses cookies for various purposes. Personal data may be disclosed to strategic partners for product improvement and marketing. All users are entitled to access, correct, or delete their data and can object to further processing. The privacy statement may be periodically updated to comply with regulations and industry practices.

Though they say they take privacy seriously, some security issues exist. The website is prone to hackers, and users’ personal and financial information can be leaked because the site is not protected.

Can Paypal make a safe purchase from Softsfeel?

No, it can’t. Some suspicious stores exploit a loophole in PayPal’s system by providing a fake tracking number unrelated to the purchase. When users receive this false tracking number, PayPal considers the transaction complete, making it challenging to dispute.

Therefore, using PayPal does not guarantee immunity from scams. Being cautious and prepared for unexpected situations is essential when making online purchases.

Softsfeel website shipping policy

They aim to offer excellent shipping options worldwide. They serve numerous customers daily and prioritize delivering top-notch services. Order delivery consists of two phases: processing time, taking 3-7 days, and shipping time, which ranges from 14 to 30 days.

They utilize air transport as the shipping method. Shipping fees are either $9.99 for standard shipping (order amount: 0~$99.99) or free for orders exceeding $99.99.

From where can I buy Softsfeel shoes?

Their shoes can be found on some renowned e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay along with their official site., Gitfe and Hisaja also keep Softsfeel shoes in stock.

How To Report Scam Websites?

Keeping internet users safe from fraud requires reporting scam websites. Start by collecting essential information, such as the website’s URL, any suspicious claims, and any interactions or transactions you’ve had with it, before reporting a scam website. You should report the scam website to the hosting provider if it is hosted on a legitimate platform. 

A government agency that deals with cybercrime or consumer protection can also be notified about the scam website in order to remove it from search results. If the website involves deceptive practices or consumer fraud, you can file a complaint with IC3 or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

By sharing your experience on social media or online forums, you can warn others about the scam website and prevent them from falling into the same trap. 

Report scam websites to help combat cybercrime and promote a safer internet environment for everyone. Be aware of suspicious websites and avoid sharing personal or financial information.


We have come to the end of the journey of reviewing Softsfeel shoes. It is a top-to-bottom fraud company. Their site has a fake contact address, and the company that owns them has a very bad reputation. Maria Plus also has a fake official address.

Many customers have complained about Softsfeel’s concealment of security, return policies, and customer service in product reviews. Softsfeel has a very low domain authority and page authority.

The shoes have been criticized for not alleviating foot or back pain as advertised, poor quality, and difficulty obtaining refunds or exchanges. People warn against ordering from this company due to its unreliable products and services, including double charges on credit cards.

So, dear readers and fellow shoe lovers, I advise you not to buy any product from Softsfeel. They are not trustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Softsfeel shoes made?

Softsfeel is a California-based shoe company that specializes in comfortable walking shoes designed to relieve foot pain. Their manufacturing location is in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Online reviews from customers also indicate that their products might come from China.

Are Softsfeel shoes slip resistant?

Softsfeel shoes are indeed described as slip-resistant. These shoes have ultra-light EVA rubber non-slip soles, providing secure footing and preventing slipping.

2 thoughts on “Softsfeel Shoes Review 2023 – Is it Scam Or Legit?”

  1. You are spot on. Here is my review.
    These shoes were very comfortable at first but did not last. I bought mine, with delivery in the last week of April. By the End of August there was no tread left and the heels were worn out with sharp plastic showing in the heels.
    I will not be buying another pair. 4 months to having to throw them out. Also the size is way off for North America. I ordered the size 10.5 but thier conversation to
    UK set me a size 12.

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