Is Fake Or Legit? SneakerWell Review


Introducing Sneaker Well, an online footwear retail store that has raised tremendous curiosity in the minds of sneakerheads.

Hi, I’m a sneakerhead like you and a professional shoe scam detector. I’m looking forward to shariSneakerwell.comng my experience with you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Is SneakerWell legit or just another scam? Well, do not worry, my dear readers, we’ll dig into the terms, return policy, and privacy policy of this website, to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.


Online shopping is of course a concern. In order to protect yourself and your hard-earned money, I’ll show you how to identify and report scam websites.

We won’t just focus on the dark side, we’ll also explore the good. So, join me on this thrilling journey through SneakerWell review. Together, let’s discover the truth behind this virtual sneaker paradise.

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What is Sneaker Well?

SneakerWell is an online retailer. It was founded in 2019. They specialize in sneakers and particularly Air Jordans. Their presence is not limited to their website. They have cultivated a strong social media presence on Instagram and Tiktok.

They have a wide range of collections that are showcased in their social accounts. However, the authenticity of their product has been questioned through mixed online reviews. So, you should do your research thoroughly before purchasing.

Is sneaker well Legit or Fake?


After doing Sneakerwell review, We have some real concerns regarding their company address and discount offers. Probably Yes, SneakerWell is fake!  

A number of social media icons are available on the website, but only a small number have active hyperlinks. According to the study, the website has a doubtable trust rating of 39.4 percent. It has several content showing plagiarism and of poor quality and it is in the highest risk category. 

While some users have had positive experiences with Sneaker Well, there are numerous reports of the site being fraud. Sources like Quora and Scam Detector deemed the site as legitimate and Wisdom Ganga and De-Reviews labeled the site fake. 

There is no information about the owner. Scammers know that revealing their identity will result in lawsuits against them and they may face jail time. Sneakerwell isn’t the right store to buy any product from. 

www.sneakerwell .com Website Review

sneakerwell. com

I have looked into sneakerwell. com and received their registration data by looking it up in You will know about their domain information, registrar information, DNSSEC information, authoritative servers, and some notices.

I also researched the risk factors and did domain authority checks using various tools. Here I have provided all the information for Sneakerwell review in detail. Also, I collected to make an overall assessment of the site.

Domain Information


Registry Domain ID: 2630304677_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN

Domain Status: active




Registry Expiration: 2023-07-30 05:12:59 UTC

Updated: 2022-07-23 03:58:11 UTC

Created: 2021-07-30 05:12:59 UTC

Registrar Information

Name: Xin Net Technology Corporation

IANA ID: 120

Abuse contact email: supervision@xinnet. com

Abuse contact phone: tel:+86.4008182233

DNSSEC Information

Delegation Signed: Unsigned

Authoritative Servers

Registry Server URL:

Last updated from Registry RDAP DB: 2023-07-18 17:14:39 UTC

Registrar Server URL:

Notices and Remarks

Terms of Use: Service subject to Terms of Use.

Status Codes: For more information on domain status codes, please visit

RDDS Inaccuracy Complaint Form: URL of the ICANN RDDS Inaccuracy Complaint Form:

Risk Check

We also did a sneaker well review for risk. We checked the following sources to get the necessary info.

Maltiverse: Unknown.

APWG: Not reported for phishing.

Completion: This site isn’t reported as sanctioned or blacklisted

DNSFilter: Not blocked by filter.

FlashStart: NO content filtered.

IQ Global: No indications found.

Pulsedive: Not reported in the last 3 months to Pulsedive.

Quad9: NO malware reported.

Scamadviser: Trust score of 76.

Domain Authority Check

SneakerWell web review

Moz did not find any data on the site, ahref provided a 0.6 authority score and Semrush almost showed no data due to its poor domain authority. 

Overall, the site is not legit. Scamadviser provided a score that is not good and apivoid provided a score of 55 which is also not positive. Because of their domain expiration, this website is not currently available. This can make some people think that they are fake but they are not. Sneakerwell is continuing its service through

Real sneaker well reviews from customer

A customer complained that even after a month of ordering, she did not receive her product. She was trying to communicate with them but they refused to refund and kept offering her a coupon. Another review was that the sole cracked within one month of the purpose. Though some people had positive experiences, most of the customers negatively reviewed them.

Sneakerwell. com website terms and conditions

By accessing and using the website, you agree to its terms and conditions. You must be 18 years old or supervised. The site grants a limited, non-transferable license for personal shopping only. Commercial use is prohibited without explicit permission.

Reproduction, distribution, or exploitation of content is not allowed. The site can refuse service, terminate accounts, or cancel orders at its discretion. You must not upload infringing or harmful content.

If assigned an account, you’re responsible for all activities and must report any unauthorized use promptly. Protect your password and identification. Violating these terms may result in license revocation and legal consequences. website return policy

Sneakerwell. com has a return policy. There is a form where they ask the order information and product information from users. But many people are complaining that they do not want to refund customers. Customers reviewed their return policy as poor.

Sneakerwell. com privacy policy

Customers’ trust is highly valued at the company, and they are committed to safeguarding the personal information they provide to them, as they state on their website. Consumers have control over their information, so no data will be sold or rented to anyone.

There may be links to third-party websites with their own privacy policies, and the privacy policy only applies to their website’s activities and data collection. You will be asked for consent prior to downloading any software from this site. is not responsible for any damages or data loss resulting from software downloads or updates.

How To Report Scam Websites?

Reporting scam websites protects others from falling victim, aids in shutting down scams, and may lead to legal action against scammers. It safeguards sensitive data, enhances cybersecurity, and contributes to consumer protection efforts. Prompt reporting helps build trust, educates the public, and prevents further harm.

Here is how you can report scam websites:

Document the Details: Before reporting, gather as much information as possible about the scam website. Note down the website URL, any contact details provided, and any specific fraudulent activities you encountered.

Report to the Website Host/Domain Registrar: Start by reporting the scam website to its hosting provider or domain registrar. You can find this information using a domain lookup tool. Contact the hosting provider or registrar’s abuse department and provide them with the evidence you collected.

File a Complaint with Government Authorities: Depending on your country, there might be specific government agencies or consumer protection authorities responsible for handling online scams. Search for the appropriate agency and file a complaint with them. They may have dedicated online reporting forms or hotlines for this purpose.

Notify Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): If you are in the United States, you can report the scam to the IC3, which is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Visit their website and submit a complaint.

Use Scam Reporting Websites: There are various online platforms that allow users to report scams and fraudulent websites. Websites like the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaint Assistant, and others offer reporting mechanisms for scams.

Report to Search Engines and Web Browsers: Inform major search engines like Google, Bing, and web browsers like Chrome, and Firefox about the scam website, so they can flag it as potentially harmful and prevent others from accessing it.

Warn Others: If you come across a scam website through social media, forums, or other platforms, warn others about it. This can help prevent more people from becoming victims.

The Positive Side Of Sneaker Well Website

sneaker well

The website sells expensive, high-end shoes, but also offers discounted products in its “weekly sale category.” Customers can easily contact the website through its email, and phone number. The site provides a link to its active Instagram page and showcases positive customer reviews on its official website.

Watch Out for Shoe Scams: Avoiding Fake Shoes

Shoe buyers face various scams, such as delayed deliveries, missing orders, and refund troubles.

We’ll start with Kagreal shoes. The company does not deliver on time to its customers. It is possible to order from them if you have patience.

Having looked at Owlkay shoes, I found them to be of low quality. Here are my Owlkay shoe reviews so you can get a better idea of their product quality.

It is time to talk about Libiyi shoes. It is common for them to delay delivering to their customers.

Another scam brand is Softsfeel shoes. Many customers have complained about these shoes. Their shoe quality is very poor.

Let me end by letting you know about Dotmalls Shoes. Shoes made in China are very low quality and often have delivery delays. Read Dotmalls Shoes reviews for more information.


We have come to the end of our SneakerWell review. As I have explained Sneaker Well has some serious concerns including their company address, very high discount offers, and customer reviews.

There are some good reviews along with negative reviews. Because of their domain expiration, some people find it suspicious. But they are a legit site  and their service might be available through

We have assessed the site thoroughly to make your decision easier. Though it is a trustworthy site, we advise you not to buy products from it. But you should do your own research if you still want to purchase.


What Happened to Sneakerwell? is currently shut down due to many regulations and chargers, however currently running.

Is there any test to verify if the sneakers are legit?

Yes, you can use several methods and tests to verify the authenticity of sneakers. Purchase from reputable sellers or authorized retailers first, as they will sell genuine products. Next, compare the sneakers’ packaging and details with official images from the brand’s website. Usually, sneakers are made with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, so check for irregularities, glue stains, and poor stitching. Check the SKU and serial numbers on the shoes and box to ensure they match. Use smartphone apps designed for sneaker authentication or seek professional assistance.

How can I scan shoes?

A QR code scanner app is required on your smartphone to scan shoes. Download a QR code scanner app from your phone’s app store – many are free. Open the QR code scanner and give camera access. From a distance where the entire QR code is visible on your screen, simply point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code on the shoes. Scanning the QR code will display the information encoded in it automatically. Shoes often have QR codes as part of anti-counterfeiting measures or for additional product information.

What is the best shoe verification app?

Legit Check App is one of the best options for shoe verification apps. It is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Where can I authenticate Jordans?

One of the best ways to authenticate Jordans is to purchase directly from the brand’s official website or retailers. These sources ensure that you are getting genuine merchandise. Additionally, you can use third-party authentication services like Legit Check App, Real Authentication, and Sneaker Con, which specialize in sneaker authentication. GOAT and StockX, two sneaker marketplaces that sell sneakers, offer their authentication services. Sneaker events and consignment stores may offer in-person authentication services, where experts can examine the shoes and verify their authenticity. Engaging with sneaker enthusiast forums and communities can also be helpful, as experienced collectors may have insights and opinions to help you authenticate your Jordans.

What is the QR code in shoes?

The QR code is a two-dimensional barcode readable by QR scanners or mobile devices and is found on shoes. It may serve various uses, including authentication, product information, inventory management, and customer engagement. Some shoes may have QR codes that give consumers additional information or direct them to specific websites as part of anti-counterfeiting measures.

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