Xero Shoes Review 2023 | Is Xero Shoes Really Good or Not?


Barefoot shoes are popular these days and for a good reason. I have just found a comfortable pair of shoes that are also stylish. These shoes are lightweight and come in a variety of colours. They’re perfect for hot weather because they allow your feet to breathe. I love wearing them on my days off when running errands or going out with friends.

Furthermore, they’re easy to pack when you’re on the go! With so many types and brands of barefoot shoes, it can be hard to choose the right one. This is why we’re highlighting Xero Shoes, one of our favourite brands. So, read this Xero shoes review to find out more.


Why Are Xero Shoes So Popular?

Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book, “Born to Run,” popularized barefoot running in 2006. The book championed the benefits of barefoot running. It inspired a movement of runners who ditch their shoes in favour of a more natural experience. 

Since barefoot running shoes has become more mainstream, many companies have emerged to meet the demand for minimalist shoes. Xero Shoes is one of the most popular brands in the space, thanks to its high-quality construction and innovative design. Running barefoot with Xero Shoes is similar to running barefoot. Only 4mm thick polymer soles provide enough cushioning to protect your feet without sacrificing sensation or feel. The shoes are also incredibly lightweight, thanks to their minimalist design. And because they lack any unnecessary ornamentation or embellishments, Xero Shoes are an affordable option.

For their simple design and functionality, Xero Shoes have gained a following among runners and outdoor enthusiasts. But what sets them apart is their ability to provide a natural running experience that feels safe and comfortable. Keep Reading the Xero shoes review!

What are Xero Shoes and what do they offer?

Xero Shoes is a brand of minimalist shoes. In 2009, the company was founded by two engineers looking to create a more natural walking experience. Thus, a line of shoes mimics barefoot walking while providing some weather protection. Both men and women can choose from the Xero line of sandals, shoes, and boots (including hiking boots). 

Xero also offers a line of socks and insoles. 

Xero’s mission is to “encourage people to get outside, live an active lifestyle, and protect our planet.” Xero shoes are designed with a few key features in mind: lightweight, flexibility, comfort, and durability. The outsoles are designed to provide good traction and ground feel, while the midsoles offer cushion and support. Xero shoes are also popular among hikers, as they protect from the elements while allowing your feet to breathe. 

There are a few things that set Xero Shoes apart from other brands. 

  • They have a very minimalist design. The shoes provide just enough coverage and support without being bulky or uncomfortable.
  • Xero shoes are made from natural materials like leather and hemp, which makes them breathable and comfortable to wear. 
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority for these shoes. Your shoes are exchangeable or returnable if not perfectly fitted. 

Shoes are available in men’s and women’s styles, sizes, and widths. You can order Xero shoes online or through select retailers.

Xero Shoes Construction Material

We will discuss the construction materials in this Xero shoe review.


Xeros shoes are made out of a synthetic leather upper and have a mesh lining. The insole is made of EVA foam, and the outsole is made of rubber. It has a zero-drop, 4mm-thick sole made of Injinji toe socks, a cushy midsole, and a durable Vibram outsole. Its materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

Laces and insoles are made of organic cotton and recycled materials. Rubber outsole and recycled polyester upper are made from recycled materials. The shoe is available in men’s and women’s sizes 7-13. With the Xero Shoes Prio, you can walk, run, hike, and cross-train. This is an excellent choice for those looking to ditch their traditional shoes and switch to a more minimalist footwear style.

Xero shoe Weight

There is no shoe lighter than Xero Shoes. They weigh just 4.8 ounces for a size 9 men’s shoe. These shoes are perfect for runners or people who want a light, comfortable shoe to walk around. Xero Shoes’ website has a handy weight calculator that lets you select your gender, width, and shoe size. A size 9 men’s shoe in the standard width weighs 4.8 ounces, while a size 9 wide-width shoe weighs 5.1 ounces.

The weight of the shoes is listed on the website, and you can make an informed decision. So, feel free to check out these highly lightweight shoes.

Xero Shoes Traction


Choosing the right hiking shoes requires careful consideration of many factors. Xero Shoes are the perfect way to get around in all kinds of terrain. The shoes feature a unique traction system that helps you keep your footing regardless of the terrain. 

It is designed to provide the best traction on various surfaces with Xero shoes. Both dry and wet surfaces are well-tractioned thanks to a rubber compound that is both durable and flexible. Even in challenging conditions, the shoe’s lacing system ensures that the shoe remains secure on your foot. 

Xero shoes are designed to help you stay safe and confident on slippery hills or muddy fields. Keeping your feet comfortable all day long is also a priority with these shoes. Xero Shoes are ideal for hikers or those looking for comfortable walking shoes. 



An excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, Xero shoes are designed to be ultra-lightweight and durable. The shoes are made from synthetic materials and real leather, making them both comfortable and long-lasting. Rubber soles are also reinforced to resist wear and tear. 

One of the best things about Xero shoes is that they come in various styles and colours, so you can find a pair that suits your taste. With Xero, you can choose from rugged hiking boots and stylish casual shoes. 



Xero Shoes are available in many colours, from bright and bold to more subdued tones. With Xero, you can choose a shoe that complements your existing wardrobe or makes a statement. The brand’s popular Z-Trail sandal is available in 12 different colours, including a striking shade of blue that is sure to turn heads. The Xero Basecamp boot comes in black, brown, and grey for those who prefer a more understated look. No matter what your style, Xero Shoes has a colour option to fit your fashion sense.

Popular Women Xero Shoes

Xero shoes are among the most popular shoes on the market. They are known for their comfort, durability and style. These shoes are rapidly becoming a popular footwear choice for people who want the health benefits of being barefoot but with the added protection of a shoe. Why Xero shoes are so popular is easy to understand.


  • What you’ll notice first about them is how comfortable they are. Toes spread out naturally in the wide toe box, and the flexible sole allows your foot to move and flex naturally. You can wear them while hiking, running, or strolling around town.
  • They are environmentally friendly. The soles are made from recycled tires, and plastic bottles are used for the uppers. 
  • Finally, These shoes are affordable. A pair of Xeros typically costs less than a standard pair of running shoes.

Consider purchasing a pair of Xero shoes; This Xero shoes review will provide information on the pros and cons of Xero shoes and help you decide if they are the right shoe for you. Here is a list of some popular women’s Xero shoes. 

Xero Prio – Women Xero Shoes Review

The Xero Prio is a versatile running and fitness shoe for various activities. The shoe’s unique design provides support and comfort while still allowing your foot to move freely. Moreover, it has a lightweight, breathable design, which makes it ideal for hot-weather workouts. You can enjoy the ground beneath your feet while still being protected from the elements thanks to 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber. Based on your mood, you can have more or less of a “barefoot feel” with the optional 2mm insole. With a 5,000-mile sole warranty, the Xero Prio is built to last, no matter how hard you push it. 

Moreover, these shoes are made from 100% vegan-friendly materials, meaning no animals were harmed in making them. Each weighs just 7.4 ounces, making them lightweight. Plus, the reflective material on the shoe helps you stay visible when running at night or in low-light conditions. With a price tag of just $89, the Xero Prio (Women) Shoes are an incredible value for anyone looking for a high-quality walking shoe.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Very Lightweight
  • Breathable Upper Material
  • Affordable


  • Not Long Lasting
  • Not For All Trail

Prio All-Day SR – Women Xero Shoes Review

This shoe is designed for comfort and support, with a cushioned insole and a wide toe box that prevents pain and fatigue. Its outsole is for traction and stability, so you can run errands or walk on the treadmill. Women’s Xero Prio All-Day SR shoes are slip-resistant and comfortable, perfect for all-day wear. Featuring a wide, foot-shaped foot box, you can spread your toes and relax, and the design is low-to-the-ground for a perfect balance. These shoes are truly life-changing, providing both comfort and superior performance.

The price is just $129. So you should consider the Xero Prio All-Day SR if you want a versatile, comfortable, and stylish shoe. 


  • Comfortable
  • Secure heel lockdown
  • Nice Grip


  • Expensive

Phoenix Leather – Women Xero Shoes Review

Introducing the Xero Phoenix Leather – Women’s Dressy Flat! The best thing about this shoe is that it covers everything in your closet. With a chic and dainty design, the Xero Phoenix Leather is perfect for weddings, date nights, or even a day at the office. Besides, this shoe is also extremely comfortable, thanks to its padded insole and flexible outsole. 

This elegant women’s dress shoe is made from full-grain leather for a luxurious look. It feels and features a 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole for superior comfort all day long. The removable 2mm insole lets you customize the level of “barefoot feel” to suit your needs, and the 6-ounce weight makes it the perfect choice for long days on your feet.

Look no further than the Xero Phoenix Leather – Women’s Dressy Flat if you’re looking for a versatile, stylish flat!


  • Natural comfort
  • Full-grain upper leather
  • Stylish


  • Runs Small

Aqua Cloud – Xero Women’s Sandals

Xero Shoes Women’s Aqua Cloud sandals are perfect for a day at the beach or any other summertime activities. It is possible to wear these sandals on dry land or in the water. Their adjustable straps and cushioned footbeds provide plenty of support and comfort. 

The Aqua Cloud sandals are also very lightweight and easy to pack, making them a great choice for travel. They have a flexible, durable FeelTrue® sole that has been improved with traction and grip. The BareFoam™ layer is 3mm thick and spans the entire footbed for added comfort. They weigh just 4.4 ounces each, making them practically weightless. Easy lacing makes them easy to put on and take off. You won’t find a more comfortable or stylish sandal than these. They are affordable too. 

The price is just $49. Best of all, there are many colours and styles to choose from. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a new pair of summer shoes or comfortable shoes for the beach, Xero Shoes Women’s Aqua Cloud sandals are a great choice. 


  • Enjoyable for Barefoot
  • Very Lightweight
  • Very Flexible
  • Phenomenal ground feel
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Not for all kinds of feet

Z-Trail EV – Xero Women’s Sandals

This versatile, all-purpose shoe is perfect for various activities. These sandals Z-Trail EV will provide the traction and stability you need. Furthermore, the shoes are comfortable enough for extended wear, making them ideal for travelling or running errands. 

It’s extremely lightweight (just 4.3 ounces each!). It has a durable FeelLiteTM sole with TrailFoam™ in the middle for natural flexibility and comfort. The updated dual chevron lug pattern provides stability and traction on any terrain. These shoes ensure a secure fit with a built-in lacing system and a rock plate that protects your feet from uneven surfaces. 

It is available in various stylish colours to suit any taste. Best of all, it’s affordable, so you can enjoy the benefits of barefoot hiking without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect shoe for everyday wear or a versatile option for your next adventure; the Xero Z-Trail EV will exceed your expectations. 


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable 
  • Very Flexible 
  • The straps are easy to adjust
  • Great for wide-footed wearers
  • Affordable


  • Average quality
  • Straps get loose easily

Are Xero Shoes Value For Money?

So, are Xero Shoes worth the money? For some people, yes!

Suppose you’re looking for a minimalist shoe that will allow you to experience the benefits of barefoot running or walking. In that case, Xero Shoes may be a good option for you. These shoes are light, comfortable and tough. They have a 5,000-mile sole warranty which is great value for money. The shoes are available in various colours and sizes to suit different people. They have a comfortable fit and are very easy to break in. The shoes are also very breathable and help to keep your feet cool in summer.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone will enjoy wearing them or find them comfortable. Also, because they’re so minimalist, they may need to offer some people more protection from the elements. Ultimately, the decision about Xero Shoes’ value depends on the person. 

How to spot a fake pair of Xero Shoes

Xero shoes are a famous brand of minimalist footwear. Still, unfortunately, there are a lot of fake Xero shoes on the market. When trying to spot a fake pair, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Check the Xero shoes reviews. The site is likely fake if the reviews are all positive and there are no negative comments.
  • Take a close look at the photos of the shoes. They probably could be better than they seem. 
  • Be wary of any site that offers Xero shoes for an insanely low price. 
  • Fourth, check for typos and grammatical errors on the website. If the site is full of them, it’s probably not legitimate. 

Xero shoe customer service is available if you still need assistance. Following these simple tips, you can avoid being scammed by a fake Xero shoe website.


Overall, Xero Shoes are a creative and innovative take on traditional shoes. The products are unique and innovative and can be used for various purposes. These shoes are well-made, comfortable, and a good choice for protection from the elements. My recommendation is for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional shoes or sandals. Thanks for reading my Xero Shoes review.

People also asked about Xero Shoes

Can you wear Xero Shoes in water?

Xero shoes are not designed to be worn in water, and their use in water may damage the shoes or decrease performance.

Are Xero Shoes Made in The USA?

Yes. Xero Shoes is a U.S.-based company that makes minimalist shoes.

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