Zekear Shoes Reviews | Is Zekear a Scam or Legit?


Hello guys, It’s Nayem here with Zekear Shoes Reviews. I got many requests from my readers to write about if Zekear a scam or not.

After researching from different sources, I found out that their website is pretty much legit.

But some customers are angry with their service and the shoes they provide. So it is always my advice to check shoe quality from reviews before ordering. 

Let’s take a look at their shoe quality, comfort, website authority, and so on to know if they are bad or good.

Don’t order yet. Read slowly to the bottom to find out if you can buy from Zekear.

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About Zekear


Zekear is a new player in the e-commerce industry. It offers many footwear like loafers, sandals etc for both men and women.

What does Zekear offer?

As you know, Zekear offers shoes for both men and women. They offer loafers for daily use or casual wear for men.

Besides, you can buy handmade sandals with unique designs from them.

These shoes are available in black, white, grey, light, medium, and dark brown. So you style many outfits with their shoes.

They also offer a huge collection of shoes for women.

Zekear Also offers sports sneakers, casual wear, sole shoes, vintage zipper shoes, lace-up knees, low heels, wedge sneakers, and more.

You can find on their website that Sneakers and sandals are available in pink, white, black, blue, and brown. 

Furthermore, they offer Zekear orthotic shoes.

I have also written about Zekear orthotic shoes reviews.

These shoes have very high prices.

But they often offer discounts, making their high-quality shoes more affordable. 

Is the website legit?


After many tests and findings, I have learned that this website is not authentic.

Zekear does offer multiple payment options, which adds a level of convenience for customers.

However, it’s worth saying that they don’t have an exchange policy. That’s why It could be a potential downside for some shoppers.

According to Trustpilot, I found that Zekear has received 1-star reviews from 79% of its customers.

This might suggest some dissatisfaction with the service or products provided by the site.

I’ve shared this information about Zekear with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What’s your take on Zekear?

Essential details about Zekear .com

Below, I have provided everything you need to know about zekear .com.

Website URL: https://zekear .com/

Categories: Men’s Shoes, Women’s shoes

Shipping Policy: They usually take 15 to 20 days. And Before shipping your order, it normally takes 2-4 days to prepare your products,

Return Policy: Products can be returned within 30 days (terms & conditions applied)

Payment Method: Paypal/credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, JCB)

Track Order Availability: Yes

About zekear .com domain:

  • Domain Registered On: 2021-07-02
  • Website Last Updated On: 2023-07-03
  • SSL Certificate Available: Yes (Connection Secured)
  • Expires In: expiry date is less than a year away

Where are Zekear shoes made?

 Zekear Shoes are made in Italy.

Although some reviews tell us that the company might be based overseas, maybe in India or China. But this isn’t confirmed. 

Despite the mixed reviews, you can find these shoes on amazon and Zekear’s own website.

Key Feature Of Zekear Shoes


Zekear shoes are known for their versatility and comfort.

They serve footwear to meet needs. They offer shoes from sports sneakers to casual wear. Even they also offer orthopedic shoes.

Here are some key features you should know in this Zekear shoe review:

  • Variety: Zekear offers you different styles, including sports sneakers, casual wear, and sole shoes. Moreover, they provide vintage zipper, lace-up knee, low-heel, and wedge sneakers.
  • Comfort: One of the important features of Zekear shoes is their focus on comfort. They feature cushioned insoles that provide a comfortable base for your feet. Because of this, it reduces pressure and stress.
  • Breathability: Zekear shoes are made with airflow-like materials that allow your feet to stay cool and dry, even on hot summer days.
  • Shock-Absorption: Zekear orthopedic shoes feature shock-absorbing outsoles. This helps you to reduce stress on your feet. It makes them ideal for those with foot pain or those who spend much time on their feet.
  • Orthotic Friendly: Zekear’s specially made insoles protect your foot arches and heels. They also help you stand and move in a way that’s good for your body. Their support for your arch makes walking and standing easier, especially for people with certain foot problems.
  • Quality Materials: Zekear claims to provide its customers with the best materials. It also ensures durability and long-lasting wear.

Pros And Cons Of Zekear Shoes

I successfully gathered a list of pros and cons about Zekear shoes for you. Check out these shoes to see if their shoes right for you or not.


  • Versatile range: Zekear offers different shoe styles. You can wear this shoe for different kind of occassions.
  • Comfortable fit: These shoes can provide you a comfortable fit.
  • Orthopedic support: Their orthopedic shoes provide arch support and shock absorption for you if you have any foot conditions,
  • Quality materials: Zekear tells that the materials used are of high quality.
  • Competitive pricing: There are many affordable quality shoes available at Zekear.


  • Lack of specific manufacturing information: As we know their shoes is made in Italy. But they did not tell us more than that.
  • Limited availability: Zekear is primarily an online platform, so customers cannot try on shoes before purchasing.
  • Mixed reviews: While Zekear has many positive reviews, there may be some mixed feedback regarding aspects like sizing consistency or customer service.

Real Zekear Shoes Reviews From Customer

From the reviews from Trustpilot, I can tell you that Zekera is a bad service provider. Most of the customers said that their shoes are not that good.

And they are scamming people. 

Here are some review you can see for yourself:

Joyce Hardwick Said

“Zero! Ordered a pair of sandals last month (June) that was supposed to arrive on June 26, 2023. But I never received them. So, buyer beware, this company may not be on the up and up.

Ana Mota Said

“Don’t buy! Horrible quality! I wish I read the reviews before, DON’T BUY THERE!!!
Cheap quality and sizing, $80 going to the trash, literally there’s no other use for these cheap quality sandals.
Refund policy 30 days? yes if you pay more than what you spent to return to China!
This is their answer:
“Considering the high shipping fee to return it all the way back to our warehouse (about return shipping fee is $50-$80), will it be possible to offer a $15.00”

Zekear Orthotic Shoes Reviews


I found Zekear Orthotic Shoes has poor customer service reviews, with a rating of 33 out of 150 reviews.

Customers expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with their experience.

Another source also mentioned that Zekear Orthotic Shoes has a 98% poor rating based on 150 plus reviews. Customers teltheir disappointment with the brand.

Zekear Women’s Shoes are available on Amazon, but there were no specific reviews about the brand.

If you wish to order from them, I recommend checking for yourself first.

Website terms and conditions

Here are some simple points I found from the website’s terms and conditions while reviewing their website:

  • Age Requirement: You need to be old enough to use their site. This shows they follow the law.
  • Service Termination: If you break the rules, your account can be closed immediately. They take rule-breaking seriously.
  • Accuracy and Updates: The information on the website can change at any time. They ask users to check for updates.
  • Limited Quantities: Sometimes products sell out, but you can return or exchange items according to their return policy.
  •  Privacy and Third-Party Links: Your personal information is protected under their privacy policy. They explain how they handle links to other websites.
  • Use of Comments: The website can use and edit user comments. They’re open about how they use user comments.
  • Termination: The user or the website can end the agreement anytime. This seems fair.
  • Governing Law: The website operates under Germany’s laws. This makes it clear which country’s laws apply.
  • Updates: The website can change the terms and conditions and advises users to check for changes. This shows they want to keep users informed.

Some Alternative For Zekear Orthotic Shoes

There are several alternatives to Zekear Orthotic Shoes that you might consider.

For example, Kuru Footwear, Propét, Orthofeet, and Hoka have been recommended as high-quality orthopedic shoes.

The Vionic Zinah Slip-On sneaker is also highlighted as a versatile leather slip-on women’s shoe.

Orthafeet’s Francis Walking Shoes have received positive reviews for their excellent cushioning and arch support.

These shoes can provide you relief of plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Amazon also offers a great selection of orthotic shoes for both men and women, including Orthofeet’s Women’s Orthopedic Breathable Mary Jane Shoes.

Zekea Shoes Website privacy policy.

We have seen terms and conditions of this website. Now let’s talk about their privacy policy.

  • They gather personal details when you buy something and check your computer’s IP address when you visit their site.
  • If you allow them they will provide you the updates.
  • They need your permission to collect data and for marketing purposes.
  • If the law requires their data or if someone breaks their Terms of Service then they will share your personal information.
  • Their store is on Shopify, which uses secure encryption to keep your information safe.
  • You should look at the privacy policies of any other websites they link to.
  • Zekear takes steps to keep your data safe and uses cookies to track your activity on their site.
  • If you’re under age, they need to confirm you have permission from a parent or guardian.
  • Zekear can change its privacy policy and will let users know about any changes.

Zekea Shoes Website return policy.

A number of customers reported with return policy of Zekear. They are not satisfied with the materials and design of the shoes.

It is important to consider these factors before buying shoes from them.

Let’s see some reviews from customers about Zekear shoes return policy.


“I had the same experience with returns

I had the same experience with returns. They will pay me $8.00 to keep the shoes without a return. Otherwise, it will cost me $50-80 to return shoes that cost $39. When I said I will report the company to the BBB, they said I could purchase another pair for $15 and keep the original pair. Terrible scam.”

Ginger Jackson

“These shoes are awful, These shoes are awful. Made from cheap imitation suede material on the upper with very strange and unsafe closure that looks like a buckle but actually just slides under a metal hook and won’t stay. This is unsafe when it comes loose while wearing shoe. Sole is hard and not flexible at all. Says 30-day money back but that remains to be seen since I am now about a week into trying to get a refund. Don’t buy these shoes.”

Zekear Boots Reviews


Zekear’s special boots are liked by people who want shoes that are comfy and give good support.

They have many styles and sizes, and they promise the boots will be comfortable.

But, some customers have said they’re not happy with the quality of the boots and how long they take to arrive.

So, it’s a good idea to read what other customers have said before you decide if you want to buy Zekear boots.

Whether the boots are comfy and supportive is very important when making your choice.

Some Shoes From Zekear Shoes

Zekaer offers different types of shoes for both men and women.

Let’s see some of the shoes from them. After seeing their shoes, you might buy one for yourself.

  1. Women’s Orthopedic Sandals Support Diabetes: One of the special sandals of Zekear is on sale for $39.89, down from $68.89. They’re made to help people with diabetes.
  2. 2023 Women’s Open Toe Rhinestone Wedge Sandals: These stylish sandals cost $67.89. They have an open-toe design and shiny stones.
  3. Women’s Walking Shoes with Arch Support: They’re light and airy, perfect for people with foot pain. It prevents you from slipping. You can find them on Amazon.
  4. Women’s Crystal Breathable Slip-On Walking Shoes: You can put on and take off these shoes easily. And they keep your feet cool when you walk. You can get them at Kastylee.
  5. Back Zipper Vintage Boots Lace-Up Holiday Mid-calf Boots: These boots have a cool old-school style. They lace up in the front and zip up in the back.
  6. Cushioned Low-Calf Buckled Boots: Low-calf boots are comfortable and stylish. They reach up to the middle of your calf and have a buckle on them.


It looks like the company might not be doing business in a fair or honest way.

Customers have shared bad experiences that make it seem like the company is not trustworthy.

They suggest it’s probably not a good idea to order from this company.

People have had problems with things like the quality of the products and getting their orders.

Some customers said they got items that weren’t as good as what the website said.

Others had trouble with their orders coming too late or not coming at all.

Thanks for reading Zekear Shoes Review


Are Zekear Boots Worth It?

Zekear Boots have received a mixed bag of reviews from customers. Some sources suggest that the boots are of poor quality and not worth the money. For instance, customers on Amazon have described the product as “very cheap quality” and advised against wasting money on it.

Are They Offer Promotion & Discounts?

Zekear offers discounts and promotions on its high-quality orthotic shoes, saving customers money. One of the main promotions is a 25% discount on every item, providing significant savings.

Further savings are available by buying two pairs and saving 10% or buying three pairs and getting one free. These promotions allow customers to balance quality and affordability when shopping for orthotic shoes.

Where Zekear Shoes Is Made?

The business is located at 5215 S Boyle Ave, Vernon, CA 90058. It’s worth noting that Zekear’s shoes are manufactured in Italy, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in shoemaking

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