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Cameron Hanes has significantly impacted outdoor fitness as an accomplished bowhunter and ultrarunner.

He gained fame through his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast and his friendship with outdoor fitness enthusiasts like David Goggins.

One of the reasons behind Cameron Hanes popularity is his running. He runs 20 miles on average per day. That’s some huge running.

So, you may wonder what running shoes does Cameron Hanes wear?

Cameron Hanes Running Shoes

Let’s delve into the specifics design and performance of Cam Hanes running shoes and why they are a top choice for this renowned ultra-marathon runner.

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Cameron Hanes’ Running Philosophy

Cameron Hanes’ running philosophy is devoted to his belief in pushing personal boundaries, embracing discomfort, and committing to consistent hard work. As a lifelong runner, he emphasizes resilience, discipline, and a never-give-up attitude.

He believes in training his body in the most uncomfortable environments and pushing through the pain barrier, a principle he applies to running and all aspects of his fitness regime.

Hanes runs a marathon at least twice weekly, averaging about 22 miles daily. He compensates for not running a full marathon by lifting weights an hour a day. Moreover, he practices his 80-pound compound bow daily, showing his dedication to discipline and consistency.

What Running Shoes Does Cameron Hanes Wear?

Cameron Hanes was known for wearing Under Armour running shoes for many years. His dedication to the brand led to a collaboration where he got his running shoe featuring his “Keep Hammering” branding.

It is designed to meet Hanes’ rigorous running demands and carry his motto.

While researching, I found that he has been spotted wearing different running shoes over the years. His choice of shoes often depends on the terrain and distance he plans to tackle.

Recently, Cameron Hanes has been seen wearing Speedland trail running shoes. These shoes were created in collaboration with Hanes. They featured a unique blood-splattered design, a nod to Hanes’ hunting personality. It’s a perfect match for Hanes’ extreme running habits.

Hanes has also been spotted wearing the Nike React on some occasions. The Nike React is known for its lightweight design and responsive cushioning, making it suitable for long-distance running.

Cameron Hanes has been associated with multiple brands of running shoes. Here are some of the notable ones:

  1. Speedland The GS: PGH: This brand collaborated with Cameron Hanes to create a trail running shoe. You can find these shoes on the Speedland website.
  2. New Balance FuelCell RC Elite V2: Cameron Hanes has been spotted wearing this shoe in the ‘Pink Glow’ color. They can be purchased from retailers, including New Balance’s official website.
  3. Under Armour HOVR Machina Off-Road Running Shoes: Cameron Hanes has been mentioned about this shoe. It can be found on the Sportsman’s website.
  4. Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%: Another shoe that Cameron Hanes has worn. They can be found at various online retailers.
  5. Under Armour Fattire Trail Runners and Boots: Cameron Hanes mentioned these on his Instagram account.

Under Armour HIVR Machina Off Road CH1 Running Shoes

Under Armour HIVR Machina Off Road CH1 Running Shoes

Cameron Hanes has worn Under Armour HIVR for years because they align with his running philosophy of enduring discomfort and pushing boundaries. The shoes offer the support, comfort, and durability he needs to handle extreme running routines.

They come in a ‘White Cruise Blue’ color scheme and bear Cameron Hanes’ “Keep Hammering” branding, reflecting his relentless work ethic.

I have to say that the UA HOVR™ technology of these shoes provides an ultralightweight feeling and positive energy return. This technology ensures near impact-free footfalls, making them ideal for long-distance running and rough terrains.

The shoes also feature a Pebax propulsion plate for speed and power. It’s designed to provide runners with a responsive and energetic running experience.

This shoe uses the L6 BOA® system for an evenly distributed fit without laces. This system allows quick adjustments during a run, enhancing comfort and stability.

Moreover, the shoes are made with a proprietary foam developed in partnership with Dow Chemical. This foam, wrapped in an ‘Energy Web compression fabric, delivers incredible cushioning and shock absorption with every foot strike.

However, as of early 2022, Cameron Hanes announced on Instagram that his partnership with Under Armour had concluded amicably. This leads us to the question – what running shoes does Cameron Hanes wear now?

Speedland’s Cameron Hanes Collab: The GS: PGH

The GS: PGH is a unique trail running shoe that successfully merges design and functionality for long-distance trails. Working with ultrarunner and bowhunter Cameron Hanes, Speedland has created footwear that reflects athletic prowess.

On June 7, 2023, Speedland launched its fourth commission, the GS: PGH, indicating its commitment to creating outdoor running footwear.

The GS: PGH closely resembles its predecessor, the GS: TAM, developed with input from Speedland athlete Dylan Bowman. Both shoes have been praised for their generous stack and customizable options tailored for long-distance trail runners.

According to Speedland co-founder David Dombrow, the GS: PGH is slightly lighter, thanks to compound changes and small adjustments for optimized fit.

The GS: PGH maintains all the features of the GS: TAM, including the optional and removable carbon fiber plate designed for extra responsiveness during races and speed workouts.

It also boasts a spacer mesh upper reinforced with strategically placed high-tenacity fiber, providing durability and breathability crucial for long-distance trail running. The dual midsole, featuring a permanent outer section and removable blended Pebax section, and Michelin rubber with 4.5mm lugs ensure a secure grip on rugged terrain.

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite V2

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite V2

I saw some Instagram posts of Cameron Hanes where he was spotted with Nike Fuelcell RC. These shoes are great if you want to run like Hanes, or at least try them.

Long-distance runners will find them smooth, comfortable, and ideal. 

One of the key features of the FuelCell RC Elite V2 is its full-length carbon fiber plate and high-rebound FuelCell midsole compound.

This combination promotes energy return and provides a propulsive feel, allowing runners to maintain a fast pace over long distances. Despite their cushioning, they remain lightweight, ensuring runners don’t feel weighed down during their runs.

RC Elite V2 also stands out for its durability. Testers have reported that these shoes can easily go over 100 miles without showing wear.

Nike React

Nike React is an innovative foam cushioning technology that offers exceptional comfort and responsiveness. This shoe technology is 11% softer, offers 13% more energy return, and is more durable and lightweight than Nike’s previous cushioning technologies.

This shoe is reliable, comfortable, and durable footwear like other cameron hanes running shoe. You can wear this for intense workouts.

Cameron favors Nike React Infinity Run for its high cushioning and energy return. These features are particularly beneficial for long-distance runners, offering increased comfort and reducing the risk of fatigue during prolonged runs. The light weight of these shoes further enhances running efficiency, making them a popular choice among dedicated runners.

However, it’s important to note that Hanes’ choice of footwear extends beyond just running shoes. For instance, he uses the Cam Hanes CH1 Under Armour Gore-Tex Hunting Boots for his bowhunting adventures.

Cameron Hanes’ Insights on Choosing Running Shoes

Cameron Hanes believes in choosing the right running shoes to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and provide necessary support and comfort during runs. His insights shed light on the significance of considering personal needs and running conditions when selecting the perfect pair of running shoes.

Hanes recommends considering several factors when choosing running shoes, including the type of terrain you’ll be running on, the shoe’s durability, comfort, weather resistance, and weight. He suggests prioritizing good cushioning, stability, and comfort for road running. Durable, comfortable, and weather resistant are more important for steep paths or rugged terrain.

So if you want to choose cam hanes running shoes, follow the above factor he recommended.

How Much they cost and Where Do I Buy Cam Hanes Running Shoes?

As you know about Cameron Hanes running shoes, you might want to buy them for yourself. But if you don’t know where to buy it, don’t worry. I have provided the information you need.

You can buy these running shoes from Zappos, Foot Locker, StockX, etc. As for the speedland, The GS: PGH, is available on the official website of speedland.

Price: The price of GS:PGH is around $275.


Cameron Hanes always goes for versatile and durable running shoes that can handle the demands of trail running and his outdoor lifestyle.

Whether it’s a pair of New Balance running shoes, a special edition Speedland trail running shoe, or robust Under Armour off-road runners, Hanes chooses footwear that supports his high-intensity training and aligns with his adventurous spirit.

So, which Cam Hanes running shoes are you picking? Let me know in the comment box.

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