New Balance 550 Review: The Perfect Shoe for Everyday Wear


The New Balance 550 might be the right sneaker for you if you are a fashion-forward individual. As part of our review of this shoe, we explore its unique features, including a unique style and design.


Through the years, I’ve tried various brands and models of sneakers. But as a New Balance user, their 550 model stands out for me. As far as cushioning and support are concerned, this shoe provides excellent performance, which is perfect for all-day users like me, who are constantly on their feet.

Moreover, the breathable mesh construction makes it light on my feet while providing the sturdy base I need to feel confident in my stride. They are stylish enough for everyday wear and durable enough for running and other forms of exercise. Plus, they provide the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and the proper support without feeling too rigid or heavy. 

In this New Balance 550 review,  We examine these sneakers’ pros, cons, and key features and what makes them an excellent choice for a sneaker lover. So, anyone on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers, read my New Balance 550 review.

The History Of New Balance 550

In 1989, the New Balance 550 was released, becoming an instant hit among sneaker enthusiasts for its stylish design and comfortable fit. With the help of a team of engineers and designers at New Balance, the 550 was the first model to feature a unique dual-density sole unit that provided extra cushioning and support while maintaining a lightweight feel.

The shoe also featured innovative reflective detailing, making it an ideal choice for runners, athletes, and casual wearers. Today, the New Balance 550 remains a top choice among sneaker collectors and fashionistas worldwide, thanks to its timeless style, superior craftsmanship, and high comfort level.

What Makes New Balance 550 So Popular 

It has been a long time since New Balance 550 sneakers were one of the most popular sneakerhead footwear options. This success can be attributed to the high-quality materials and construction that go into every pair of New Balance 550 sneakers. These shoes are made using premium suede and materials that provide a soft, comfortable fit.

In short, the popularity of New Balance 550 can be attributed to its superior design, high-quality construction, and on-trend aesthetic. With a pair of New Balance 550 shoes, you can wear them casually or stand out from the crowd.

Who Should Buy New Balance 550?

  • New Balance 550 sneakers are ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable, versatile pair of shoes.
  • People who are looking for affordable and high-quality premium sneakers.
  • People who don’t want to put their extra time into maintaining their shoes often.

Who Should Not Buy New Balance 550

Answering this question requires consideration of several factors, including foot size and shape. There may be better choices for those with narrow feet than these sneakers. Because they are relatively snug, those with narrower feet may find that the 550s squeeze their toes uncomfortably. People with tiny feet may find that they are too short or too tight for their liking. 

New Balance 550 Review – The Features of New Balance 550

Their innovative designs feature premium materials like plush cushioning and supportive cushioning, as well as a variety of advanced features that make every stride feel just right. The 550 is one of their most popular models, which comes with a foam midsole for shock absorption and a protective suede toe cap.

Also, this shoe features an orthotic-friendly build quality, making it an excellent choice for those dealing with foot pain or discomfort. 

Furthermore, the shoes are equipped with bacteria-fighting properties to help keep them fresh and odour-free. So, no matter what workout you’re doing, this sneaker has everything you need for advanced exercises on the road or the trail. 

Retro Classic Stylish Design


A retro classic sneaker model, the New Balance 550 is ideal for casual and sporty activities. A leather base paired with strong details like a high-quality suede cap and perforated holes complements the shoe’s classic design. Stitched branding can also be seen in the bright hue against the shoe’s sleek white colourway.

And, lastly, no New Balance shoe would be complete without the signature foam midsole, which ensures comfort and support no matter what you’re doing in your New Balance 550s.

Let’s Talk About Comfort

It is a slim, minimalist shoe with advanced comfort features. Cool, dry feet are ensured by foam midsole cushions and supports. In addition, the thick collar lining prevents blisters by protecting against rubbing, while the durable outsole of New Balance 550 provides stability on various surfaces.

Good Build Quality

New-Balance-550-Good-Build -Quality

When it comes to high-quality shoes, New Balance is a well-known brand. Their New Balance 550 is the perfect example of this reputation, with its premium materials, comfortable fit, and long-lasting performance. New Balance has always been committed to producing shoes that are not just fashionable but also excellent in terms of quality. 

Double-Layered Insole

The double-layered insole provides targeted support for the foot’s heel, arch, and ball. The first layer features soft cushioning for maximum comfort, and the second layer provides structural integrity and a stable foundation for your movements. 

Upper Profile

This shoe has a unique combination of leather and synthetic fibres on the upper. These materials allow your feet to stay calm, dry and supported as you move.

Traction Capability


Comfort is one of the main reasons the New Balance 550 is so popular. These shoes are designed with modern features ideal for casual wear and more intense workouts. With durable rubber outsoles and multiple treads, this shoe provides excellent grip. They’re also cushioned to absorb shock, so they’re comfortable all day. 

New Balance 550 Fitting


With the New Balance 550 shoe line, you can expect comfortable fitting and an array of features, styles, and support. Also, the new Balance 550 shoes are lightweight and durable enough for weightlifting sessions to endure high-impact cardio workouts.

The shoes are designed with a flexible outsole that mirrors the natural movement of your feet. As a result, these shoes offer superior comfort and support for athletic activities and casual wear. 


A shoe like this is perfect for hard workouts like running and cross-training. This shoe is designed to provide athletes with the best comfort and confidence with its supportive foam cushioning and wide toe box. Its durable rubber outsole also grips the ground well, making it an excellent choice for those who need stability and support while they exercise.

New Balance 550 Sizing

Men, women, and children can wear these shoes. Moreover, these comfortable and adjustable shoes come in various sizes, making them suitable for people of all ages. One of the key features of New Balance 550 shoes is their excellent sizing accuracy. 


There are many styles and colours available in the New Balance 550. This 550 offers exceptional value for $100-120, with many reviewers praising its durability and comfort. The shoe is made from premium materials and has cushion foam for all-day comfort. 


Any athlete or fitness lover will enjoy wearing New Balance 550 sneakers. Modern and stylish shoes offer high-performance features that make them ideal for all activities, from running and cross-training to hiking and casual wear. Take a look at these five reasons for buying a pair today:

  • They are designed with the latest technologies, including shock absorption systems and responsive cushioning materials.
  • These shoes are Lightweight and flexible, giving you more freedom and comfort in whatever you do.
  • There are a variety of colours and classic retro styles, so there is something to suit every taste and preference.
  • For those who want to save money or who want the most value, they are an excellent choice.
  • No matter what you’re looking for, New Balance has quality footwear exceeding your expectations.


Because of its lightweight design and comfortable feel, New Balance 550 is popular among runners and fitness lovers. However, before purchasing these shoes, you should consider some possible drawbacks. 

It needs a more secure lockdown fit since the laces tend to slip when you’re moving fast. 

Those with narrow feet may have trouble wearing the sneakers because they tend to fit more expensive than other New Balance models. Although this is great for low-impact activities like walking or running, there may be better options for vigorous workouts.

Comparison With Other Sneakers On The Market

Several similar shoes on the market today are comparable to New Balance 550. One of the most popular ones is the Nike Dunk Scrap, known for its unique style and diverse colour options. Another viable option is the Adidas Superstar Run-DMC, which is comfortable and lightweight, making it ideal for long runs.

Finally, the Adidas Forum 84 Low offers a range of colour options and features like responsive cushioning and arch support. Although these shoes are not exactly like New Balance 550 sneakers in every way, they offer many similar benefits that make them suitable alternatives. 

Is The New Balance 550 Worth Your Money?

If you want your money to be worth it, then the New Balance 550 is for you. Classic design and the latest athletic footwear technology make this shoe a hit. It has a durable rubber outsole for superior traction and responsive cushioning to keep you comfortable throughout any activity. This shoe is also known for its standout style, bold lettering, and retro look that never goes out of fashion.

You may be wondering How To Clean New Balance Shoes, but don’t worry. Our expert tips will help you keep your New Balance shoes in top condition.

Final Verdict

When I purchased my New Balance 550 sneakers, I wanted a comfortable and supportive pair of running shoes to keep up with my active lifestyle. Finally, the New Balance 550 were good. From the moment I put them on, I could feel the quality work and attention to detail that had gone into making these shoes. They were lightweight yet supportive, with flexible soles that gave me plenty of freedom of movement as I ran and exercised. 

The New Balance 550 is a great running shoe for neutral runners. It’s comfortable and supportive and provides plenty of cushioning. If you are looking for a new running shoe to help you run your best, this shoe should be at the top of your list. I highly recommend them! Thanks for reading my New Balance 550 Review. 


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