Hoka Vs Brooks Shoes: Why is Hoka better than Brooks?


Hey folks! Welcome to ShoesInquiry. Are you looking for an ulimate comparison of Hoka vs Brooks running shoes?

Well, I got your back. Because recently, I tried out Hoka and Brooks shoes. These two running shoes really impressed me. 

They also helped me to protect my feet from getting hurt while running outside for my morning exercise. 

Most of the runners like these two shoes. But they often wonder which shoes to pick for themself.

Today, I will share everything including it’s pors and cons that I have experienced while wearing these shoes. So, why are we waiting for? Let’s see in detail about Hoka vs Brooks.

Highlight: If you are someone who is in a hurry, then take a look at this. You can choose Hoka shoes if you need a lot of padding and support. Meanwhile, Brooks shoes are light and can give you a more natural feel.

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What are Hoka and Brooks running shoes, and what do they offer runners?


I am very concerned about my running shoes. Because of this Hoka and Brooks made a place in my shoe wardrobe. 

These shoes are very relaxing and popular on the market. But they have some major differences while satisfying different runners’ needs. 

Many Long distance runners who face ankle problems can benefit from Hoka shoes’ maximum cushioning and support.

Let’s talk about Brooks shoes. These shoes are often used for speed and agility. That’s why you might see many runners using these shoes in the track field.

Don’t judge too quickly. Cause both of these shoes offer diverse sizes and widths for a comfortable fit. 

They also come in many colors that can suit different types of runners in different places. 

Ultimately, it’s up to the runner to decide which brand is right for them. 

About Hoka One One Running Shoes


In 2009, Two guys from France named Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud started Hoka One One shoes.

What makes Hoka One One shoes special is how they are designed.

It gives lots of padding and support that can protect your feet from hard surfaces. And the unique feature is that they’re also light. Due to this, it won’t slow you down.

They have a special sole called a meta rocker and big heel cup. These can give you a wide area for your toe.

You can find Hoka One One shoes for boys, girls, and adults. Besides shoes, hoka also sells clothes and other stuff.

On Hoka website, there’s a cool feature that helps you pick the perfect shoe based on your foot size and shape.

A pair of Hoka shoes can cost from $90 to $160. Hoka even has a 60-day return policy if you’re not happy with your purchase.

They’ll ship your order for free if it’s over $100. Hoka shoes are made in places like China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

About Brooks Running Shoes


Brooks Running Shoe Company is a US-based firm that makes top-quality running shoes.

It was started by Marcus, a Belgian immigrant, in Seattle in 1914. He began by opening a shoe store.

By the 1930s, Brooks started making shoes just for runners. And before 1960, they were a big name in the running shoe market.

Nowadays, Brooks is loved by runners everywhere. Even some of the best athletes in the world wear their shoes.

The company’s goal is to encourage people to run and stay active.

They do this by making shoes that fit their customers’ needs.

Their main office is in Seattle. They have over 600 workers across the globe.

Brooks shoes are known for being super comfy. It gives good arch support and cushioning.

It makes them perfect for people who run long distances or live active lives.

Their latest shoe is the Brooks Running Shoe. It has a special design that helps reduce impact and boost energy return.

Brooks middle part of the shoe is made from a light foam that gives cushioning and support.

This shoe’s bottom part is made to give the most grip and last a long time.

That’s why runners go far without giving up comfort or performance.

Let’s say you want to join in a marathon, then brooks can certainly help you.

Which Is Better Hoka vs Brooks Running Shoes?

If you want to know which is better between hoka or brooks, then you might get a complex answer. 

Because both Hoka and Brooks have good and bad sides. 

As a runner, everything depends on you which shoes you want. 

Hoka shoes are famous for their padding and support.

People who love long-distance running can pick a pair of hoka shoes. 

These shoes are also good for people with sore joints.

But they can feel heavy and might be too hot in warm weather. 

Meanwhile, Brooks shoes are lighter and let your feet feel more air. 

That’s why you can enjoy running in hot weather. Also, brooks shoes long last than hoka shoes.

So, which one should you pick hoka vs brooks for standing all day

Let me tell you again in short, hoka can give you more padding while you can feel more comfortable on your feet with brooks. 

Brooks Vs Hoka Overall Fit And Comfort


It’s like comparing two different fruits when comparing brooks vs hokas

Hoka and Brooks have very distinct styles when it comes to designing shoes. 

Due to the meta rocker and padding Hoka shoes can help you run naturally. But Brooks makes supportive and balancing shoes. 

So, which brand makes the comfier shoes brooks or hokas?

It really depends on what you like as a runner. Hoka shoes are soft and have padding. But some runners think they’re too big for their feet and not stable enough. 

On the other hand, Brooks’ shoes do not have much padding. But they fit more securely and are more stable.

In the end, it’s all about what you prefer. If you want padding for comfort then go for Hoka. 

If you like a more classic shoe with good support, go for Brooks.

Brooks vs Hoka Running Shoes Sizing

Generally, it Doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you prefer but sizing will always play a big role in your shoe! 

So, let’s discuss hokas vs brooks size to help you getting the wrong shoe size.

After doing some research on their official website, I found that Hoka and Brooks shoe sizing requires a keen eye for detail. 

In the Hoka sizing spectrum, regular and wide options present varying dimensions that cater to diverse foot shapes. 

Hoka shoes offer diverse sizing for a different kind of shape.

They provide foot measurements in inches and centimeters. You can find these sizes in US, UK, European, Japanese, Mexican, and Chinese measures. 

You can find out from Hoka’s shoe size guide thay you need tells you to measure the length of your feet. 

After that adjust your shoe size by 2mm for the perfect fit. 

You can check out Hoka’s official website for their shoe size chart for yourself. 

Brooks suggests you order their running shoes a little bigger than you dress shoes.

They also show their sizes US, UK, and European styles. They also offer shoes in different widths. It comes from narrow to extra wide to suit different foot types. 

If you want to more about sizing then visit Brooks’s official website for their shoe size chart.

Hoka Vs Brooks Shoes Construction Details

Brooks shoes vs hoka are both great running shoes you can find one the market. But which one is better?

You should choose the right shoes according to your needs. If you want a light and cushioned shoe then Hoka is an excellent choice. 

But if you’re looking for a shoe with more support then Brooks is the way to go. 

Here’s a closer look at the construction details of Hokas vs Brooks shoes:

Hoka Shoes Construction Details

You will see a lightweight foam cushioning and support system in Hoka shoes. 

This foam absorbs shock impact that is why Hoka shoe are good for long-distance runners.

Hoka shoes also have a wider toe box than most other running shoes. It provides more space for your toes and reduces friction.

Brooks Shoes Construction Details

Meanwhile, when you look at the Brooks shoes, you’ll notice that they have a supportive cage that protects your feet. 

The cage also helps to prevent extreme sideways movement. 

Brooks shoes also have a higher arch than most other running shoes, which also provides support for runners with high arches. 

Some runners prefer Brooks shoes because their heels are narrower than Hoka shoes.

Hoka Vs Brooks Shoes Upper Details


There are differences between Hoka and Brooks when it about the upper part of the shoe. 

If you wanna know more check out the upper details of hoka brooks shoes below:

Hoka Shoes Top Part Info 

Hoka shoes are made with a special material for better cushioning, comfort, and longevity. 

This material is a key part of every Hoka shoe’s unique design. 

The top part of Hoka shoes uses EVA foam and polyurethane. They offer a soft but good feel. 

It also keeps your feet cool and dry during long activities. 

Lastly, Hoka shoe tops can make your shoes more durable. That’s why you can use this shoe for a long time. 

Brooks Shoes Top Part Info 

Many things make Brooks shoes apart. 

They use materials that make their shoe durable, comfortable, and breathable. 

The stitching of brooks is robust and secure, and the overall build offers a tight, supportive fit. 

Plus, Brooks shoes have innovative top features to avoid bruising and rubbing. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that many athletes prefer Brooks shoes. 

They have a high-quality build and they focus on detail. Which is why these shoes can provide comfort for runners.

Which Has Better Midsole Hoka Or Brooks?

Both of these brands offer diverse models that fulfill different needs. 

Still, they all have one common thing and that is a cushioned midsole. 

Don’t worry. We’ll take a closer look at their midsole to see which brand offers the best cushioning.

Midsole comparison of Hoka and Brooks: 

  • The midsole of the Hoka shoe is made from EVA foam. 
  • EVA foam provides cushioning and support. And it is also very lightweight. 
  • Hoka shoes also have a unique rockered design that helps to promote a natural stride and reduce the impact on your joints. 
  • Hoka’s midsole also features an Active Foot Frame. You can walk or run in a more natural position with it.

Now let’s talk about the Brooks shoe” midsole.

  • It is made from DNA Loft foam. 
  • This foam is Lightweight and bouncy.
  • With excellent shock absorption, this material is lightweight and responsive. 
  • It also helps to absorb impact and protect your feet from injury.
  • Your feet can stay dry with a layer of fabric that wicks away moisture.

Hoka and Brooks Shoes Outsole Comparison

Like Midsole Hoka and Brooks are different in their shoe outsole designs. 

Hoka uses a big rubber piece for the sole which is strong and grips well but might feel heavy. 

On the other hand, brooks use many small rubber pieces.

These rubber pieces make their shoes light and bendy. But they are not long-lasting.

Hoka makes shoes that are great for long runs or those needing extra padding. 

Brooks is good for short runs or fast speeds with their light racing flats. 

These shoes also provide various sizes for different feet.

Now you might get a question in your head that who’s got the better sole Hoka vs Brooks for standing all day? 

My advice is to go for hoka shoes. Because hoka gives you grip, durability and comfort for standing all day long. 

Hokas Vs Brooks Durability Comparison

If you search online, you will find that Hoka and Brooks are the most popular running shoe brands on the market. 

Both of these shoes offer different types of running shoes for runners. As I mentioned, they also have a reputation for being durable. 

But how much durable are these shoes? 

I have described about their durability below. Check it if you need durable shoes from them.


  • You know from the previous section that hoka has a durable rubber outsole that can withstand rough roads or paths. 
  • The uppers are also made from a tough, abrasion-resistant material that will hold up against daily use. 
  • Hoka shoes feature an EVA midsole known for being durable and supportive. 
  • These shoes last longer than other running shoes on the market.


  • Brooks also makes durable running shoes that can stand up to extended wear and tear. 
  • Their shoes feature a rugged outsole made from rubber and carbon. Because of this, they can resist wear and tear. 
  • The upper sole is made from a breathable mesh material that is also strong and abrasion-resistant. 
  • Brooks shoes have a supportive foam midsole that extends the shoe’s life.
  • They are built to last and provide runners with long-lasting support.

I think that by now you can choose between hoka shoes vs brooks based on durability. I still think Hoka is the best running shoe if you want something durable and long-lasting.

Stability Comparison Between Hoka Brooks Shoes

Hoka and Brooks are famous for their running shoes, especially because of their stability models. 

These shoes are crafted to give runners extra support to avoid injuries. But which brand makes the best stability shoe? 

You will find it hard to choose from Hoka and Brooks shoes. 

Here’s a simple comparison of Hoka and Brooks stability shoes to help you decide.

Hokas stability shoes are known for their soft and can give your feet a cushioned feel. 

They’re designed with lots of padding, that’s why they are perfect for runners who need more support. 

But this extra cushioning might make Hoka shoes feel a bit less stable. 

If you want shoes that offer lots of support without losing too much stability, Hoka could be your pick.

But Brooks takes a more simple approach to stability shoes. They have a more durable structure and a wider base. For this you will find it more stable and supportive than Hoka’s. 

But this firmness might make Brooks shoes feel less comfy compared to other brands. If you prioritize support and stability above all else, Brooks is a great choice.

So, should you go for Hoka or Brooks

No matter what you choose, make sure to try both before you make your final decision.

Besides if you would like to know about How to clean Hoka shoes or any type of running shoes like Brooks then feel free to check out my other detailed article about it.

Below I listed some of the most popular Hoka running shoe models with a brief.

You can read and compare them by given details to understand which shoe can perform better in your case.



Hoka Clifton 8 is a good choice as your regular running shoes. They provide excellent support to your feet and have a comfortable sole.

Another thing I love about this shoe that it will keep your feet cool and dry thanks to the breathable mesh upper.

Besides, It provides excellent cushioning to your feet and promotes a smooth stride.

You can also spread out your toes and grip the ground properly with this shoes’ wide toe box.

These shoes are excellent for daily running as they provide great support and comfort to your feet.

Hoka Bondi 7


I have mentioned about this shoe in several articles.

This shoe can give me maximum comfort. Cause it has a good cushioning system. That’s why the Hoka BONDI 7 is such a great choice. It also features a layer of EVA foam.

The Bondi 7 shoe has a big and soft middle part. This gives lots of cushioning for a very comfy run.

Also, the Bondi 7 has more room for your toes than older models. This is good for people with wide feet.

If you want shoes that make running fun and comfy, the Hoka BONDI 7 is a great pick.

The Hoka Rincon 3


The Hoka Rincon 3 shoe is a great deal for running shoes.

It’s the comfiest, most useful, and lasts the longest compared to other running shoes.

The new design of the bottom part makes it last longer. And the big soft middle part is made of EVA foam.

This makes the shoe light and quick to respond.

The Hoka Carbon X 3


The Carbon X 3 shoe in bright orange color is very eye-popping.

Many people say it’s one of the best running shoes.

This X 3 shoe is still one of the top shoes from Hoka for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s super comfy. Even though it has lots of cushioning but the special Meta-Rocker sole and two types of foam make it firm.

This is great for runners who want a shoe for long runs that’s easy on their feet.

Secondly, the Carbon X 3 can be used for many things.

Lastly, the Carbon X 3 has a better top part that fits better than the old version.

This makes it even more comfy and gives another reason for runners to pick this shoe for long races.

Hoka Kawana


They are the best running shoes because they are comfortable and versatile.

Besides, it has lightweight materials in construction, making it more responsive and perfect for running.

Also, they have a great design that makes them perfect for any outfit you wear.

Best of all, they’re affordable so you can get the best bang for your buck.

After testing some of them and seeing from very close I am very excited to share some of the popular Brooks running shoes model.

So stay with me a little longer and check out these shoes.

Brooks Aurora-BL


Brooks Aurora-BL is a good choice if you want running shoes with great comfort.

They have new light and fancy foam called DNA Loft v3. This foam makes the shoes comfy, bouncy, and light.

They also add cushioning with their shiny molded heels, separate heels, and front feet.

All these things make Brooks Aurora-BL the top pick for the comfiest running shoe.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

We’ve also added Brooks Hyperion to the list of the best running shoes on the market for many reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • The DNA Flash foam gives a softer feel for long runs, perfect for training for marathons.
  • It’s tougher and lasts longer than the first Hyperion Elite.
  • Its light design makes it quick to respond, helping you run more efficiently.

I think you should get the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2.

If you’re training for marathons or need reliable shoes for your next race, the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 should be the first on your list.

The Brooks Catamount


Brooks Catamount shoes are great for tough paths. They have rock plates, strong tops, and big grips on the bottom.

There’s a cool thing about Catamount is that it’s easy to switch from running on roads to trails.

It is a fantastic shoe for runners who want to push their training harder

Brooks Ghost 14


In 2019, the Brooks Ghost 14 was one of the best running shoes out there. You will be surprised to know that this shoe is carbon neutral.

That means the company made up for the pollution made during making the shoe.

Brooks also tried to make this shoe more green by using mostly recycled stuff.

So, this shoe can handle lots of miles and everyday training runs.

Another great thing I like about the Ghost 14 is the full-length DNA Loft middle part.

It gives a soft and bouncy feel that many runners like.

Overall I can say that this shoe is great for everything.

The Brooks Revel 5


Many people say that The Brooks Revel 5 could be the perfect running shoe.

Firstly, it has BioMoGo DNA that shapes your foot and gives you lots of energy back. 

Secondly, its arrow-like tread pattern gives great grip on different surfaces. 

Its breathable Fit Knit top part helps keep your feet cool and dry. 

Lastly, its affordable price makes it great value for the money.

The Brooks Revel 5 might be a great option to consider. 

Another comparison with Brooks can be found here Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 vs 21 you can check them.


I think Hoka and Brooks are pretty much affordable brands right now on the market.

Both brands offer a wide range of shoes for runners, from beginners to elite athletes. 

But how do their prices compare? 

Hoka shoes typically range in price from $90 to $160, while Brooks shoes usually cost between $100 and $180. 

So, there’s a small difference in price between Hoka and Brooks. 

But this little difference won’t really affect your money much. 

Both Hoka and Brooks give you good value for your money because they make high-quality shoes that will last for a long time. 

Why Do Podiatrists Recommend HOKA?

Foot doctors suggest HOKA shoes because they give amazing softness and support. 

These shoes have a thick, soft foam that soaks up any harsh steps and spreads it evenly in your foot. 

Because of this you won’t feel much pain in the heels, arches, and front of your feet. 

Also, these shoes have a wide area for your toes which lets them spread out naturally. 

This helps to reduce stress on your feet. If you want a shoe with lots of softness and support, HOKAs are a great choice.

Do Brooks And Hokas Fit The Same?

Brooks and Hokas are designed with different goals in mind, so they don’t really fit the same way.

Brooks shoes are made for runners who want a normal running shoe feel. But Hokas are made for people who want a shoe that is more comfortable and light.

So, if you want a shoe with lots of padding, Hoka is a better choice than Brooks. But if you want a simpler shoe with less padding, Brooks is a better choice than Hoka.

Why Do People Like HOKA So Much?

Some people really like these shoes because they’re super comfy and very soft. This is good for runners who want shoes to get relief from their foot pain.

Other people like the design of the area where the toes go. This gives their feet more space to move and stops the shoes from scraping their toes.

Lastly, some people just like how HOKA shoes look. They like that these shoes are a different option compared to usual running shoes.

Do Celebrities Wear Hoka Shoes?

There is no direct answer to this question, as celebrities often have personal trainers who select workout shoes for them. 

However, Hoka shoes are gaining popularity with athletes and everyday wearers due to their cushioning and stability features. 

So it’s certainly possible that some celebrities are wearing Hokas.


Overall, we can say between hoka vs brooks that both of these shoes are great. 

One is good for long-distance running and the other one is for short distances.

Both of these give better comfort and arch support than most of the shoes in the market.

My personal opinion is still Hoka shoes. However, Brooks is better if you need extra stability while running. 

But in the end it comes down to personal taste. 

Some runners love the feel of Hokas, while others hate them. The same goes for Brooks shoes. 

It’s important to try on both types of shoes and see which feels best when you run. 

Thanks for reading. Remember to leave your comment below.


Are Brooks As Good As Hokas?

Brooks focuses on comfy and stable shoes with a regular style, while Hoka is known for big cushioned shoes that feel unique. Pick the one that suits your feet and where you like to run!

Do Hokas Fit The Same As Brooks?

Hoka and Brooks shoes offer different fits. Hoka shoes are not recommended if you have wide feet. It feel more comfortable for narrow fit usually.

Do Brooks Shoes Made In Us?

No, Brooks shoes are not made in us. These shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, El Salvador, and other countries.

What Is So Special About HOKA Shoes?

HOKA shoes are special because they are extremely lightweight and have thick soles.

This makes them perfect for long-distance running, providing the runner with plenty of cushioning and shock absorption.

Also, the shoe’s construction helps to keep the foot stable and minimizes the risk of injuries.

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made?

Hoka shoes are made in different places. But the major countries that make hoka shoes are China, Vietnam and Taiwan.

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