Mlo Shoes Review 2023 – Scam or Legit Uncovering The Facts?


MLO Shoes is a minority-owned American-based sneaker brand. MLO Shoes is known for its next-gen footwear. The brand has gained popularity in the footwear industry and has received mixed reviews. 

These reviews show concerns about the legitimacy of MLO shoes. Is MLO Shoes legit? This blog will clear the confusion surrounding the brand and will answer the question. 

In this Mlo Shoes review blog, we will dive deep into what others have said about MLO Shoes and create an engaging and informative outline to help you find out what these shoes are all about.

The Brand Story: Mlo Shoes Review


Japanese-American fashion designer and entrepreneur Clayton “Claytano” Kanemitsu founded MLO Shoes in March 2020. The brand offers high-quality sneakers at an affordable price. MLO offers the most comfortable, stylish, and functional next-generation shoes designed with artificial intelligence.

We could not find a specific mission statement regarding MLO Shoes’ mission and values. However, MLO Shoes’ founder, Clayton Kanemitsu, has stated that he wants to create designs that inspire people. High-fashion products are typically too overpriced for everyone to afford. It leaves many people, including himself, at one point, uninterested in fashion. MLO solves that issue by making looking good and feeling incredible about yourself accessible and inclusive.

MLO Shoes is also committed to sustainability. All MLO are shipped in eco-friendly, reusable draw-string gym bags. They are not only good for the environment but also good for customers’ wallets.

Is Mlo Shoes Legit?

There have been complaints from customers about slow shipping and poor customer service. Some reviewers suspect that MLO Shoes might be selling shoes that are not truly handmade but rather upsold Chinese products.

So, while MLO Shoes is a legitimate brand, there have been mixed reviews about their products and services, with some concerns about the origin of their shoes.

Style and Design

MLO Shoes is known for its unique and artistic designs that are inspired by art and freedom. They represent one’s expression of creativity. 

One of the signature designs of MLO is the DNA series. It features primarily black shoes with pops of color to enhance artistic patterns further. The DNA series is created by hand, individually, for each pair, making every pair truly one-of-a-kind. The uniquely patterned sole of the DNA is also created by hand, adding to the uniqueness of each pair.

The DNA series is not the only design that MLO Shoes offers. The brand also offers luxury sneakers that are built on the best practices of the world’s best running shoe companies. 

MLO Shoes blends luxury and sports. Many of MLO Shoes’ designs come with a futuristic and industrial look.

The brand’s shoes are lightweight, breathable, and durable.

Comfort and Fit


MLO Shoes are designed for maximum comfort, and their lightweight, breathable, and Eco-Lite™ sole features contribute to the comfort of the shoes. The unique designs and machine washable features also add to the comfort and convenience of the shoes.

MLO Shoes are known for their comfort, and customers have shared their experiences with the brand. NRG S100 shoe from MLO Shoes delivers many of the same features as the DNA T260, including a lightweight feel that focuses on comfort. 

One customer mentioned MLO as the lightest shoe she had ever worn. The mlo shoes are also breathable. The NRG S100 shoe features a pattern on the sole that flows seamlessly into the breathable lines on the upper part of the shoe. Customers praised the shoes for comfort. 

MLO designs are built for maximum comfort and performance, which suggests that they have cushioning features. They also provide proper fit and arch support.

Material and Quality

MLO Shoes uses a variety of materials in their shoe designs, including synthetic materials and recycled materials.

MLO Shoes is committed to sustainability, and their shoes are made with eco-friendly materials, as mentioned on their website. The handmade designs of the DNA series add to the uniqueness of each pair. 

However, there is no specific information on the materials used in the DNA series or the eco-friendly materials they claim to use.

Pros And Cons


MLO Shoes has received mixed reviews from customers. Here are some of the pros and cons of MLO Shoes based on my research:


  • MLO shoes’ designs are unique and artistic.
  • The shoes are lightweight and comfortable.
  • They are breathable and provide cushioning.
  • MLO shoes are made with eco-friendly materials.
  • DNA series shoes are handmade.
  • Shoes are machine washable.


  • There are mixed reviews on quality.
  • The durability of MLO is decent but not exactly top-notch.
  • MLO has a no-refund policy.
  • Customer service just sends robo messages.

Men’s Mlo Shoes

MLO Shoes offers a range of men’s shoes that are designed for maximum comfort, performance, and style. The brand’s NRG series is designed with next-gen footwear technology, while the DNA series features unique and artistic patterns. 

Here are some of the details about MLO Shoes’ men’s shoes:

NRG S100


The NRG S100 is one of MLO Shoes’ most popular men’s shoes. It is designed with next-gen footwear technology. It provides maximum comfort. The shoe is lightweight and breathable.

Like other products of MLO Shoes, it is eco-friendly. The NRG S100 is available in several colors and sizes.

NRG S200

The NRG S200 is another popular men’s shoe from MLO. It is designed with the same next-gen footwear technology as the NRG S100. The NRG S200 is a technologically advanced shoe from MLO.

It features a blacked-out monochrome colorway and an Eco-Lite™ sole. The pattern of the sole flows seamlessly into the breathable lines on the upper part of the shoe and out through the shape of the tongue and cuff.

The shoe is water-resistant and machine washable. They are available for both men and women, and they come with a Perfect Fit Promise.

Other NRG models

MLO Shoes also offers other NRG models for men, including the NRG S500, NRG S490, NRG S900, NRG S820, and NRG S700. 

These shoes are designed with the same next-gen footwear technology as the NRG S100 and NRG S200 and are built for maximum comfort, performance, and style. They are available in several colors and sizes.



MLO DNA T150 is a signature design from MLO Shoes. It is inspired by art and freedom to represent creativity. The uniquely patterned sole of the DNA is created by hand, individually, for each pair.

The T150 features a primarily white design with pops of light blue to enhance the artistic lines further. The shoes are sure to start a conversation wherever you go with their bold style and expert craftsmanship.

The price of the DNA T150 is $138, according to the MLO website. There are limited reviews available specifically for the DNA T150. 

MLO Shoes are affordable and offer good value for the price. But, customers have mentioned that the shoes are not as durable as they expected. 

MLO Evo T200

The MLO Evo T200 is a limited edition shoe from MLO . It features an all-black, bold yet luxurious design that increases height without the weight of heavy materials weighing you down.

The shoe is designed with the technologically advanced Eco-Lite™ sole technology to give the feeling of walking on clouds. The shoe is lightweight, breathable, and antimicrobial. The price of the Evo T200 is $138.

MLO white gym/running/casual shoes

MLO Shoes also offers white gym/running/casual shoes for men. These shoes are lightweight, breathable, durable, water-resistant, machine washable, antimicrobial, and eco-friendly. They are available in several sizes.

MLO white gym/running/casual shoes are available on Amazon, Poshmark, MLO shoe website, and Carousell. They are available in white colorways, gray and several other colors.

MLO Shoes Reviews From Customers

The reviews for MLO Shoes are predominantly negative in the trust pilot. Customers expressed frustration over delayed orders and poor customer service. However, there are positive Mlo Shoes reviews on other sites.

Many customers reported waiting for several months without receiving their ordered shoes. Some customers mentioned that their orders were placed in late 2022, but by the time of their reviews in 2023, they still had not received their products.

Some customers claimed that they requested refunds but were either denied or faced difficulties in obtaining them. Some reviews went as far as accusing MLO Shoes of being a scam, mainly due to the long delays and lack of delivery.

There were a couple of positive reviews highlighting the comfort and quality of the shoes. However, these were exceptions.

Pricing and Value

MLO Shoes offers a range of shoes at different price points. The prices range from $68 to $198. The brand also offers a monthly sneaker subscription service.

In terms of value for the price, there are mixed reviews from customers. Some customers have mentioned that MLO are affordable and offer good value for the price. Others have mentioned that the shoes are not as durable as they expected.

However, the brand’s commitment to sustainability, unique designs, and comfort features add value to the shoes.

How MLO Shoes Compare With Other Brands?


The design of MLO Shoes is similar to that of AliExpress. However, MLO Shoes stays away from glamorous designs and instead focuses on stylish and futuristic designs.

MLO Shoes has been compared to Balenciaga in terms of style, but MLO Shoes offers more affordable options. MLO also claim to be the lightest and most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear.

MLO Shoes supports various causes through donations. You feel more connected with the brand and others who wear them by supporting a brand that aligns with your values.

You Should Beware Of Shoe Scams

Various shoe sellers use multiple scams to deceive unsuspecting buyers. Here, I will discuss specific shoe categories and the deceptive tactics used by these sellers.

Now, let’s talk about Dotmall shoes. The company does not deliver on time to its customers. Would you like to know more about the Dotmall scam? Check out the Dotmall shoes review here.

If we are discussing Libiyi footwear. They don’t deliver quality products. Libiyi shoe quality is very, very poor. Check out my review of Libiyi shoes to learn more about their quality.

Another shoe scam is Gatsby shoes. Their delivery system is not good. Also, Gatsby provides Chinese shoes to their customers.

So beware of those shoe brands.


MLO Shoes is a legit shoe brand. They are known for their futuristic designs and comfortable shoes.

I can recommend MLO Shoes to those who are looking for unique and stylish footwear at an affordable price range. However, there have been some complaints about shipping times and customer service.

So, you should do your own research before purchasing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mlo Shoes Fake?

No, Mlo Shoes is not fake.

Where Is Mlo Shoes Located?

MLO Shoes is located in America. Better Business Bureau profile for MLO Products listed Mlo shoes’ location as 2399 Courage Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533-6714.

Are Mlo Shoes Good?

MLO shoes are decent but not exactly top-notch quality.

Who Is Mlo Shoes Owner?

Clayton Kanemitsu is the owner and founder of MLO. He is a Japanese-American fashion designer.

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